Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Caped Crusaders From Kandor Part Two

Brainic and the City of Kandor

Last time I mentioned  about how via the interaction of the Alien Menace Brainic, The Kryptonian  City of Kandor and its residents ended up shrunken and preserved in a bottle.  Later rescued by Superman. he gave the Bottled City a New home within his fortress of Solitude whilst he endeavoured to return it and its people to its original size.

This gave Superman the chance to visit with his people from time time. One of the problems with Superman visiting the city was he would lose all of his Super powers and became a normal person. This gave him a better understanding to being Kal El, normal Kryptonian instead of Clark Kent always hiding his Super Powers and secret identity. .  On one of his visits to Kandor accompanied by his friend the Newspaper Cub reporter Jimmy Olson,  he found out some one was impersonating Superman in the City. Added to this the doppelganger was waging crime and had lead the citizens of Kandor to brand Superman as a villain and an outlaw.
The Fake Man of Steel

This "Fake" Superman appeared to have superpowers, and as real Superman aka Kal El did not have his Super Powers  needed a plan of action to capture the Bootleg Superman.

Having to hide his Identity, and with the help of a Kandorian Scientist and friend Nor-Kann,  helped them hatch a plan to capture the impostor. Superman adopted a costume identity as Nightwing and his friend adopted the identity of Flamebird.  Inspired by Superman's friends Batman & Robin, Jimmy and him became vigilantes of Kandor. The names Nightwing & Flamebird originated after the names came of Birds native to Krypton. Later it would be told that The Nightwing and The Flamebird were legendary "Gods" from Kyptonian History.

With Rocket Belts, and some amazing Gadgets including their own version of the Bat-mobile called The Night-Mobile the "New Heroes" tempted to apprehend the bogus Superman. Which they eventually did.

Superman (Kal -EL ) as NIGHTWING and FLAMEBIRD  aka Jimmy Olsen

Next time more about The Original Nightwing & Flamebird

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Friday, 20 March 2015

28000 THANKS From The Minuet Men or is that Dawgs !

Again it always surprises me when yet another mile stone is hit. 28000 visits plus this month.

Many Thanks from me and my Minuet  Mutts which I posted a few years back. I was proud of this re Creation of the classic scene from the Film and Graphic Novel. Here it is again updated for this special occasion.

Silhouette, Moth Man, Dollar Bill, Nite Owl, Capt Metropolis, The Comedian, Silk Spectre & The Hooded Justice

Many Thanks Again.

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

LEONARD NIMOY Lived Long and Prospered. Farewell Mr SPOCK

On the 27 February 2015 one of the most famous  TV and Film Aliens passed away. He was of course Mr Spock aka Leonard Nimoy.

In February this year I had started to re do some of my STAR TREK Dawgs I have originally posted in 2012.  As a rule I do not re do any of my drawing unless I decided to revisit a subject, so I was saddened that before I could completed my UPDATED versions of the Crew of the Good Ship ENTERPRISE, yet another of the original actors made that final journey  to Boldly Go Where they had not gone before.

Here is my small tribute to Leonard Nimoy

I hope to get around to finishing my STAR TREK DAWGS some time soon..... but until then

Live Long and Prosper and ENJOY !

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

THE Capped Crusanders from Kandor meet Nightwing & Flamebird part one

If you mention Nightwing to most of today's comic readers they would think you meant Dick Grayson. BUT Before Dick Grayson gave up his Robin identity and adopted a New Look and name as NIGHTWING in the 1980's the Name Nightwing had already been used.

DICK GRAYSON and his journey to NIGHTWING
Like wise for for the title Flamebird, During the 1990's she was Bette Kane who had been the Original BAT-GIRL, but then  after the original Crisis became Flamebird to link into the fact by then Robin had now become Nightwing. Bette Kane's life has been covered in my previous pages relating to The BAT-MAN.

Here is a look at Robin & Bat-Girl aka Nightwing & Flamebird aka Dick Grayson & Bette Kane.

The Silver Age Junior Crime Fighters

Dick & Bette after the Crisis

But that was then, The Story of Nightwing & Flamebird began way back during the early 1960's..........

The story of The Original Nightwing & Flamebird begins during 1963 in Superman 158#,  Superman and his Pal Jimmy Olsen visited the Bottled City of Kandor. Kandor was the last City to remaining City  from the dead planet  Krypton,  home of Kal El aka Superman.
Small City the came with some BIG Stories

Superman and his Pal Jimmy Olsen

The city originally had been shrunk and "kidnapped" by the Humanoid Alien Menace called Brainic months before the final Destruction of Krypton. Superman had  liberated Kandor after Brainic had visited Earth and tried to add Metropolis to his miniature collection..

The menace Known as BRAINIC

 Unable to restore the city to its proper size, Superman found a place for it in his Fortress of Solitude. Promising to restore the city to its proper size one day. Here in the bottle and residents of Kandor continued in their every day life.

Superman could on occasion visit the city and was able to shrink down to do so and enlarge when he left, however this process would not work permanently on either the city of any of the people who remained in it.

On one such occasion caused the "Birth" of two New Super Heroes.   More on this story next time.

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Monday, 9 March 2015

COMING SOON.......... .

Next Time on "It's a Dawgs Life" a NEW Subject.

Here is a Clue

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Sunday, 1 March 2015


Its been a long slog but I think I managed to cover all of the main changes that Wonder Woman and her costume have under gone sine the 1940's to the present day.

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip.

Anyway here is a round up of some of the Wonder Woman looks from the past 75 years.

Next time some one new with enter the spot light.  

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