Monday, 28 February 2011


As any follower of my Blog knows the Avenging Hounds are made up of  PAW.  the Dog of Thunder, IRON HOUND,  The GIANT DAWG,  &  WASPISH POOCH. Their other member, The HOUNDED HULK resigned from the Avenging Hounds as he was not really a team player. 

Anyway, soon after the Heroes set up home in their New Yorkie Manson a new hero came floating by.
It was the legend of WW2 ( World Woof 2 ) the CANINE AMERICA


He was believed dead,  but had really ended up frozen in a  Block of ICE for the last few decades.  The Avenging Hounds offered him a place on the team and a place to stay whilst he tried to get this life back together. 

Well The Star Spangled Canine fitted in well with the team, and even was asked to be team leader, due to his knowledge of battle and tactical fighting know how.

However, the Other Avenging Hounds soon found that they could not afford to be hero hounds 24/7.  Paw had  problems in his home realm of Ass-Dog that needed addressing, also in his other identify as Dr Donald Bark, he also needed to sort some things out.   Boney Stark aka The Iron Hound, was having trouble with his business empire, and he needed to spend more time in the office.   Dr Hairy Pym also wanted to spend time on his research, something that he was unable to do whilst being the size changing Giant Dawg.   His partner Janet Van Dog also felt she needed a break from the hero life as she had nearly dead on a number of occasions whilst on duty with the Avenging Hounds., and she was not sure if the hero life as really for her after all.

What would that mean for the future of the AVENGING HOUNDS.   IF 4 OF THE 5 MEMBERS WANTED TO LEAVE.... Could The CANINE AMERICA manage on his OWN ?

Find out what happened tomorrow.



The Super Sk-Growl was sent to destroy the FF as revenge for  the embarrassment that the Sk-Growl race had suffered at the hands of the  fab foursome.

The difference with the Super Sk-Growl to a normal Sk-Growl was that he had the powers of the Fur-Tastic Four combined. Although Sk-Growls were shape shifters, they could not and did not process the powers of the people they copied.

However, with a little bit of help from Sk-Growl scientists, they found a way to give powers to Kollar'T  or the Super Sk-Growl to you and me.

The FF found that The Super Sk-Growl had better control over "their" powers and was much stronger.   He was more Stretchy than Lead, Could use his Invisibility better than Shih Tzu,  could burn hotter and fly faster than Jaw-nee   and could hit harder than Bone.

However,  Mr Fur-tastic being brighter than the average pooch worked out that Mr Super Duper Sk-Growl was receiving his powers via a transmission from the Sk-Growl Home World.  Lead blocked it and the Sk-Growl was no longer super, and therefore the FF sent him packing back to the Sk-Growl Home World with his tail between his legs.

That was not the end of this menace, as he would return again and again, not just to battle the Fut-Tastic Four but any of the Super  Hero Hounds protecting the Earth.

This wraps up  Fur-Tastic Four week.   I will be back to resume their story some other time.


Sunday, 27 February 2011

COMING SOON......................

Here is a little hint at next week

Some NEW charactors next week



Buddy is off to Hollywood tonight to visit his Uncle Oscar.

He is hopeful that he will get to bring back another award for his mantle piece.

In February 2011 Buddy picked up two trophies at this years WOOFTA  AWARDS

I was luck enough to visit the Kodak Theatre a few years ago, to see where the Academy Awards show took place.  Its well worth a visit. ( as long as you can avoid some of the Crazy People outside dressed up in fancy dress. )   Buddy likes to Dress Up, but he finds some of them a little bit strange.

Good Luck to everyone tonight.   or should that be " Break a Leg ! "


A Race of Evil Shape Shifters, the Sk-Growls had been looking to enslave Earth for many years.  One of their earliest invasion attempts was thwarted by the Fur-tastic Four. Who tricked them into believing that Earth was protected by creatures of great power.    This was old B Movie monster footage that Lead had shown them.

With the Sk-Growls believing this to be true, they called off the invasion attempt.

