Monday, 28 February 2011


The Super Sk-Growl was sent to destroy the FF as revenge for  the embarrassment that the Sk-Growl race had suffered at the hands of the  fab foursome.

The difference with the Super Sk-Growl to a normal Sk-Growl was that he had the powers of the Fur-Tastic Four combined. Although Sk-Growls were shape shifters, they could not and did not process the powers of the people they copied.

However, with a little bit of help from Sk-Growl scientists, they found a way to give powers to Kollar'T  or the Super Sk-Growl to you and me.

The FF found that The Super Sk-Growl had better control over "their" powers and was much stronger.   He was more Stretchy than Lead, Could use his Invisibility better than Shih Tzu,  could burn hotter and fly faster than Jaw-nee   and could hit harder than Bone.

However,  Mr Fur-tastic being brighter than the average pooch worked out that Mr Super Duper Sk-Growl was receiving his powers via a transmission from the Sk-Growl Home World.  Lead blocked it and the Sk-Growl was no longer super, and therefore the FF sent him packing back to the Sk-Growl Home World with his tail between his legs.

That was not the end of this menace, as he would return again and again, not just to battle the Fut-Tastic Four but any of the Super  Hero Hounds protecting the Earth.

This wraps up  Fur-Tastic Four week.   I will be back to resume their story some other time.


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