Saturday, 31 October 2015

The "New" Teen Titans Part Eight Its NOT all DOOM and Gloom for Beast Boy

As mentioned last time, Gar Logan had finally made the ranks of the Team calling its self  Teen Titans West, but this team had disbanded a few months after the Original Teen Titans had gone their separate ways.

This left Gar without a team to be part of, or a family either. During Garfield Logan's short life he had had to deal with a lot of issues. As a little boy he had nearly died from a tropical illness whilst he accompanied his scientist parents on an exploration into the African Jungle. The disease SAKUTIA was deadly to humans, but animals had an immunity.  His parents thinking they could and had isolated the genetic marker that would save their son used it on young Garfield. This process not  only saved  him, the side effects would unfortunately change him forever too. He had survived  but now could transform into any animal he could imagine. The down side of  having his amazing power was he was  now green and covered in fur.

Later when his parents had died in an accident,  Garfield believed and  knew that he could have saved them if he had been able to use his powers better. At first his transformations were manly reactionary, but in time he could choose what he wanted to change into. In the early stages he could sometimes change his body but retain his head in human form.  But as time went on he would tend to change to an exact copy of any animal, but always remaining green.

Now an Orphan He had been put in the care of Gailtry a guardian who treated him as a Green Freak and only tolerated him in order to embezzle the sizable fortune his birth parents had left him.

 After breaking free of Gailtry's control Gar found himself being cared for by the Doom Patrol's members. And later officially adopted by Rita Farr aka Elasti Girl and her husband Steve Dayton. (More on the Original Doom Patrol later )

Finding a Family at last with Rita Farr & Steve Dayton AKA Elasti Girl & Mento

He had a family again with the Doom Patrol, but even though he had his amazing powers that could equal those of many of the members of the Doom Patrol, he was not allowed to fight alongside them due to his age. He was given his own uniform, but his Green Skin was initial disguised with a Purple Face Mask. He was treated like their mascot, and this inability to be able to become a proper member of the DP he decided to offer his services to the then fledgling original Teen Titan team. But they had also refused him membership as they too felt he was too young. They themselves were only young teenagers, but Gar was only a pre teen, and in their young eyes a child !

Shortly after this his world was again rocked to the core when his adopted mother Rita Farr and the other members of the Doom Patrol were killed in action. This sent his adopted Father Steve Dayton into a deep depression. His mental state was always an issue as his experimental Mento Helmet had along with granting him fantastic mental abilities had brought his sanity into question at times. Now with the added effect of losing his wife Steve Dayton withdrew from the world and become almost a recluse.

So Gar was a little rich boy living with his Multi Millionaire Father in the life off luxury and indulgence. But Gar wanted More.

After Trying his hand at acting, and again trying to reform the Teen Titans West, He even tried to re brand himself as The Changeling to help rid himself of his young Beat Boy image. But none of this worked.  Gar was at his lowest ebb. Until he was contacted by Raven in her question to form a team of people to help help her in her quest to combat he father the Demon Trigon.


With The "NEW" Teen Titans he found a new found family, friends and a place in world.


Next Time a look at another New or is that Old member of the New Teen Titans.

Until Then ENJOY !

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