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Well after the long story about those Hero Hounds of W W 2   THE INVADE-DOGS   we will be coming a bit more up to date.  Well not that up to date.

Here is a sneaky peak at our next subject....... and yes we have a new style telly for 2012


Saturday, 25 February 2012


Back to our story......

The Invade Dogs had defeated the Evil Baron Bloodhound, but the Victory proved a costly one.  Both newest member The Union Jack Russell, aka Lord Mutty Furs-wolf and his daughter Lady Jaw-kie had suffered life threatening injuries.

Although Lord Mutty's condition was stable, he was now coming to terms with the fact he would never walk again, and his days as Costumed Hero Hound were now over

Lady Jaw-kie had been  moments from Death  after she had had her blood  drained by her evil Uncle Jaw-on Furs-wolf aka The Vampire Baron Bloodhound. It was only after she had received an emergency  blood transfusion from The Canine Torch did she start to make a recovery.

However, after giving Jaw-kie the blood transfusion the Canine Torch was left weak and  unable to function.

The story continues........

Whilst Both Lady Jaw-kie and the Canine Torch  were recovering in their  private ward at the Hospital.  the other Invade-Dogs got on with their life.  On Lord Mutty's invitation his home Furs-wolf Manor was now the official British Head Quarters of the Invade-dogs.  Lord Mutty even though WAS  no longer able to fight along side them as the Union Jack Russell HE BECAME became their British Liaison with War Office.  Each day he along with the other members of the team would visit their team mate the Torch and  Lady Jaw-kie.  BUT on one of their visits they were attacked by a Woofzi Agent Calling himself the BLUE  BULL-LICK

JAW-NATHAN GOLD-HOUND was a scientist who had originally come from Poland. He had escaped the rise of the Germ-hound  Woofzi Party in the 1930's and had travelled to AMERICA. Whilst in America he invented an ARMOURED  suit .  The suit gave the wearer amazing power with the added ability of flight.  Dr Gold-hound meant this suit to be used for good, but Woofzi spies found out about it, and blackmailed Jaw-nathan into working for them.   Whilst Jaw-nathan had escape to America his brother , Jowl-cub had not been so lucky.  He had remained in Poland and when the Germ-hounds invaded he was imprisoned.  Dr Gold-hound was told that if he did not help the Woofzi's his brother would be killed.   Dr Gold-hound agreed and was told that his mission was to destroy THE INVADE-HOUNDS. The Woofzi leader Ad-wolf Hit-Fur was fed up with Canine America and his team upsetting his plans to rule Europe and the world.

Months later the Doctor had travelled from the USA to England with his equipment. Whilst in the UK he had been watching the Invade Dogs every move.  Most probably receiving tip offs and information from the team of Woofzi spies that were aiding Baron Bloodhound.

When the time was right he attacked in is Armoured alto ego..... THE BLUE BULL-LICK.  The Invade Dogs had just visited the Torch and Lady Jaw-kie  and were about to leave the St Bernard's Hospital  when the Armoured Blue Bull-lick came crashing through the walls of the Hospital.

In the confusion the ceiling of the private ward that the Torch and Jaw-kie were in began to cave in.  Jaw-kie by this time was still in recovery from her horrific run in with Baron Bloodhound.  She jumped out of  the way as a large chuck of the roof came crashing down onto her bed.   Jaw-kie tried to make The Torch get out of the collapsing structure, but still weak from his un selfish act of giving Lady Jaw-kie most of his own artificial blood was unable to move or stand.

As the other Invade-dogs battled the Blue-Bull-lick inside the hospital more and more damage was being caused to the building. As more and more parts of the ceiling fell all around Jaw-kie and the Torch,  he told Jaw-kie to run and save herself.  She refused as he, the Torch had saved her life twice now, and the second time he nearly killed himself in the process. 

Jaw-kie pulled at the Torch trying to get him to stand up, as he was too weak this was not going to happen. THEN the main beam hold up the remainder of the ceiling collapsed, and without thinking Jaw-kie scooped The Torch up and ran to safety.


It was only when she found her self on the steps at the front of the hospital did Jaw-kie realise what she had done.

