Thursday, 24 February 2011

THE LOOK IS NOW COMPLETE ................

For the first few missions the FF tended to wear everyday clothes, that Mr Fur-Tastic had adapted,  so they could stretch for him,  fire proof for Hot Dog, and would turn invisible for Shih Tzu.   Bone just wore an over sized coat and hat to hide his monstrous figure until he needed to go into action. and then he wore only a XXXXXXXL pair of Brown Boxer Shorts !

The Invisible Pooch decided to design works clothes for the quartet, that they could wear as a costume to show unity in the group. Made from Lead.s new invention, unstable Molecules, it would adapt to each of their powers.    Bone hated the idea of wearing " a monkey suit " as he put it. As he was still not happy with people look at his orange rocky body.  Shih Tzu had thought about this and had designed a Helmet that would help hide his whole body from  on lookers.  

Also as the foursome had not hidden their identities from the general public, this meant that the others did not have to wear masks.

From their new base, located at the top of the BARKER BUILDING in Central New Yorkie City, Mutthaton... they now were in a great position to help protect the world from Danger.


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