It was not long before the Sk-Growls found out they had been duped by the FF..... and when they returned they sent a new threat to battle the FF ..... The Super Sk-growl.    (but more of him soon)


Saturday, 26 February 2011


An Extra Post for the weekend

Here is a FF Villain from way way back in the early years of the Furtastic Foursome

Philpup Masters -Voice used a special radioactive clay to control people.  The FF stopped him at this game, and an extra result The Hairy Thing got himself a girl friend in the Puppy Puppet Masters step   daughter A-leasher  Masters- Voice

They Say that love is Blind.... and in this case it was true for poor A-leasher



Vlicktor Von Doggie Doom  was not born evil, he was born thinking that everyone was his inferior. Born into a Gypsy family in Europe in the country of Latveria, the young Vlicktor spent a lot of time with his mother who was a master of the ancient art of black magic.

However, she was put to death for the practice of the Dark Arts when young Von Doogie Doom was a young puppy . His father a Doctor, also died  when Vlicktor was Young after he was hunted and forced to flee the Local Baron for failing to cure the Baroness of Cancer.

An old Gypsy called Boris looked after the young pup, and tried to steer him in the right path, but Vlicktor wanted knowledge, and power to avenge both of his parents and take revenge on the Baron.

Vlicktor  travelled to The USA and went to college.  Where he continued his studies into science and magic. Here he met a young class mate named Lead Richards. ( the soon to be Mr Fur-tastic )

Vlicktor was jealous of Lead, as he though he could be more intelligent than him. Lead tried to befriend him, and even offered to help Vlicktor in his experiments. However, Lead spotted that some of Von Doogie Doom's calculations were incorrect, and Lead tried to tell him that his experiment was dangerous.

Vlicktor pride got in the way, and he decided to go ahead with the experiment.   The experiment failed and blew up causing scaring to Doom's face.

Expelled from the college, Vlicktor  returned to Europe in search of more knowledge.  His Face scared (but not as badly as he believed) to but to him this was a sign of imperfection and he blamed Lead for this.

In Tibet he found an ancient order of Monks who helped him in his quest for knowledge.  He soon ruled the Brother hood, ordering them to Make him a suit of Armour complete with Helmet, so he could hide his true identify.  Whilst the Mask was still hot, he made the Monks place it on his face, which caused worse scaring than he had received  from his college accident.

With his face now destroyed, the now Mad DogVon proclaimed that  Vlicktor Von Doom was now dead, He was now DOOM. Dog - tor Doom.

In the years that passed, Doom went about avenging his parents, and even became the Ruler of His Home Country.  In his mind he Ruled well and the People Loved him,  in truth his Rule was that of a feared  tyrant who would dispose of any one that opposed him or his ideas.

With His country under his control, he became aware of Lead Richards again, as he had recently become famous for being Mr Fur-Tastic... Doom still believing that Lead was the reason for his big failure in college, decided to destroy Lead and the Fut-tastic Four.

This is a quest that has driven him ever since.

He has come very close in his goal to destroy the FF in the years since, but as he is driven by revenge and hate, this has caused him to make errors in judgement. Of course he always blames Lead Richards for his "OWN" failures.

Another Picture below, charting the rise of  DOG-TOR DOOM


Friday, 25 February 2011


This unique mode of transport was designed and built by Mr Fur-tastic.  It was able to split into 4 separate sections.

However, as HOT DOG the Canine Torch was able to fly himself, the Furtasti Car usually did not have need for this function regularly.

Although, the Furtasti Cars design  was later updated for longer range missions, the Flying Bath Tub was retained as it was ideal for trips within the City.

Come Back on Tomorrow.... for your appointment with DOOM


Thursday, 24 February 2011

THE LOOK IS NOW COMPLETE ................

For the first few missions the FF tended to wear everyday clothes, that Mr Fur-Tastic had adapted,  so they could stretch for him,  fire proof for Hot Dog, and would turn invisible for Shih Tzu.   Bone just wore an over sized coat and hat to hide his monstrous figure until he needed to go into action. and then he wore only a XXXXXXXL pair of Brown Boxer Shorts !

