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The "New" Teen Titans ... Part Eleven The Coming of The Cyborg

Last Time I wrote about Victor Stone, a boy  GENIUS who had turned his back on his parents choice of future to pursue his own path in life.

Finding Sport to be his true vocation, Victor soon became an all round athlete. Tipped for greatness as a future Olympian, Victor's life was great.

However, on a visit to his parents Laboratory at STAR Labs, he arrived as his parents were in the middle of an experiment which opened an inter-dimensional portal into the unknown, The portal allowed a monstrous entity to emerge. It killed Victor's Mother, Elinore and then attacked Victor. Its touch was like acid, and its touch started to burn and erode Victor's body.  Victor's father Silas was able to shut down the Portal causing the Entity to be pulled back into its own dimension. This both sealed the Portal and caused most of the laboratory to be destroyed in the process.
The Accident at STAR Labs

Silas Stone was left with the realisation that his Wife was Dead and his Son was near death too. Victor was still alive, but most of his body had been destroyed in the attack, along with their research in Inter-Dimensional affairs, Silas had also been working for the US Army developing a Cybernetic Suit of Armour and prosthetic enhancements to help injured soldiers. Silas knew that even if his son did survive, the chances of him ever being able to to walk let alone function as a normal person was impossible.

Using his own designs and much untested procedures, Silas spent the next few weeks slowly rebuilding his son.

Grafting Metal and plastic to parts of Victor's body, Silas began to slowly replace the damaged and destroyed parts of Victor.

Half of Victor's Face was gone, as was both his legs and his arms.  Were possible Silas tried to keep as much of Victor's body as was before, but this proved difficult..... but at least his son would live.

When Victor first awoke from his coma, he was horrified at his new appearance. He felt like he was a Monster and his Father was no better than a modern day Dr Frankenstein.
Victor sees his new face for the First Time in the Mirror

Although originally wanting to die after the discovery of  that  most of his body and part of his face have been replaced with metallic implants, he eventually adjusts to the changes and learns to control his implants.

As he got Stronger and more confident with his new body Victor began to realise that again his relationship with his Father was based on just one thing..... Research. And he had become nothing more than a Test Subject and Laboratory Project of  DR Silas Stone. 

In anger Victor walked away from his Father and further testing of his new body, Silas pleaded with Victor that he was unsure that the Prosthetics and implants would not start to reject and fail. But Victor did not care. It was time for him to find his place in the world.

At first Victor tried to go back to his old University  life, But now  with his enhanced body he could no longer compete fairly in any Sport. Also he found he was now academically below the standards expected at the University and therefore could not justify staying on to continue his studies on his scholarship.

Although Victor could hide most of his "new" body beneath his clothing his facial Implants made it difficult to blend in. He found he was now shunned by strangers and by many who he considered friends. Even his long Time Girl Friend found she could not coup with the "new" look Victor Stone.
The New Look made Victor Feel like a FREAK 

Victor's Life was now one of a recluse. He had no future in his mind. His Career in Sport was now a dream, he hated and blamed his father for what happened, his Mother was dead and at times he wished he too had died.

At his lowest ebb is when Raven appeared asking for his help in Defeating Triggon.  He accepted the challenge and found that as a result his life changed too. He now found a purpose for his life, a place where his looks were never questioned. Whilst the World saw him as CYBORG to the other Titans he was Victor (Vic) Stone, Friend and Team Mate.

Next Time a look at the combined force that was The "NEW" Teen Titans.

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The New Teen Titans Part Ten The Meet Victor Stone

The Final Member of the Original Line Up of the "New" Teen Titans was Victor Stone. All through his life Victor had felt like he was more than an experiment than a person.

Victor was born to  Silas and Elinore Stone, both of whom were very accomplished scientists. From infancy Victor was treated more life his parents science project than their son. Yes his parents loved him, but whilst Victor long to be outside playing with the other children, he spent his time studying and being studied.

At a young age Victor had a higher than average IQ, this was caused by the nurture or his parents along with experiments conducted by them to increase human intelligence.