Amazingly she had acquired both super strength and super speed.  At the time it was thought it was down to her receiving the Transfusion of Artificial Blood from the Canine Torch that had granted her these powers.  Years later she would discover it was the combination of The Torch's Blood  along with the fact she had been bitten by a Vampire  that had granted her her powers.   For the time being her VAMPIRE nature and urges  had not emerged. But they would.... but that's another story for another time.

Anyway, the Invade-dogs defeated Dr Gold-hound in his Blue Bull-lick armour and he confessed to why he tried to kill them.  Canine America decided that the Invade-dogs should go and free the Doctor's brother  and made plans to do so days later at Furs-wolf Manor.

In the few days it took to plan the mission the Torch made a full recovery. He was back to his Flaming Best so to speak.  But as the  Invade-dogs made their farewells to Lord Mutty they were confronted with a New Costumed Hero Hound dressed in Red and Gold.  It was Lady Jaw-kie behind the mask. She had made the costume in secret and demanded to take her place on the team.


Canine America dismissed the idea.  War and the Battle Field  was no place for a young Lady like her. Annoyed by this Lady Jawkie then decided to show what she could do. She literally ran rings around all of them using her new super speed.  Finally Canine America along with Lord Mutty decided that she would be a good addition to the team.  

The Torch asked Jaw-kie what her code name would be ?     To which she replied " MY NAME IS SPITZ- FURRY ! "

This is where we will leave the story of the Invade Dogs for the time being.  Soon I will return to the Hero Hounds from WW2 ( WORLD WOOF 2 ) with more tales of their fight against the Evil AXIS powers during the 1940's.

When I do continue the tale, I will introduce some new Hero Hounds and some more Evil Vill-hounds to the cast. An Old Hero will be reborn and a Dead Vill-hound would also return.

But for now I leave you with THE INVADE-DOGS from 1942

Until next time      ENJOY

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AND THE AWARD GOES TO..................

It does not seem 5 Minuets since Buddy and I went to Tinsel Town for last years Oscars. Buddy had a walk on part in the KINGS SPEECH.... he was not nominated, but he was not bitter......MUCH

You may also  remember last year Buddy Hosted the 2011 WOOFTA AWARDS here in London and he enjoyed it so much he decided that this year he wanted to stay at home and host his own version...... THE BUDDY'S

As he only seems to have nominated HIMSELF in every Category I do believe he will end up winning most of the AWARDS

I am not sure this is tottally fare, so I think I will watch the Accadame Awards instead on my telly.

And The Award Goes To........... BUDDY  who else !


Monday, 20 February 2012


On reaching the Hospital Both Lord Mutty and his daughter Lady Jaw-kie were rushed into the operating theatre.  Quick thinking by Canine America made sure that Lord Mutty's secret identity as the Union Jack Russell was not blown.  With a bit of distraction by the Invade dogs AND  a lot of help, Lord Mutty changed into some civilian attire.  His costume was then spirited away from prying eyes. 

As lord Mutty was being examined, The Canine Torch was explaining to the other Doctors about the blood loss that Lady Jaw-kie had suffered.  The team had decided that to tell the medical staff the total truth about the involvement of a blood sucking Vampire would cause to much alarm and distress. Anyway who would believe them anyway.   Vampires were a thing of horror stories, Instead they informed the medical staff she had lost a lot of blood in an accident.

Within minutes Lady Jaw-kie was receiving a transfusion of blood from the Hospitals own blood bank. With any luck this would bring Jaw-kie back from deaths door.

Meanwhile, the Doctor examining Mutty had seen the results of the X Rays that he had taken from the injured  British Lord.  Mutty was still in lots of pain, not surprising as both of his legs and lower back had been crushed by Baron Bloodhound.  He had received some pain relief, but refused to let the Doctors put him completely out, as he wanted to see what happened to his beloved daughter. The Doctor stood beside Lord  Muttys hospital bed and announced that from what he had seen from the X rays and information he had gathered from his examination of the injuries.......His conclusion was Lord Muttys legs were smashed beyond repair and his spinal column was severed.... as a result Lord Mutty would NEVER WALK AGAIN.   Canine America and the other Invade-dogs tried to hide their shock from hearing this news.  Lord Mutty did not react. He just calmly asked what was the condition of his daughter. He was only worried about one thing.    WOULD She  SURVIVE ?