The Invisible Pooch decided to design works clothes for the quartet, that they could wear as a costume to show unity in the group. Made from Lead.s new invention, unstable Molecules, it would adapt to each of their powers.    Bone hated the idea of wearing " a monkey suit " as he put it. As he was still not happy with people look at his orange rocky body.  Shih Tzu had thought about this and had designed a Helmet that would help hide his whole body from  on lookers.  

Also as the foursome had not hidden their identities from the general public, this meant that the others did not have to wear masks.

From their new base, located at the top of the BARKER BUILDING in Central New Yorkie City, Mutthaton... they now were in a great position to help protect the world from Danger.



Just as the marvelous foursome were getting used to their new found powers, they became aware of a menace from below the surface of the planet.

this turned out to be The Moldie Mole Mutt.

The FF managed to save the day from this Subterranean Menace and his Moloid Slave Army. As a result they became world famous.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011


The foursome then decided to use their new amazing powers for the good of the world. Lead promised Bone that he would do all he could to reverse his Orange Rocky condition.

They all came up with their own code names.   SHIH TZU  decided to call herself THE INVISIBLE POOCH,
  JAW - NEE came up with HOT DOG, the Canine Torch,

LEAD said he would call himself  MR FUR-TASTIC,

whilst BONE decided to call himself THE HAIRY THING, because that is what he was now.

They all agreed to call themselves THE FUR-TASTIC FOUR.

Come back for more fun with the four tomorrow.


Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Well it turned out Bone Grimm was right. The Shielding on the Rocket was not thick enough to protect the Foursome against the Cosmic Radiation out in space.

The Rocket crash landed.   The Four all survived, but all felt a little strange.  Within minutes Shih Tze Storm began to fade away.  She had become INVISIBLE,  Jaw - Nee Storm Bust into FLAMES,  Bone Grimm began to grow and change into an orange  ROCK like creature and Lead Richards found he could STRETCH his body in a fantastic manner.

After a while,  Jaw- Nee,  his sister Shih and Lead found that they could control their amazing powers, and turn them on & off at will. However, poor old Bone found he could not do this.  Was he forever Doomed to be a Orange Hairy THING ?

 Tune in tomorrow, for the next Chapter in the Story.



Monday, 21 February 2011


Scientist LEAD RICHARDS,  his Girl Friend SHIH TZU STORM,  her Brother JAW-NEE STORM, and LEAD'S best buddy BONE GRIMM... all went on a little adventure.

Using a Stolen  Rocket, they wanted to be the First Canines in Space.   Well Lead checked his findings and believed he was correct that the Rocket could send them in to Space and return them to Earth safely. 

Well he did get it Half right ! He got them in to Space alright.

Here they are in their borrowed space suits prior to Blasting Off.

Bone Grimm, was the pilot, and he made his feeling felt about the shielding on the outer hull of the Rocket. He Felt they were not thick enough to stop any harmfull space radiation.  Lead told him that they could not wait any longer as he had heard that The Russian's had plans to launch their own Rusky Huskie Canine into Space in the next few days. It was now or never.

Tune in tomorrow to see what happened NEXT

Enjoy !

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Scottie Summers had fancied Jean Grey-Hound from the day they first meet at Pupfessor Rex's Dog Training School.

He was very shy, mainly because his Mutt-ant power had the force to kill anyone that he got close to.  However, Jean understood his worries, and over the months she help Scottie build up the confidence to start enjoying life more.

They were an item for many years, and finally they got wed.

However, true love and the hero life style does not always mix.  Jean died  ( a few times really ) and once  Scottie realised that she was NOT coming back moved on, and into the paws of  once evil, but now reformed Mutt-ant The White Frostie Bitch

Will Jean remain dead or will she arise again like the Phoenix that she is ?  Only time will tell...