A Young Victor Stone with his parents

As Victor Grew he started to buck against his learning regime, and for a time started to hang out with some unsavoury characters of a similar age. After he became involved in petty crime his mother realised that her and her husband had in some way caused Victor to rebel.

Victor's father dismissed this but with reluctantly  agreed that Victor should be allowed to go to public school and allowed to follow his dream. Deep down Silas believed that Victor would see sense and would return to the path and future he had carved for his son in  the world of science and exploration.

Now allowed to follow his own path Victor found that his true future lay in sport. He found that along with his expanded intellect he was good at any sport he tried his Hand At. However, although he was more intelligent than his peers in the beginning, he neglected his studies and concentrated solely on Sports. This meant than is above IQ age soon turned into an average IQ compared to his other classmates.
A Young Teen Victor Stone,  a champion but not in the eyes of his parents.

Victor won nearly all the sporting titles and awards open to him. He received much praise from everyone around him..... except his Father who felt that Victor was wasting both his time and his life continuing  in this pastime. Victors mother was supportive, but had to agree with her husband that Victor was wasting his potential on marking Sport his future career.
A Young Adult Victor Stone winning  everything except the endorsement of his Parents.

Although he began to distance himself from his parents and their lives, he would make the effort to visit with them. As their lives revolved around work and research this usually meant meeting with them at their place of work   STAR Labs.

On a visit to see them Victor's life would be changed forever.

Next Time The End of one Life and a Start of a New One for Victor Stone.

Until Then ENJOY !

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The "NEW" Teen Titans Part Nine..... The Fast return of Kid Flash

Wallace  Rudolph West was your average young teenager. He grew up in a sleepy town called Blue Valley in Nebraska. He idolised the then "new" Hero The Flash (aka Barry Allen) ans set up his own fan club in Blue Valley.  He spent many hours a day reading about the exciting adventures and deeds of The Scarlet Speedster and longed for the day when he could meet his hero face to face.

Wallace or Wally to his friends, knew that his Aunt Iris had met The Flash and that her Boy Friend Barry Allen was a personal friend of the Speedster. (At that time Iris West did knot know that Barry Allen was the Flash)
Flash and his Number One Fan Wally West

Barry invited Wally to meet The Flash at his laboratory at Police Head Quarters in Central City, where a freak accident gave Wally the same Super Speed powers that the Flash had acquired a few years earlier.
Lighting Strikes and Duplicates the Past 

The Flash help train Wally in the use of his new powers, and gave him a costume similar to his own. Wally adopted the name Kid -Flash. Both Flash and his Junior Partner would be partners for many years. Barry would share his secret identity with Wally, long before Barry did the same to his girl friend Iris.
Flash and His " Mini Me"  Kid - Flash 

Later on Wally got his own costume and started to have his own adventures without his mentor. One of which lead to the creation of the Original Teen Titans.
Mixing his Home life with that of a Super Fast Hero 

When the Original Teen Titans split up  as they all wanted in some way  start to explore life outside that of a Super Hero, Wally returned to Blue Valley where he continued with his education.

Life was good for Wally, he spent time studying and being Kid Flash, and Teaming up with The Flash from time to time.

When Wally was later "Drafted" by Raven to help defeat Triggon he felt like the others the  decision to remain as a team was the best idea, especially as he had a growing attraction for Raven.

This attraction would later be discovered to be a manipulation of Raven, but Wally knew that what had originally started as enchantment had now become real. However, Raven was unable to completely reciprocate Wally's love due to her inability to really allow emotion into her life.

The two would remain friends but their love for one another would never really develop.

Kid - Flash would remain with the "NEW" TT's for many years, but after his mentor Barry Allen aka The Flash was killed during events of the Original Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wally decided that he would honour Barry by adopting the Costume and name of The FLASH.

Next Time a New Hero for the New Teen Titans

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Saturday, 31 October 2015

The "New" Teen Titans Part Eight Its NOT all DOOM and Gloom for Beast Boy

As mentioned last time, Gar Logan had finally made the ranks of the Team calling its self  Teen Titans West, but this team had disbanded a few months after the Original Teen Titans had gone their separate ways.

