Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The NEW Teen Titans Part Six Forget Helen of TROY Meet Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl

Along with the new members of the team that would become The "New" Teen Titans were a number of old faces.

Although Donna Troy had been a Titan from the beginning her back ground and origin was always a bit of a mystery. Being added to the original line up of Robin, Kid Flash and Aqua Lad who were the junior sidekicks of Batman, The Flash and Aqua man, it was always implied that Wonder Girl WAS the side kick of Wonder Woman.

This was in fact a bit of a mistake. A Wonder Girl had appeared in the pages of the Wonder Woman comic at the end of the 1950's start of the 1960's but this was NOT a new character. That Wonder Girl was really Wonder Woman as a young Girl, as much as Wonder TOT was Princess Diana as a Toddler. Wonder Girl would have many adventures with her older self and younger self also. These were impossible tales as they called them. Many people including some of the editors at DC not knowing this automatically believed Wonder Girl was a separate entity so when the idea of the Original Teen Titans was discussed Wonder Girl got added as a character connected to Wonder Woman.
The Wonder Family Woman from the 1950's - 1960's , Girl & Tot 

Putting Wonder Girl into the Teen Titans meant that a new origin was needed to explain who or what she was. In earlier stories she called Wonder Woman "Mother" and again was implied she was Princess Diana's adopted daughter who she had rescued  as a child from a burning building. Being human once on Paradise Island home of the Amazons she was granted Amazonian powers buy the other Woman granting her a part of their amazing Amazonian powers. Later it was revised that Wonder Woman had indeed rescued her and taken her to Paradise Island, but Queen Hyppolyta, mother of Wonder Woman had adopted her and named her Donna. This making Diana her sister.

Well that origin worked for a while, and for most of Wonder Girl;s early career this was the agreed and accepted back story.  Years later Wonder Girl's addition into the "new" TT's gave the writers a chance to explore her back ground and her links to the mythological world of the Greek God's that was a main part of the Wonder Woman world. And that was how things stayed.

Years later Donna would learn who she really was, not once but twice or maybe three times. Each origin worked at that time, but again trying to retro fit a character into a past where she did not or should not exist was always with its dangers that giving readers answerer's to question would invite more questions to be asked. Wonder Girl was an abnormally, a bit like Duela Dent the Harlequin aka The  Jokers Daughter and Why was there Two Hawk Men in the DC Universe, one Human with links to the Past and magic and Egypt and another an Alien Police Man... and don't forget Power Girl was she Super Girl or not ?

Anyway for the time being Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl became a member of the New TT's and soon befriended Starfire and later the reserved and secretive Raven.

Unlike today,  Wonder Girl remained in her familiar Red Costume and would do until she got a complete make over and a hair cut many years later. (but that's a tale for a later time ! )
As Wonder Girl grew older her fashion choices changes too.

Here  is Wonder Girl as she was at the start of the "New" Teen Titan era.

Next Time its a 2nd Chance for this New Teen Titan, until then


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