Saturday, 19 February 2011




Janet Van Dog & Dr Hairy Pym had been an item for years.... (see previous entries The Avenging Hounds )... Although the two loved each other, Hairy never made an honest doggie out of Janet.

Hairy Pym had had many different Hero identities over the Years, First as Ant - Pup,  then Giant Dawg, then as Goliath The Great Dane. All this changing sizes started to have an effect of his Mental health. The final straw was he ingested a gas he was working on, that made him go a little bit Barking Mad.  As a result a new persona developed. 

He became The Yellow - Jack-Russell, and started to romance The Waspish Pooch. He asked her to marry him, after telling her that he had "killed" Hairy Pym in battle.  She said yes to marriage, knowing that THIS WAS Hairy.  Janet  was so desperate to marry Hairy, the fact he was a bit loopy did not matter it would seem. 

Well to make a long story short, Hairy came to his senses, and he and Janet lived a happy married life for some years.   However,  his mental issues would pop up again from time to time... and during a fight he bit her.  Hurt from the bite, and from the person he had turned into Janet left Hairy.

They later had a Doggie Divorce.   Their story does not finish there, but that will have to wait for another day.

Enjoy !

Friday, 18 February 2011


He was the king of an African Nation, she was the called the Goddess of the Wind.

T' dog -collar is the King of the African Nation Wagg-kanda. A wealthy Nation owing much of its success to the  mining  of the Unusual Metal Vibrani-Bone that is only found  there,  The Ruler of the People also has great strength and speed  due to the unusual Bone shaped herb only they are allowed to ingest. The People also believe in The Ancient Dog ... The Bark Panter... who watches over them.

Ororo Mongrel, was born with stunning white hair, the first hint that she was a Mutt-ant.  Orphaned as a young pup she went onto have many adventures growing up on the streets of Caro. Her Mutt-ant powers began to show at a tender age. She found she could control the weather, and the wind.   For many years she roamed the plains of Africa, with many people believing she was a Goddess due to her amazing powers.

The then young Prince T'Dog-Collar meet the young Ororo whilst he was on a quest to prove himself in a rites of passage. The two fell in love, but  he knew his future was back in Wagg-kanda.  As for the Mutt-ant Ororo, she knew that her future lay somewhere else.

He went back to Wagg-kanda, and eventually became the King and The Bark Panter, whilst she ended up with Pupfessor Rex and his 2nd team of Uncaninie X Mutts. as the Storm The Breezy Bitch

He would later come to the USA and become a Member Of The Avenging Hounds.   The two would  meet again, this time as The Breezy Bitch & The Bark Panter.  Their Love for one another was just as strong, and after a number of years they married.

Their life is very eventful both as King & Queen of Wagg-kanda and in their other lives as Heroic Hounds.  Their other committments like his association with the Avenging Hounds and hers with The X Mutts means that they do not always have alot of private time together, but they are one couple who prove that long distance relationships can work.


Thursday, 17 February 2011


He was the King of the Ocean, she was an alien from a failed invasion,   They met fell in love, married, she went mad, and he killed her with a big sword,   end of story.

King Namutt. the Sea Dog, also know as The Muttie Sub Muttrina had never been happy in love.  His first wife The lady Dawgma had been murdered, his love for The Invisible Pooch, Shuh Tzu
(Sue) Storm  was not returned, and his second wife got pregnant and went mad.  Not to mention all of the other ladies he was involved with during his very long life. Some of which died of old age waiting for him to pop a ring on their fingers.    A very randy old sea dog indeed.

Marrina Dogwood, was an alien from the race of Plodex.   The Plodex had left her and a million or so other EGGS in the seas on earth to one day rise up and take over the planet.   Well that did not happen, but what did was Marrina's egg was found by a fisherman and when the egg hatched it imprinted itself on the fisherman's wife.  Looking human like, but not really, she grew up in a Little Fishing community in Canada, who accepted the Odd looking Green Gal as one of their own.   She later became one of the members of Alpha -Dog Flight, Canada's version of the US Avenging Hounds.
However,  her Plodex programming resurfaced on occasions, and on the final time her husband had to put her down to stop her killing anyone. This he did with the aid of the Sword belonging to the Bark Knight.