This left Gar without a team to be part of, or a family either. During Garfield Logan's short life he had had to deal with a lot of issues. As a little boy he had nearly died from a tropical illness whilst he accompanied his scientist parents on an exploration into the African Jungle. The disease SAKUTIA was deadly to humans, but animals had an immunity.  His parents thinking they could and had isolated the genetic marker that would save their son used it on young Garfield. This process not  only saved  him, the side effects would unfortunately change him forever too. He had survived  but now could transform into any animal he could imagine. The down side of  having his amazing power was he was  now green and covered in fur.

Later when his parents had died in an accident,  Garfield believed and  knew that he could have saved them if he had been able to use his powers better. At first his transformations were manly reactionary, but in time he could choose what he wanted to change into. In the early stages he could sometimes change his body but retain his head in human form.  But as time went on he would tend to change to an exact copy of any animal, but always remaining green.

Now an Orphan He had been put in the care of Gailtry a guardian who treated him as a Green Freak and only tolerated him in order to embezzle the sizable fortune his birth parents had left him.

 After breaking free of Gailtry's control Gar found himself being cared for by the Doom Patrol's members. And later officially adopted by Rita Farr aka Elasti Girl and her husband Steve Dayton. (More on the Original Doom Patrol later )

Finding a Family at last with Rita Farr & Steve Dayton AKA Elasti Girl & Mento

He had a family again with the Doom Patrol, but even though he had his amazing powers that could equal those of many of the members of the Doom Patrol, he was not allowed to fight alongside them due to his age. He was given his own uniform, but his Green Skin was initial disguised with a Purple Face Mask. He was treated like their mascot, and this inability to be able to become a proper member of the DP he decided to offer his services to the then fledgling original Teen Titan team. But they had also refused him membership as they too felt he was too young. They themselves were only young teenagers, but Gar was only a pre teen, and in their young eyes a child !

Shortly after this his world was again rocked to the core when his adopted mother Rita Farr and the other members of the Doom Patrol were killed in action. This sent his adopted Father Steve Dayton into a deep depression. His mental state was always an issue as his experimental Mento Helmet had along with granting him fantastic mental abilities had brought his sanity into question at times. Now with the added effect of losing his wife Steve Dayton withdrew from the world and become almost a recluse.

So Gar was a little rich boy living with his Multi Millionaire Father in the life off luxury and indulgence. But Gar wanted More.

After Trying his hand at acting, and again trying to reform the Teen Titans West, He even tried to re brand himself as The Changeling to help rid himself of his young Beat Boy image. But none of this worked.  Gar was at his lowest ebb. Until he was contacted by Raven in her question to form a team of people to help help her in her quest to combat he father the Demon Trigon.


With The "NEW" Teen Titans he found a new found family, friends and a place in world.


Next Time a look at another New or is that Old member of the New Teen Titans.

Until Then ENJOY !

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The New Teen Titans Part Seven It's All Changeling for Beast Boy

Back in October 2012 I told the tale of how Garfield (Gar)  Logan  aka Beast Boy attempted to join the then Original Teen Titans but had been rejected due to his age. This happened in Teen Titans 6# (1966)
The Original Doom Patrol's Mascot Beast Boy complete with his Purple Mask

Well here is what happened next.

Long Before the original Crisis on Infinite  Earths in 1985  and after being rejected as being too young to join the TT's in 1966 , young Garfield finally made the grade and became a Teen Titan. But at first he as a member of the Unofficial team of Teen Super Heroes called The Teen Titans West.
The Original Teen Titans West from 1976 . Golden Eagle,  Gnarrk, Hawk, Lilith, Dove, Beast Boy and Original Bat- Girl

This team brought together by former Teen Titan member Lilith helped and later joined the original Teen Titans circa 1976.

However after the cancellation of the Teen Titans comic in 1977, it was assumed that both Teams of Teens all went their separate ways and disbanded.  BUT after the Original Crisis where various characters where either removed from the DC Universe or given a make over, the tale of what happen to the TT's was finally told in 1990 and again updated in or around the year 2000.