The Doctor explained that Jaw-kie was receiving a massive blood transfusion as they spoke, and he was hopeful that this would improve her condition......... BUT THEN the other Doctor in charge of the transfusion came rushing into speak to his colleague that was treating Lord Mutty.    Mutty demanded to know what was happening.  

The  2nd Doctor explained that Jaw-kie body was rejecting the new blood.  Her medical records had stated that she was Blood Type A +, and this information had been confirmed by her Father also, BUT her body had rejected the transfusion of the A+ blood supplied from the blood bank.  An analysis of her  blood had been done and it  turned out Jaw-kie was no longer A +..... her blood no longer matched anything or type of blood known.  The Doctor thought it must be due a case of rare blood poisoning . The Invade-dogs knew it had been infected by her exposure to the Evil Vampire Baron Bloodhound.

The Ist Doctor doubled checked the findings and concurred the results.  He turned again to Lord Mutty and said that he did not know what to do.  As he could not match her blood type in his opinion Lady Jaw-kie was going to die. Each of the Invade-dogs knew that their own canine blood was no match and could not help...... well all but one thought this.

"USE MY BLOOD !" barked The Canine Torch.  Canine America looked at his Fiery Team Mate and asked him was that even possible,  The Canine Torch was an  artificial being after all, did he even have blood.

The Torch explained that when he had been created by  Doctor FURRIUS T HOUNDTON  his body had been designed to mirror that if a real Canine-being. As a result he had blood running through his artificial veins.  Artificial Blood designed to be used as an universal Donner if ever required.  His Flaming powers were an unforeseen mis calculation on his "Father's" part, he had originally been built to help and aid Canine-kind.

The true origin of the Canine Torch was still not widely known, but the Doctor agreed that the risk of trying the hero hounds blood was the last and the best hope.    THE ONLY HOPE !

Within minuted the Torch was giving blood to Lady Jaw-kie..... and within seconds her vital signs started to slightly improve.

The process was continued for many hours, and little by little Jaw-kie's condition improved. The Doctors began to get worried about the Torch.   Could he survive giving so much of HIS own blood.  The Torch explained that he was OK to continue, but giving so much would leave him weaken for a few days afterwards......but he thought this was worth the risk,  he would lay down his life for his secret love..... Lady Jaw-kie Furs-Wolf.

An hour later Lady Jaw-kie awoke from her long slumber to see her Father and the Invade-dogs sitting around her bed. She was please to see her Father, but Mutty played down the fact he was sitting in a wheel chair... she told her it was a temporary measure so not to upset her recovery. In fact Lord Mutty was only coming to the realisation that he would never walk again..... and his days as a Hero Hound were over.    The Union Jack Russell was NO MORE.

The Canine Torch was in the bed beside Lady Jaw-kie.  He was very weak after giving her his blood, and would need hospitalisation himself for a few days. Lady Jaw-kie welcomed the idea of her Knight in shining Armour's company.

For now the Invade-dogs plus Lady Jaw-kie were safe. The menace of Baron Bloodhound was no more...... but another menace was at this very time watching their every move.  HE knew that with the Canine Torch hospitalised the Invade-dogs were open for attack , and if he was to strike it would be NOW


Next time we concluded our story of the Invade-dogs.


Wednesday, 15 February 2012


As the fantastic flying Flag Ship belonging to Prince Namutt sped through the skys above the English Countryside,  its Invade-dog crew had time to reflect on what had happened over the last few days.

Jaws Hamm-Hound aka The  CANINE TORCH remembered how it all started with him saving the beautiful Lady Jaw-kie from the paws of  a Mystery assassin, and then falling in love with her.

Sniff Rog-jaws aka CANINE AMERICA remembered meeting an elegant English Lord, and later hearing his Lordships stories of the adventures he had as the UNION JACK RUSSELL

Tom-woofs  Ray-Mutt aka TOTO, the Flaming Hound remembered seeing and being unnerved when first meeting the strange pale skinned JAW-ON FURS-WOLF Junior.

Jowls Barker Bones  aka BARKY  remember fighting with Jaw-on Furs-wolf only to discover he was the Vampire Called BARON BLOODHOUND

Lord Mutt-gomery Furs-wolf, aka The UNION JACK RUSSELL remembered the relief he felt when Prince Namutt had saved his daughter Jaw-kie from a fatal fall, after Baron Bloodhound had thrown her to certain death.

