Monday, 21 January 2013

The Crisis hits the Teen Titans..... Part One ... Mal Duncan

Before the big shake up in the DC Universe in the  mid 1980's That was called Crisis on Infinite Earths,  the Character Mal Duncan had first appeared in the mid 1960's when he  originally joined the Teen Titans as himself. Over the years that followed Mal adopted many different looks and identities.

Mal Duncan The Herald, the new hero after the Crisis !

As mentioned , Mal had first joined the 1960's Titans as himself, a non powered street kid, later he would combine the uniform of the 1940's hero The Guardian with a powerful exo skeleton to help beat Dr Light who was trying to destroy the Teen Titans, much later he would be given a Magical Horn, that was reputed to be the actual Horn of the Angel Gabriel.,,,, and using the Horn he became Hornblower. A while later that he would loose the Horn, and would decide  to adopt the Guardian costume and identity again.

BUT after the crisis,  the new DC History said  Mal never became the Guardian,,  However, he would still become a Teen Titan as himself, but more of a side kick that full blown member. But after Mal discovered  the plans to a device of great power, and together with his scientist girl friend Karen Beecher, aka the soon to be  Bumble Bee , they create a mechanical horn that would give its user similar powers and abilities to the Gabriel's Horn he had in the pre Crisis Titans.

This Horn would enable Mal to help beat the Villain Dr Light and free the Teen Titans, and become a proper member of the team as a result.

Therefore after the Crisis, Mal Duncan would be Herald, member of Teen Titans. His Girl friend Karen would also join the Titans as The Bumble Bee,  (in a similar way as she had done pre Crisis)  the main changes to affect her were an up dated costume.

Both Mal and Karen  only remained with the Titans for a short time, they would go into semi retirement on the West Coast, where Mal would open up a Jazz Club come restaurant.

They would both end up Back with the Titans, when they answered Lilith's call for help, and therefore became original Members of the West Coast Version of The Teen Titans.


Next Time another Hero of the West Coast Teen Titans goes through a few New Changes.


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