The Original TT's of Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl etc, had indeed split in 1976. All wanted to explore life away from being Super Heroes and build and try to live a  civilian identity life. However , the West Coast Team did try to stay together and did so for a little time longer, but as most of them had interests outside their Super Heroes lives, many found it hard to remain together as a strong fighting team. The original TT's had been more of a family, the later West Coasters had all been and had had some success as individual heroes, and some found working as a team difficult and limiting. So like their East Coast "cousins" the Teen Titans West also broke up.
The West Coast Teen Titans circa 1990 with revised post Crisis  line up. Golden Eagle, Bumble Bee, Hawk, Lilith, Dove, Beast Boy, Flamebird & Herald 

This left Gar Logan out on a limb. Unlike most of the other Titans his identity was known. He had been part of a team of Heroes adventurers long before he had wanted to join the TT's.  His Adopted parents had been Super Heroes, so when the TT's West broke up, Beast Boy was left high and dry without any idea of what his future would be.
Garfield Logan Poor Little Rich Boy a Teen Titan No More !

Next Time we will continue with tale of Garfield Logan and his journey from Beast Boy to Changeling.

Until Then ENJOY !

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The NEW Teen Titans Part Six Forget Helen of TROY Meet Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl

Along with the new members of the team that would become The "New" Teen Titans were a number of old faces.

Although Donna Troy had been a Titan from the beginning her back ground and origin was always a bit of a mystery. Being added to the original line up of Robin, Kid Flash and Aqua Lad who were the junior sidekicks of Batman, The Flash and Aqua man, it was always implied that Wonder Girl WAS the side kick of Wonder Woman.

This was in fact a bit of a mistake. A Wonder Girl had appeared in the pages of the Wonder Woman comic at the end of the 1950's start of the 1960's but this was NOT a new character. That Wonder Girl was really Wonder Woman as a young Girl, as much as Wonder TOT was Princess Diana as a Toddler. Wonder Girl would have many adventures with her older self and younger self also. These were impossible tales as they called them. Many people including some of the editors at DC not knowing this automatically believed Wonder Girl was a separate entity so when the idea of the Original Teen Titans was discussed Wonder Girl got added as a character connected to Wonder Woman.
The Wonder Family Woman from the 1950's - 1960's , Girl & Tot 

Putting Wonder Girl into the Teen Titans meant that a new origin was needed to explain who or what she was. In earlier stories she called Wonder Woman "Mother" and again was implied she was Princess Diana's adopted daughter who she had rescued  as a child from a burning building. Being human once on Paradise Island home of the Amazons she was granted Amazonian powers buy the other Woman granting her a part of their amazing Amazonian powers. Later it was revised that Wonder Woman had indeed rescued her and taken her to Paradise Island, but Queen Hyppolyta, mother of Wonder Woman had adopted her and named her Donna. This making Diana her sister.

Well that origin worked for a while, and for most of Wonder Girl;s early career this was the agreed and accepted back story.  Years later Wonder Girl's addition into the "new" TT's gave the writers a chance to explore her back ground and her links to the mythological world of the Greek God's that was a main part of the Wonder Woman world. And that was how things stayed.

Years later Donna would learn who she really was, not once but twice or maybe three times. Each origin worked at that time, but again trying to retro fit a character into a past where she did not or should not exist was always with its dangers that giving readers answerer's to question would invite more questions to be asked. Wonder Girl was an abnormally, a bit like Duela Dent the Harlequin aka The  Jokers Daughter and Why was there Two Hawk Men in the DC Universe, one Human with links to the Past and magic and Egypt and another an Alien Police Man... and don't forget Power Girl was she Super Girl or not ?

Anyway for the time being Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl became a member of the New TT's and soon befriended Starfire and later the reserved and secretive Raven.

Unlike today,  Wonder Girl remained in her familiar Red Costume and would do until she got a complete make over and a hair cut many years later. (but that's a tale for a later time ! )
As Wonder Girl grew older her fashion choices changes too.

Here  is Wonder Girl as she was at the start of the "New" Teen Titan era.

Next Time its a 2nd Chance for this New Teen Titan, until then


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The "NEW" Teen Titans Part Five X'Hal it's STARFIRE

The next member of the "new" Teen Titans  we will look at was the last to join, and was not co oped into the group by Raven, ,,,,,,,,she literary  fell from the sky into their lives.