Namutt Mc Canine-zie aka PRINCE NAMUTT, the Sub-Muttrina remembered watching the dead corpse of Baron Bloodhound start to age before his eyes.

Whilst the Invade-dogs were dealing with the memories of the past few days, Lady Jaw-kie lay silent whilst deep in a coma like state  caused after having her blood nearly completely  drained by the Evil Baron Bloodhound, her own Uncle Jaw-on.......  None of the Invade-dogs, not even her Father Lord Mutty could imagine what nightmares she was reliving in her mind.  A nightmare she was unable to wake up from. Holding her paw, her Father knew she was a fighter.  If she could just hold on a little longer, help would be at hand.... He Hoped.

Then the Canine Torch spotted the hospital building.  Help was at hand. But were they in time to save both Lady Jaw-kie or Lord Mutty.

The story continues next time.


Sunday, 12 February 2012


As Baron Bloodhound was fleeing with The Union Jack Russell as his new prisoner  he could sense that he was being followed by the Invade-dogs. Finding a suitable place where he could defend himself he discarded his brother Mutty, who he dropped onto a ledge....and prepared to take on his attackers.

However, Mutty was down and not out.  As the Union Jack Russell he did not have any special powers like most of the Invade-dogs, he only  had his fists and his wits.  His Dagger had now been lost,  and his trusty revolver would have had little if any effect against his dead vampire brother Jaw-on.   He knew he would only get one chance to finish off his enemy, but he needed a distraction first.

Prince Namutt was the first to reach their location.  BUT The Baron was hiding and struck the Mutt-ant mutt from behind.  A stunned Sub-Muttrina crashed into the side of the cave.   The Baron approached the prone Prince of the Seven Seas, and baring his fangs attempted to bite Namutt.


  Just like it had happened in London days before, a giant fireball struck the Baron on the back..... IT WAS THE CANINE TORCH.

Grabbing the nearest rock, the Baron threw it hard at the Torch.  The Torch ducked out of the way, but flew too close to a stalactite and caused part of the cave roof to come crashing down on top of him.

The Baron turned and decided to finish his original plan..... to drink the blood of Prince Namutt, but before he could do this he was attacked by the Union Jack Russell.  Mutty was no match for his vampire brother but this did not stop him trying to stop Baron Bloodhound once and for all.  In the battle The baron managed to throw The Union Jack Russell off of his back onto the floor. Picking up a large bolder, the Baron smashed it down on to his brothers legs,   He wanted to kill his dear brother Mutty, but not yet.... With his legs trapped under the bolder, The union Jack Russell was not going anywhere.  


Again he turned in the direction of Prince Namutt.   He had never drunk the blood of a super powered hound before.  He was looking forward to this. Walking passed his fallen brother the Baron approached the fallen Sub-Muttrina, but Mutty grabbed his ankle and as The Baron turned and snarled at Mutty a flaming fire ball hit him in the chest.  the Baron Stumbled backwards as a result and fell down a small cliff onto a stalagmite below. This pierced his chest and passed through his heart.


With his body completely impaled on the rocky spike he could not escape.  He thrashed around like a mad thing until he finally fell limp and silent. He was dead

A now revived Prince Namutt picked up a large heavy rock and  rammed in down onto the stalagmite. Thus ensuring that the Baron could never be freed. As he watched he noticed the Barons body start to wither and age.  The Baron had died and become a vampire almost 30 years before, and now time was catching up with the long dead Jaw-on Furs-wolf.

The Baron was destroyed and forever dead, now the Invade -dogs had to deal with their injured.  Removing the bolder from the Union Jacks Legs both Namutt and the Torch knew that he would need serious medical assistance. Picking him up the two returned to the location of the other Invade-dogs. Bucky was ok, a bit bruised and battered but ok, but Lady Jaw-kie was not so good.....she  was fading fast after being bitten by the Baron.

Toto had on the orders of Canine America arranged to bring the The Sub-Muttrina's Flying Craft closer to the entrance to the cave.   Next Stop the Hospital

Once in the air the weak Union Jack Russell removed his Mask and gloves and held his daughters paw.  She was so cold.  He begged Namutt to get her to hospital as fast as possible.  He could not bear to lose his beloved daughter in such a way. Canine America looked at both of them.  Lord Mutty was badly injured, his legs crushed, and he showed signs of internal bleeding. As for Lady Jaw-kie, she was so pale her skin looked grey. She needed a blood transfusion and fast.


