Monday, 28 February 2011


As any follower of my Blog knows the Avenging Hounds are made up of  PAW.  the Dog of Thunder, IRON HOUND,  The GIANT DAWG,  &  WASPISH POOCH. Their other member, The HOUNDED HULK resigned from the Avenging Hounds as he was not really a team player. 

Anyway, soon after the Heroes set up home in their New Yorkie Manson a new hero came floating by.
It was the legend of WW2 ( World Woof 2 ) the CANINE AMERICA


He was believed dead,  but had really ended up frozen in a  Block of ICE for the last few decades.  The Avenging Hounds offered him a place on the team and a place to stay whilst he tried to get this life back together. 

Well The Star Spangled Canine fitted in well with the team, and even was asked to be team leader, due to his knowledge of battle and tactical fighting know how.

However, the Other Avenging Hounds soon found that they could not afford to be hero hounds 24/7.  Paw had  problems in his home realm of Ass-Dog that needed addressing, also in his other identify as Dr Donald Bark, he also needed to sort some things out.   Boney Stark aka The Iron Hound, was having trouble with his business empire, and he needed to spend more time in the office.   Dr Hairy Pym also wanted to spend time on his research, something that he was unable to do whilst being the size changing Giant Dawg.   His partner Janet Van Dog also felt she needed a break from the hero life as she had nearly dead on a number of occasions whilst on duty with the Avenging Hounds., and she was not sure if the hero life as really for her after all.

What would that mean for the future of the AVENGING HOUNDS.   IF 4 OF THE 5 MEMBERS WANTED TO LEAVE.... Could The CANINE AMERICA manage on his OWN ?

Find out what happened tomorrow.


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