Wednesday, 16 February 2011


He was a scientist, she  lived in the same boarding Kennel as he did .  She felling in love with him, he loved his test tubes and his research, but also fancied her too.

Well the rest is history.  You know the story, The Guy takes his Gal, his Gals Brother , and His Best Mate out on a date.  Which involved a trip into Space.  There was an accident. They crashed & All of them got amazing powers and decided to use them for the good of Dog Kind.

So they became the Fur-tastic Four.   He became Doggie Fur-Tastic , she became The Invisible Pooch, her Brother became Hot Dog, the Canine Torch,  and the Best Friend became The Hairy THING.

Well after years of saving the world, Lead & Shuh Tzu got married.

On the whole a good marriage, ok they have split up once or twice, and she forgave him for placing their first born pup in a coma (so he did not destroy the world) but they have stayed together. Even had a 2nd puppy a few years ago.

Family Means Everything to this couple...... more about the FUR-TASTIC FOUR very soon.


Tuesday, 15 February 2011


After Buddy's message to all his new fans in Canada, he has decided to visit Brazil, and send his thanks to all the fine people there.

Here dressed as the Worlds Greatest Football player .....Edson Arantes do Nascimento     or Pele' if you wish.

Where will buddy go next ?



Wanda Maxiwoof started her career as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutt-ants under the leadership of Mutt-neto, The Magnetic Mutt. With her twin Brother, Quick Slobber, they were Blackmailed into helping Mutt-neto in his quest for Canine-Superiority. Little did they or he know at the time, that he was their Father.

Her Magical Rex Powers caused Chaos and mayhem to all who stood in her way.  Later she and her brother escaped the paws of Mutt-neto, and both ended up as members of the Avenging Hounds.

Here whilst serving as member of the premier super group she met the Artificial Dog The Viz-Hound.  Not an ideal first meeting as The Viz-Hound had been programmed to destroy all of the Avenging Hounds.

The Viz-Hound had been build by the Evil Robot Dog Ultra-Canine to destroy Earths Muttiest Heroes, but a change of heart found him accepted into their ranks.

The Mutt-ant & The Artificial Dog soon found attraction to each other, to the disgust of some. BUT with the support of the Avenging Hounds they soon married.

 They were happy for many years, they even settled down and had two you puppies themselves. However, happiness was not to last as Wanda had a breakdown after discovering that her puppies were not real, just a result of her Rex Powers & Chaos Magic.  Also around this time, The Viz-Hound was kidnapped and disassembled.  Once re built he not only looked different, but he had become a really different doggie all together..

So the two drifted apart.

Sad story.....

I hope you enjoyed it.


Monday, 14 February 2011


Peter loved MJ, but MJ loved Spider - Pup... But Peter WAS Spider- Pup..... so why didn't MJ love Peter the same way ?

This " Menage a Trois " went on for many years until MJ told Peter she loved him, and that she had always known  he was the Amazing SPIDER - PUP...   so the two got married.

Their married life was not a bed of roses, they had to put up with Clones, Maybe Babies, break ups,  A dead Auntie who came back from the Grave, not to mention 100 Super Villains trying to kill them off every week.

Their marriage ended when a Demon made every one forget that Peter Barker was Spider - Pup. 

Crazy...... but true

Anyway, Peter & MJ may one day either remember that they were once married... if not they may get hitched again sometime soon.




Howlicks Summers & Lorna Great-Danes better know as  Hound Havok & Polarity Pooch.
come back tomorrow for some new characters.


Sunday, 13 February 2011

THIS WEEK IS LOVE WEEK ...............

I thought the Fact that it is St Valentine's day this week,  I would do a theme about "married" super hero couples.

First UP, not really a married couple, but as these two tie into last weeks X Mutts week, I thought that I would include them.