Koriand'r was an Alien from the Planet Tamaran. Not only was she an Alien, she was an Alien Princess to boot. Born like all her race with the ability to absorb the power of the Sun and convert it into the ability to fly, she would have been a great asset to the team. However, due to the threat of war from a race of Aliens called the Citadel, she like all the young on her planet were trained in all aspects of hand to hand combat by the Warlords of Okaara, who resided on a neighbouring asteroid. So when Koriand'r as old enough she and her older sister were sent to learn the skills they needed to help protect their home world.. So Koriand'r was also a fully fledged warrior too. BUT her skills did not just stop there.

When her home world was over run by the Evil Citadel Aliens, with help from Komand'r who was  Koriand'r's elder sister. she found herself due to circumstances sold into slavery. This she accepted in order to help save her people from complete annihilation,

After years of abuse Koriand'r was forced to kill one of her captures, this brought her back into contact with her sister Komand'r who was now herself a high ranking member of the Citadel.

Komand'r who would become the deadly BLACKFIRE 

BUT  Before she could be executed on the orders of her evil sister, both Komand'r and Koriand'r  were kidnapped by another evil race called PSIONS. The Psions were a group of sadistic alien scientists who enjoyed dissecting their emeries to find any weakness to use against them.  The Psions knowing that the Tamarain race had the ability to absorb the energy from a Star or a Sun decided to see just how much energy they could absorb before exploding. So both sisters when subjected to a deadly experiment.

Komand'r unlike the rest of her race could not fly, as an illness in childhood had robbed her of this ability, and with that the right to become ruler of Tamaran. This had meant that the roll of the next monarch would bypass her onto her younger sister Korinad'r. This had been a major resentment for the older sibling, and was the basis of her hated or her sister, her parents and all the Tamaran people.

As both sisters absorbed more and more energy the pain and torture was almost at a point where they were both of the verge of death. However, at that moment people loyal to Komand'r attacked the Psion base. This caused the machine holding the sisters to explode. The result was both sisters now had energy powers that meant they could both fire "Star Bolts" from their hands.  Koriand'r could still fly, and her star bolts were bright busts of energy.

However, Komand'r still unable to fly found her energy blasts were dark and more powerful.  The sisters fought but Komand'r almost defeated by her sister escaped....... but that would not be the last Koriand'r would see of  Komand'r.

Koriand'r  escaped herself in a stolen space craft where she ended up crash landing on Earth. Meeting Robin and the other heroes gathered by Raven.

Koriand'r was nicknamed Kory by the Titans. Later Kory would adopt the name Kory Anders when she spent time working along side Donna Troy as a fashion Model.  As Robin, aka Dick Grayson was the first Human she bonded with, she had an automatic attraction to him, as he did for her. The two would remain lovers for most of their time as Titans. They became engaged and planned to marry, but that's a story for another time.

Next time another Old Titan becomes a "New" Teen Titan.

Until then ENJOY.

Friday, 4 September 2015

The New Teen Titans Part Four Who Will Lead the New Titans ?

When Raven brought together all of the individuals that would ultimately become the "NEW" Teen Titan she choice well by choosing Dick Grayson aka Robin.

Although now not a Teen he had show his mentor, The Batman and his elders that he could be and was a great leader of Super Heroes or Meta Humans.

Dick had struggled to show that he was more than just " & Robin !! " He was just a good in some ways as Bruce Wayne's Batman, and in some ways better. Both men were driven to help defeat evil and to defend justice, but unlike Bruce, Dick tried not to let that drive and determination define him as who and what it was.  or what he could be.

Whilst Dick had been away at College he had tended to balance his life as Dick Grayson student against Robin The Teen Wonder. He tended to team up with Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon who by this time new his secret identity. The pair would have a type of romance, but like his feelings for Donna Troy, aka Wonder Girl, Dick treated them both like sisters, not lovers. In later life he and Barbara would find that their relationship was something more and would become lovers, but romance when the pair where dubbed the " Dynamite Duo " was never an issue.

Whilst with Dick away from Wayne Manor, Bruce soon moth balled The Bat Cave and the Manor and moved into the Wayne Foundation Building in Gotham City where he set up a new base of operations along with trusty old Alfred.