Will Mutty and Jaw-kie survive......... come back next time


Wednesday, 8 February 2012


When we last left the story The Invade-dogs along with their newest member ----The Union Jack Russell were on the trail of the Vill-hound, the Evil Vampire,  Baron Bloodhound, who had kidnapped Lady Jaw-kie Furs-wolf . From clues left by the Baron, the hero hounds had now realised that The Baron was hiding out in the caverns deep below their current position..............FURS-WOLF MANOR........ the story continues

On entering the Caverns The Invade -dogs split into teams as they believed that would be a quicker way to find Jaw-kie.  Her father Lord Mutt aka the Union Jack Russell knew that time was of the essences as sooner or later his brother Baron Bloodhound would need to feed again from the blood of his daughter  Jaw-kie.

When the Invade-dogs finally found the Baron he was holding  Jaw-kie by the neck over a bottomless  dark crevasse,  a drop that if he let go of her would for certain kill her.

As the Invade-dogs surrounded the Vampire kidnapper, he warned them to stay back as he would either drop her or break her neck with his super canine might  The Baron laughed as he explained that he had originally come to England to destroy both his brother and the Union Jack Russell not knowing that they were one and the same.  He also delighted in telling Mutty that he had intended to kill all of his brother's family one by one until he was sole heir to the Furs-wolf title. A tittle he believed was rightfully his.  He baited Mutty as he explained that he had originally planned to kill his brothers wife first, but she had perished before he could do this.  He also joked that he was glad that he had failed at his first attempt to kill Lady Jaw-kie in London, as he now wanted to turn her into a Vampire Too.  He said he knew where Lord Muttys estranged son , Bri-Hound,  was located in Germany, and would be paying him a visit once he had concluded business in England.

As the Vampire monster ranted on and on,  Canine America was covertly signalling to the other Invade-dogs to surround The Baron. Both Prince Namutt and the Canine Torch were in position, BUT as Canine America gave the signal to attack, The Baron quickly sank his fangs into Jaw-kie's neck and started to drain her blood.  As the Invade-dogs advanced the Baron threw the now limp body of his victim towards the bottom of the dark crevasse....... Prince Namutt dived down the cliff to catch her. Luckily he managed to grab her before she made contact with the ground. He plucked her from certain doom with the aide of the small wings on his feet that allowed him the power of flight.

  In the meantime, The baron had managed to dodge both the Canine Torch and his young partner Totos flaming fire balls.  Canine America was surprised as when he threw his shield at the Baron, the Vampire managed to catch it and then threw it back towards Barky who was attempting to shoot at the Evil Woofzi with his machine gun.


In all this confusion, the Baron had not seen that the Union Jack Russell had crept up behind him. Slowly and as quietly as possible he drew his silver dagger, but as he was going to use the dagger to stake the Baron through his Blackened Dead Heart, Mutty was distracted as he heard The Sub-Muttrina call out that Jaw-kie was alive, but was close to death.  A concerned Union Jack Russell lost concentration for a split second, this was all the time it took for Baron Bloodhound to knock the dagger from his paw.  The Baron then grabbed his brother and used him as a shield against any further attacks from the two torches or Canine America.

Still holding Mutty the Baron flew quickly away deeper into the caverns.    Before the Invade-dogs could make chase they needed to tend to their own wounded.  Lady Jaw-kie was gravely ill.  Her body was grey and limp after she had been drained of blood. Also Barky was unconscious after being hit by Canine America's shield.  Canine America decided that the Baron was too dangerous a vill-hound and it would be up to The Canine Torch and The Sub-Muttrina to rescue The Union Jack Russell.  Both he and Toto would stay behind to tend to Barky and Lady Jaw-kie.  Toto wanted to go too, but The Canine Torch told him that he also believed that Canine America was right.    The Baron was far too dangerous to risk his young puppy partner in a direct confrontation.

How will this story end...... come back next time


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At the later part of last week we had our TEN THOUSANDTH  VISITOR to my Dawgs Blog

Many Thanks to all of my loyal followers ( old and new )  from my Dawg Buddy and I



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When we last left the story the Vampire Baron Bloodhound, aka Jaw-on Furs-wolf had kidnapped his niece Lady Jaw-howling Furs-wolf with the intention of turning her into a VAMPIRE too.