Green Furred Lorna Great - Danes, was originally thought to be the Daughter of the Master of Magnetism. Mutt-neto the Magnetic Mutt.

Although this claim was later disproved, it was MUCH later discovered much later SHE WAS the Daughter of the The Evil Mutt.  .... But as Mutt-neto was never going to be Father of the Year, ( ask  Quick Slobber & The Scarlet Bitch about that one ! ) she was not really loosing out much.

She was originally spotted by X Mutt Ice Dawg, and they became an item, More Puppy Love than True Love as it was to turn out.  BUT when Cycpups little brother.  Howlicks Summers came on the scene,  she realised she had found her ever loving Hound Dog AND Faithful Four legged Friend

Howlicks & Lorna, AKA Hound Havok & Polarity Pooch  have never made their relationship official,  with a Ring and a quick Walkies down the aisle. but as Most Marvel Marriages don't last forever, they maybe are better off letting sleeping dogs lie.

Here they are in there original costumes that they wore when they first joined Pupfessor Rex & his Un-caninie X-Mutts

At present they are still together fighting the good fight somewhere out in space



Thanks for all your support.

Today marks my 2nd full month Blogging and I cannot believe the number of you out there in the world who like to come and visit my Dawgs.  


As a special Thank You,  here is a little a little extra picture of my Avenging Hounds.... who YES will be coming back soon.

Here we seen the team around issue 4 # when that Hero from W W 2 ( that's World Woof 2 )  CANINE AMERICA  joined the team.  Notice Iron Hound in his then NEW Armour.

Thanks to all the patronage from here in the UK, Canada, The USA, Russia, Europe, Australia,  South America, and sooooooo on .

As promised I will do a special Buddy from one of these countries very soon.

Thank you and ENJOY


All this week I have shown you how the original X Mutts ( XMEN ) got a costume make over in the late 1960's.

well here is my version of the classic X Men issue 87#   BUT in my Dawggie Style.

3 slightly different versions and the original.   I have been asked before, but will again confirm that MY VERSIONS are completely re drawn and I do not use any elements from the original ( except the theme of course )   I also try to use the same colour pallet from the Original, as in the bottom picture if possible.

Enjoy !

Saturday, 12 February 2011


Here is the whole team together with their Teacher Pupfessor Rex

Overall the team looked the same for a long time. The only major change was with the Bird Dog who got a much better look later on.

Tomorrow a look at X MEN 87 #    BUT in my Dawgs Style.

See you Then.

Enjoy !

Friday, 11 February 2011


Here is a little clue to next weeks theme

I can promise you that it will be a lot of all NEW charactors never before seen on this site.


Finally, here is Miss Jean Grey - Hound wearing her new costume.

She stayed with this look for a very long time. It may now look old fashioned, but at the time is was "the Dogs"

make sure you come bark tommorrow to see the new team together for the first time.


Thursday, 10 February 2011


Doggie Drake was the youngest pup at Professor Rex's School for Mutant Mutts. Having the ability to turn yourself into a Ice was his thing.

Here he is in his new costume.

As he was able to cover himself in ice meant that no one really got to see his new look. After all his old Uniform consisted of a pair of boots and a pair of shorts.  Suffering from the cold was never an issue for this young puppy.

Here is another look at Doggie Drake in a unfrozen state, in his new costume and its later replacement.

Such a shame that no one really ever got to see either of these new looks.


Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Long before me went all Furry and Joined the Avenging Hounds and The Dog - Fenders ,   Mr  Hairy Mc Coy was both the Brains & the Brawn of the X Mutts

His Over Sizes hands and feet made buying clothes a real problem, but once all suited & non booted in his X Mutts Uniform he looked every bit the Hero Hound that he was.

More Mutt - ant  make overs tomorrow

Enjoy !

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

THIS DAWGS IS NO ANGEL ....................