Over time Bruce started to spend less time as Bruce and more time as the Batman. This and his hard edge had started to cause problems with his team mates in The Justice League of America, which was around the same time as Dick was forming the "New" Teen Titans, Bruce had quit the JLA and had set up his own team called the Outsiders. A team comprised of lone Wolf Heroes like himself, many young and inexperienced and ready and willing to be molded by the Batman.

Although it would take years in the comics, in reality it would be a short time that both Robin and Batman started to clash on the right and wrong approach to fighting crime. Dick was not a kid any more, and he knew that Bruce was not always right, but Bruce had always been the senior member of the Duo and was blind and stubborn to accept that he and his techniques may not always be right. Also the Teen Titans did not need any financial help from Bruce and the Wayne Millions... This Time the Team was financed by another source, Thus meaning Bruce had no  control over the TT's as had been the case originally. Robin was free from relying on Bruce financially.

This tension would finally explode when Bruce would officially "Fire" Dick as Robin, but that's another story for another Time.

Robin did  not get much of a make over as he joined the new team. Unlike today when costumes change all the time, Robin and his look remained constant, with a few  minor changes to reflect  he was no longer just "THE BOY WONDER" the New Look of Robin was very "Old School" in fact.

Here is Robin as he was depicted at the start of the "NEW" TT's run.

But back to the "New" Titans. With the Corr of the Team brought together by Raven, a final member was literally dropped into the New TT's Lap.
The Mystery Princess From The Stars !

This New and final Member would not just change the dynamic of the group but would impact greatly on Rick Grayson aka Robin's personal and private life too.

Next Time we meet a brand new character into the DC Universe, who would help define the New Team and the direction the Titans would go.

Until Then     ENJOY

Friday, 28 August 2015

The "New" Teen Titans Part Three Robin the original Side Kick

What can I say about Dick Grayson aka Robin The Boy Wonder that has not already been said.

Some say he is the original Side Kick or Junior partner of an Adult Crime fighter.  In many ways he is, many of the later "junior" partners of Heroes owe their existence to the template of the Boy Wonder. Although the character has been around since the 1940's surprisingly Robin or the Original Robin has stayed very true to his beginnings.

Orphaned as a young child and "adopted" by a millionaire playboy, who was also Orphaned by an act of crime too , Dick Grayson became and still is one of the most loved and sometimes under rated heroes of the DC Universe.
Here is my updated version of Detective Comics 38# feature the debut of The By Wonder.

For years he was the light relief to the Darkness of his mentor and partner The BAT-MAN. However, it was not until the late 1950's and early 1960's did Robin start to spread his wings and have adventures on his own. Young teen readers of the DC Publications could identify in Robin. He was not a super powered hero, or had any real special powers at all. All he had was his brains, acrobatic abilities learnt from his Circus parents, and sense of doing good. This added to the training in both body and mind from his guardian gave Dick Grayson every thing he needed to succeed.

When in 1964  Robin teamed up with Aqua lad and Kid Flash it became obvious that he was the less powerful member of the trio, but instead of letting his powers do the talking, he used the gifts learnt at the side of the Worlds Greatest Detective to show his team mates that some times brain power is better than super powers.

When the group again teamed up with the Addition of Wonder Girl the Teen Titans were born. Some called them The Junior Justice League, but unlike the JLA, the TT adventures were basically grounded in helping the younger members of the population. Some of their early adventure now seem dated, as they reflected the time they were written.

Even as the membership of the Teen Titans grew, and the line up changed, the one thing that stayed the same was Robin was always team leader. Even if at times this caused up set with other members who felt they could do a better job, sense in the end won through as Robin proved he was the Man or Teen for the JOB.

