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Vlicktor Von Doggie Doom  was not born evil, he was born thinking that everyone was his inferior. Born into a Gypsy family in Europe in the country of Latveria, the young Vlicktor spent a lot of time with his mother who was a master of the ancient art of black magic.

However, she was put to death for the practice of the Dark Arts when young Von Doogie Doom was a young puppy . His father a Doctor, also died  when Vlicktor was Young after he was hunted and forced to flee the Local Baron for failing to cure the Baroness of Cancer.

An old Gypsy called Boris looked after the young pup, and tried to steer him in the right path, but Vlicktor wanted knowledge, and power to avenge both of his parents and take revenge on the Baron.

Vlicktor  travelled to The USA and went to college.  Where he continued his studies into science and magic. Here he met a young class mate named Lead Richards. ( the soon to be Mr Fur-tastic )

Vlicktor was jealous of Lead, as he though he could be more intelligent than him. Lead tried to befriend him, and even offered to help Vlicktor in his experiments. However, Lead spotted that some of Von Doogie Doom's calculations were incorrect, and Lead tried to tell him that his experiment was dangerous.

Vlicktor pride got in the way, and he decided to go ahead with the experiment.   The experiment failed and blew up causing scaring to Doom's face.

Expelled from the college, Vlicktor  returned to Europe in search of more knowledge.  His Face scared (but not as badly as he believed) to but to him this was a sign of imperfection and he blamed Lead for this.

In Tibet he found an ancient order of Monks who helped him in his quest for knowledge.  He soon ruled the Brother hood, ordering them to Make him a suit of Armour complete with Helmet, so he could hide his true identify.  Whilst the Mask was still hot, he made the Monks place it on his face, which caused worse scaring than he had received  from his college accident.

With his face now destroyed, the now Mad DogVon proclaimed that  Vlicktor Von Doom was now dead, He was now DOOM. Dog - tor Doom.

In the years that passed, Doom went about avenging his parents, and even became the Ruler of His Home Country.  In his mind he Ruled well and the People Loved him,  in truth his Rule was that of a feared  tyrant who would dispose of any one that opposed him or his ideas.

With His country under his control, he became aware of Lead Richards again, as he had recently become famous for being Mr Fur-Tastic... Doom still believing that Lead was the reason for his big failure in college, decided to destroy Lead and the Fut-tastic Four.

This is a quest that has driven him ever since.

He has come very close in his goal to destroy the FF in the years since, but as he is driven by revenge and hate, this has caused him to make errors in judgement. Of course he always blames Lead Richards for his "OWN" failures.

Another Picture below, charting the rise of  DOG-TOR DOOM


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