Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The New Teen Titans Part Seven It's All Changeling for Beast Boy

Back in October 2012 I told the tale of how Garfield (Gar)  Logan  aka Beast Boy attempted to join the then Original Teen Titans but had been rejected due to his age. This happened in Teen Titans 6# (1966)
The Original Doom Patrol's Mascot Beast Boy complete with his Purple Mask

Well here is what happened next.

Long Before the original Crisis on Infinite  Earths in 1985  and after being rejected as being too young to join the TT's in 1966 , young Garfield finally made the grade and became a Teen Titan. But at first he as a member of the Unofficial team of Teen Super Heroes called The Teen Titans West.
The Original Teen Titans West from 1976 . Golden Eagle,  Gnarrk, Hawk, Lilith, Dove, Beast Boy and Original Bat- Girl

This team brought together by former Teen Titan member Lilith helped and later joined the original Teen Titans circa 1976.

However after the cancellation of the Teen Titans comic in 1977, it was assumed that both Teams of Teens all went their separate ways and disbanded.  BUT after the Original Crisis where various characters where either removed from the DC Universe or given a make over, the tale of what happen to the TT's was finally told in 1990 and again updated in or around the year 2000.

The Original TT's of Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl etc, had indeed split in 1976. All wanted to explore life away from being Super Heroes and build and try to live a  civilian identity life. However , the West Coast Team did try to stay together and did so for a little time longer, but as most of them had interests outside their Super Heroes lives, many found it hard to remain together as a strong fighting team. The original TT's had been more of a family, the later West Coasters had all been and had had some success as individual heroes, and some found working as a team difficult and limiting. So like their East Coast "cousins" the Teen Titans West also broke up.
The West Coast Teen Titans circa 1990 with revised post Crisis  line up. Golden Eagle, Bumble Bee, Hawk, Lilith, Dove, Beast Boy, Flamebird & Herald 

This left Gar Logan out on a limb. Unlike most of the other Titans his identity was known. He had been part of a team of Heroes adventurers long before he had wanted to join the TT's.  His Adopted parents had been Super Heroes, so when the TT's West broke up, Beast Boy was left high and dry without any idea of what his future would be.
Garfield Logan Poor Little Rich Boy a Teen Titan No More !

Next Time we will continue with tale of Garfield Logan and his journey from Beast Boy to Changeling.

Until Then ENJOY !

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