Next up is The High Flying   Bird Dog

This must be the worst costume of all of the NEW LOOK X Mutts.  Great Colours, but an awful combination. It reminds me of Yellow costume that DD wore originally. BUT allowances are made there as at least he was blind.  It is believed that  Marvel Mutt help make the costumes, so some of the blame must lay at her Kennel Door as well.

Lucky for Warren , he saw sense and moved on to better costumes later on.

BUT Before Warren Woofington The 3rd joined the X Mutts he had a solo career is the Avenging Bird Dog. Here we see him in this costume, which is a lot better than the one he wore with the X Mutts after graduation.

More colourful Costumes Tomorrow


Monday, 7 February 2011


By the late 1960's The X Mutts with the guidance of Pupfessor Rex had passed their Exams with flying colours, and had received their High School diplomas

As a reward the X Mutts were given new costumes to replace the  Old School yellow & Blue uniforms.

This showed that they were individuals but still part of a team.

So up 1st with have Team Leader Scottie, aka Cycpups  sporting his new look.

Tomorrow, more old Dawgs sporting New Looks.


Sunday, 6 February 2011


A preview to next weeks "X Mutts Week" on my Blog

Howlvin Woofin was offered a place with the Uncaninie X Mutts by Pupfessor Rex due to his powers to mimic other Mutt ants.

His career was short lived, as he left the X team only after a short while.  BUT here he is in his glory combining the powers of Cycpups, The Beastie, Bird Dog,  Cool Dawg and Marvel Mutt

Presenting The Mimic Mutt


Don't forget to come back tomorrow for MORE MUTANT MUTTS

THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME .................

Well the journey was at an end, the Wicked Witch of the West had been destroyed, but the 4 friends had not found what they had been looking for.... or had they ?

 Glinda explained that  all of them had been looking for things that they already had.

   The Scarecrow he had out witted the Witch proving he was intelligent,  therefore he did have a BRAIN.  So the Wizard gave him a certificate to prove this.

   The Tin Man  he had protected the others from the Wicked Witch. Therefore  he had proved to them that he could love, so  he did  have a HEART afteral.  So the Wizard gave him a pocket watch in the shape of a Heart to prove this.

The Lion had proved himself  by NOT running away during the fight with the Witch.   So he was Brave afteral.  The Wizard gave him a medal to show others how brave he was.

Then Glinda turned to Dorothy and said ", what you want is to go home. because only by running away did you discover that what you had was better than the life you wished for. "

" Yes " said Dorothy. Then she asked "  How do I get Home ? "

Glinda explained that the Ruby Slippers could take her home. All she need do was to click her heals together 3 times, and say there's no place like home.

Dorothy Said her good byes and Clicked her heals together and said " There's No Place Like Home "

and by Magic she returned home to Kansas


I Hope you enjoyed That !

Saturday, 5 February 2011


Well what a busy time the four friends (and Toto ) had.  Now they finally made it to OZ to find out that The Wizard was not as all powerful as they thought..... Then from out of the sky came a great pink bubble.
and from inside stepped out Glinda the Good

Friday, 4 February 2011

COMING SOON ................................

Here is a clue about next weeks theme to Its A Dawgs Life


On the way to OZ the four friends ran into the evil Wicked Witch of the West, who wanted the Ruby Slippers that Dorothy had on, which were magic slippers.

After a lot of fighting, the Witch was destroyed by a bucket of water.

Make sure you return tomorrow to find out what happens next Over the Rainbow


Thursday, 3 February 2011


The three new friends continued along The Yellow Brick Road until they heard a loud Growl from out of the Bushes. This Frighten Dorothy, the Scarecrow & The Tin Man.  Toto began to bark and rushed into the bushes, and out popped a Lion who started to cry.

He explained that He was not really a fearful beast, as he lacked courage.  The three friends then offered to take the Lion to Wizard in the City Of OZ, as they thought he could find some courage for the Lion.

So off the four friends went along the Yellow brick road in search of their hearts desire. BUT unknown to them, they were being watched by a very evil person,

Tune in tomorrow to find out who.