When the TT finally disbanded in the 1970's mainly due the corr members all deciding that they wanted to go out into the world and discover who they were.   As Most of the original TT's  ( and a lot of the later additions to the TT's) all had one thing in common, they were either Orphans or did not have contact with the real parents. Their mentors and guardians had been crime fighters, so they had joined the "family" business, and as a result had spent more time as heroes than as themselves. They all knew how to be  Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy and Wonder Girl, but did not completely understand who or how Dick Grayson, Wally West, Roy Harper and Donna Troy fitted into the real world.. This break from the Hero Business gave Dick a chance to go to college, Roy to learn more about The Queen Empire, Wally to try to reconnect with his family and Donna to start her own business as a photographer. The TT was more than just a group of crime fighters, they were a family, and this bond would continue into the coming years.  As for Aqualad aka Garth, his future had always been assured as at that time  his adopted father Aquaman had plans for him to be his heir as King of Atlantis, or be a future protector of his legacy.

Here are the Original Teen Titans in their other identities saying goodbye to each other as they plan to move on to the next stage of their life.

Good Bye to The "original"  Teen Titans and Hello to Wally, Donna, Dick, Roy & Garth.
Although Garth seldomly  needed to wear civilian attire, I depicted him as he would be when not in his super Hero roll as Aqualad.

Next Time I will discuss how as Robin's leadership of the "New" TT's his relationship with The Dark Knight started to show cracks and strains.

Until Then ENJOY !

Sunday, 23 August 2015

THE "NEW" TEEN TITANS part Two The Mystery that was RAVEN

The first member of the New look Titan's was a brand new character, the likes of which had never been seen before.

Her look was unique, her full origin was not revealed for months and her powers too were different. Her name was simply Raven.

All readers knew about Raven was she was a young Girl that had gathered heroes around her to help fight a Demon from another dimension who threaten not just her existence but every one on Earth.
The true nature of the Demon would later be reviled as her Father, and although she tried to be more a pacifist  than an aggressor, the other Titan's soon found out that hidden inside her was a Demonic version of herself that was and could be worse than that she was fighting against. The other Titans at times did not trust her very much as it would be revealed that she very much used her powers to both emotionally, physically and ALSO manipulate them...... and in the case of Wally West, did cause him to fall in love with her. Although she was unable to really allow herself the ability to love in case  by allowing herself to be open to too much emotion allowed her inner demons to emerge.

Also it would be later known that she had originally sort the help of the Justice League, but Zantana their resident magical Mistress of the Dark and Mystic Arts had sensed the evil in her and therefore the JLA refused to help Raven. So  she  made a collection of Teen Heroes as her second choice. Easier to manipulate possibly ? but it turned out to be the best choice.

Here is my version of Raven

At first even her full look was not revealed. What did she look like under her strange hooded cloak ? was she human ? how old was she.

These questions were answered when Raven removed her hood to show she was a beautiful 18 year old young girl . Human looking but with a mystery about  her. Her speech was also different and precise.  Referring to her team mates by her proper names. It was not Dick, Wally, Gar, Vic, Kory and Donna. It was Richard, Wallace, Garfield, Victor, Koriand'r and Donna.

To sum Raven up she was the Daughter of an earth woman and the demonic entity called  Trigon, Raven constantly had to fight  to keep her evil side in check. However, the young empathic mystic sometimes fell to the dark side, but valiantly found her own inner light – usually at the expense of her own happiness. She could heal the sick and dying by taking the pain into herself, but there was always a price to pay when she used her powers. The negative energy and pain would sometimes allow her "Darker" part to emerge.
Under the Hood was a Beautiful if not scary young girl.

Here is another look at the Darker side of Raven.

Next Time, an Original Titan who would lead the new team.

Until then  ENJOY !

Friday, 14 August 2015

THE "NEW" Teen Titans part One. New Look, New Line Up and a New Direction.

When the decision was made to re launch the Teen Titans Comic, no one would have known how successful this would be. 

In DC Comics Presents, issue 26 # cover date October 1980, a secondary story told the Tale of a Mysterious Woman Called Raven who gathers together former members of the old Teen Titans along with some new unknown heroes. At the end of the story it was revealed that Raven had shown her new team mates future events where  they  needed them to join together to fight a dangerous demon who planned to over throw the Earth. This sneaky peak was all the fans needed to see and excite them.... The Teen Titans where BACK !


When The First Issue of The "New" Teen Titans hit the newsstands a month after their first adventure in DC Comics Presents 26 # it was an over night success.