Monday, 20 February 2012


On reaching the Hospital Both Lord Mutty and his daughter Lady Jaw-kie were rushed into the operating theatre.  Quick thinking by Canine America made sure that Lord Mutty's secret identity as the Union Jack Russell was not blown.  With a bit of distraction by the Invade dogs AND  a lot of help, Lord Mutty changed into some civilian attire.  His costume was then spirited away from prying eyes. 

As lord Mutty was being examined, The Canine Torch was explaining to the other Doctors about the blood loss that Lady Jaw-kie had suffered.  The team had decided that to tell the medical staff the total truth about the involvement of a blood sucking Vampire would cause to much alarm and distress. Anyway who would believe them anyway.   Vampires were a thing of horror stories, Instead they informed the medical staff she had lost a lot of blood in an accident.

Within minutes Lady Jaw-kie was receiving a transfusion of blood from the Hospitals own blood bank. With any luck this would bring Jaw-kie back from deaths door.

Meanwhile, the Doctor examining Mutty had seen the results of the X Rays that he had taken from the injured  British Lord.  Mutty was still in lots of pain, not surprising as both of his legs and lower back had been crushed by Baron Bloodhound.  He had received some pain relief, but refused to let the Doctors put him completely out, as he wanted to see what happened to his beloved daughter. The Doctor stood beside Lord  Muttys hospital bed and announced that from what he had seen from the X rays and information he had gathered from his examination of the injuries.......His conclusion was Lord Muttys legs were smashed beyond repair and his spinal column was severed.... as a result Lord Mutty would NEVER WALK AGAIN.   Canine America and the other Invade-dogs tried to hide their shock from hearing this news.  Lord Mutty did not react. He just calmly asked what was the condition of his daughter. He was only worried about one thing.    WOULD She  SURVIVE ?

The Doctor explained that Jaw-kie was receiving a massive blood transfusion as they spoke, and he was hopeful that this would improve her condition......... BUT THEN the other Doctor in charge of the transfusion came rushing into speak to his colleague that was treating Lord Mutty.    Mutty demanded to know what was happening.  

The  2nd Doctor explained that Jaw-kie body was rejecting the new blood.  Her medical records had stated that she was Blood Type A +, and this information had been confirmed by her Father also, BUT her body had rejected the transfusion of the A+ blood supplied from the blood bank.  An analysis of her  blood had been done and it  turned out Jaw-kie was no longer A +..... her blood no longer matched anything or type of blood known.  The Doctor thought it must be due a case of rare blood poisoning . The Invade-dogs knew it had been infected by her exposure to the Evil Vampire Baron Bloodhound.

The Ist Doctor doubled checked the findings and concurred the results.  He turned again to Lord Mutty and said that he did not know what to do.  As he could not match her blood type in his opinion Lady Jaw-kie was going to die. Each of the Invade-dogs knew that their own canine blood was no match and could not help...... well all but one thought this.

"USE MY BLOOD !" barked The Canine Torch.  Canine America looked at his Fiery Team Mate and asked him was that even possible,  The Canine Torch was an  artificial being after all, did he even have blood.

The Torch explained that when he had been created by  Doctor FURRIUS T HOUNDTON  his body had been designed to mirror that if a real Canine-being. As a result he had blood running through his artificial veins.  Artificial Blood designed to be used as an universal Donner if ever required.  His Flaming powers were an unforeseen mis calculation on his "Father's" part, he had originally been built to help and aid Canine-kind.

The true origin of the Canine Torch was still not widely known, but the Doctor agreed that the risk of trying the hero hounds blood was the last and the best hope.    THE ONLY HOPE !

Within minuted the Torch was giving blood to Lady Jaw-kie..... and within seconds her vital signs started to slightly improve.

The process was continued for many hours, and little by little Jaw-kie's condition improved. The Doctors began to get worried about the Torch.   Could he survive giving so much of HIS own blood.  The Torch explained that he was OK to continue, but giving so much would leave him weaken for a few days afterwards......but he thought this was worth the risk,  he would lay down his life for his secret love..... Lady Jaw-kie Furs-Wolf.

An hour later Lady Jaw-kie awoke from her long slumber to see her Father and the Invade-dogs sitting around her bed. She was please to see her Father, but Mutty played down the fact he was sitting in a wheel chair... she told her it was a temporary measure so not to upset her recovery. In fact Lord Mutty was only coming to the realisation that he would never walk again..... and his days as a Hero Hound were over.    The Union Jack Russell was NO MORE.

The Canine Torch was in the bed beside Lady Jaw-kie.  He was very weak after giving her his blood, and would need hospitalisation himself for a few days. Lady Jaw-kie welcomed the idea of her Knight in shining Armour's company.

For now the Invade-dogs plus Lady Jaw-kie were safe. The menace of Baron Bloodhound was no more...... but another menace was at this very time watching their every move.  HE knew that with the Canine Torch hospitalised the Invade-dogs were open for attack , and if he was to strike it would be NOW


Next time we concluded our story of the Invade-dogs.


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