After a tussle with Barky  the Young Partner of Canine America, the Vampire Baron had spirited his victim away to his new secret hide out.   This hide out was located in the caves and caverns below Furs-wolf Manor, the home of Lady Jaw-kie and her Father Lord Mutty Furs-wolf, who himself was the Masked Hero Hound known as the UNION JACK RUSSELL.

The story continues...............................

As a young pup Jaw-on and his brother Mutty had played in the caverns below their family home, and although that was many years ago, Jaw-on knew this would be an excellent place to hide.  Whilst a guest at Fur-wolf Manor, Jaw-on had reacquainted  himself with the Caverns. He had his Coffin placed in the aptly named DEVILS CAVERN,  named due to its unusual reddie brown soil, where he and brother Mutty had played in years gone by.  The Baron had now decided to turn his niece into a vampire like himself, and knew that taking too much blood too quickly would kill her. He wanted her to be like him, a vampire. So he needed to drink her blood slowly over the course of a few days.  This he had been doing whilst he had been masquerading as his own long lost  SON.  However, he had been discovered before he could take the final drink from  Jaw-kie. Tonight he would bite her and complete her transformation from a mortal to an immortal creature of the night. Thinking about this filled his blacken heart with joy.  He secured his victim and laid down in his coffin to rest.  Soon he would have a mate and a follower loyal to him, soon he would have his revenge on his enemies the Invade-dogs, soon he would have his revenge on his brother Mutty...... and what made it better was it would also give him the revenge over his Nemesis also..... THE UNION JACK RUSSELL.

Meanwhile back at Furs-wolf Manor, the Invade-dogs were tending to their badly beaten member BARKY.  He had held his own against the Vampire Baron  whilst he was protecting Jaw-kie.  Canine America was glad Barky was not badly injured as was all the other Invade-dogs, including their newest member Lord Mutty aka The Union Jack Russell.


Lord Mutty felt guilty, it was he who had invited Jaw-on into his home. It was he would had not realised that this was his BROTHER, not his NEPHEW.... and it was he who had failed to see that Baron Bloodhound was in fact his own BROTHER all those years ago.


Both Prince Namutt, the Sub-Muttrina and the Canine Torch tried to comfort the concerned father. Mutty had lost his own brother to evil, he had lost his only son Bri-hound to the Woofzi Party and Ad-wolf Hit-Fur  many years ago,  he had also lost his beloved wife Jane in the Blitz..... and now he had lost his only daughter to the monster BARON BLOODHOUND.  Over the next few hours the Invade-dogs searched though  out all of the Manor House and especially in Jaw-on's room  looking  for clues to where he may had fled and had taken Lady Jaw-kie.

Found in Jaw-on's room was a number of test tubes containing liquids and pills, along with the lead based make-up that had been used to help disguise the pale skin of the vampire.  They surmised that the liquids  and the make-up must have somehow given Jaw-on the ability to exist in day light.  Without these they knew he must either return to his coffin or would need to find somewhere dark, away from day light.  Toto the Flaming puppy, and partner of the Canine Torch opened a chest at the foot of Jaw-on's bed and discovered a pair of muddy boots.  He held them up. Lord Mutty spotted this and grabbed them and turned them over.  The mud was a deep red colour, and the only place in this area that Jaw-on could have  trod in such mud would be in the old Caverns below the Manor House itself.   He knew where Jaw-on had gone, and hopefully where he would find his daughter. Next stop Devils Cavern.


The Clock in the hall struck 7 o'clock  and the Sun was starting to set as the Invade-dogs raced out of the Manor House in the direction of the Cavern entrance.  With any luck Mutty thought he would be in time to save his beloved daughter Jaw-kie...... and deal with Vampire menace called BARON BLOODHOUND once and for all.     He patted his silver Dagger at his hip.   Years ago he had stabbed Baron Bloodhound and the vampire had survived.   This time it would be different.  Baron Bloodhound would die for good.

Little did Lord Mutty or the other Invade-dogs know, come day break the lives of  all of these brave Hero Hounds would never be the same again.

Who would die and who would live ? find out next time.