Saturday, 23 November 2013


Just got home from a 3 week Holiday in the US of A, so I am home to see the special 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who...... Now I am  home I will start blogging again.

Here is my take on the the Original Doctor played by William Hartnell.

Like a lot of people of my age, Dr WHO will always have a special place in my heart.

So Enjoy !

Friday, 15 November 2013

Monday, 4 November 2013

The Death of The Bat-Man, and The Coming of the Huntress

Bruce Wayne was now commissioner of the Gotham City Police force having retired from being BAT-MAN many years before. His deceased Wife Selina had finally been cleared of any connections to committing murder during her career as the Criminal Cat-Woman.

Bruce and Selina's daughter Helena was now a partner in the same law firm as Dick Grayson. Unlike Bruce, Dick still maintained his Robin persona, which had caused much tension between him and former Bat-Man. Bruce had decided to take a tough line on costumed Vigilantes, as he how believed that they caused as much problems as they did good.

Bruce was dismayed when a new female caped crime fighter appeared on the scene. He had not yet seen the so called HUNTRESS in the flesh, as she did her up most to avoid him. Bruce believed that this was due to his stance on Vigilantism, but little did he know that this Female Crime fighter was his own Daughter Helena.

Robin had crossed paths with The Huntress, and it did not take him long to deduce that the daughter of his best friend, the person who was like a sister to him was The Huntress. Robin tried to stop Helena from joining  the Unofficial Family Business, but she soon convinced him this was the life she was born too.

Soon Dick and Helena's feelings for each other grew from Brother-Sister - Uncle - Niece, to lovers. Bruce and Helena had drifted apart after the death of Selina, and even though Bruce disapproved of her and Dick's relationship, he felt that they where good for each other.

Bruce's health was now a concern for him, as he now found he was suffering from Cancer, most probably caused by his years of smoking a pipe. He hid the facts of his illness from everyone, and decided to continue and fight it to the end..... he was BAT-MAN after all.

In the final stages of his illness, Bruce was tempted to put on his Cape and Cowl one final time to help capture a criminal who was hell bent on destroying  the lives of many of Bruce's colleagues from the Justice Society.  However the Bat-man was successful in saving the day, but at the cost of his own life.

In Death the fact that Bruce Wayne had been the BAT-MAN was finally revealed. This meant that it was not long before reporters and the newspapers connected Dick Grayson as being Robin and Helena Wayne being the Huntress.

With their lives in ruins, and people they cared about now being in mortal danger from the Criminal Underworld, Dick & Helena sort out help from the Justice Society.

Unmasked after the Death of BAT-MAN

Dr Fate, the Justice Society's  resident wielder of Magic had a solution. Using his  magical arts he caste a spell that erased the memory that Bruce and Bat-man were the same person. History was rewritten that both Bruce Wayne and Bat-man had both died at the same time.

This meant that The Huntress and Robin's secret identities were again safe.

Both The Huntress and Robin would continue their partnership in real life and as the new Dynamic  Duo for many years. Helena would be granted a place with the Justice Society, along with Robin. This would bring her into contact with Bat-man from Earth One who she called UNCLE Bruce. He deduced that her Father MUST had known she was The Huntress, after all he WAS the Worlds Greatest Detective
"UNCLE" Bruce and Helena

However, happiness on Earth 2 would be brought to a grinding halt after the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. As the Earths combined many heroes would disappear from memory, and erased from existence altogether. . Amongst them were Robin and The Huntress.  But more about the Crisis at some other time.

Here is a final look at the Bat-man family of the 1970's version of  Earth 2

Until next time ENJOY !!!!