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THE Capped Crusanders from Kandor meet Nightwing & Flamebird part one

If you mention Nightwing to most of today's comic readers they would think you meant Dick Grayson. BUT Before Dick Grayson gave up his Robin identity and adopted a New Look and name as NIGHTWING in the 1980's the Name Nightwing had already been used.

DICK GRAYSON and his journey to NIGHTWING
Like wise for for the title Flamebird, During the 1990's she was Bette Kane who had been the Original BAT-GIRL, but then  after the original Crisis became Flamebird to link into the fact by then Robin had now become Nightwing. Bette Kane's life has been covered in my previous pages relating to The BAT-MAN.

Here is a look at Robin & Bat-Girl aka Nightwing & Flamebird aka Dick Grayson & Bette Kane.

The Silver Age Junior Crime Fighters

Dick & Bette after the Crisis

But that was then, The Story of Nightwing & Flamebird began way back during the early 1960's..........

The story of The Original Nightwing & Flamebird begins during 1963 in Superman 158#,  Superman and his Pal Jimmy Olsen visited the Bottled City of Kandor. Kandor was the last City to remaining City  from the dead planet  Krypton,  home of Kal El aka Superman.
Small City the came with some BIG Stories

Superman and his Pal Jimmy Olsen

The city originally had been shrunk and "kidnapped" by the Humanoid Alien Menace called Brainic months before the final Destruction of Krypton. Superman had  liberated Kandor after Brainic had visited Earth and tried to add Metropolis to his miniature collection..

The menace Known as BRAINIC

 Unable to restore the city to its proper size, Superman found a place for it in his Fortress of Solitude. Promising to restore the city to its proper size one day. Here in the bottle and residents of Kandor continued in their every day life.

Superman could on occasion visit the city and was able to shrink down to do so and enlarge when he left, however this process would not work permanently on either the city of any of the people who remained in it.

On one such occasion caused the "Birth" of two New Super Heroes.   More on this story next time.

Until then ENJOY

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