Thursday, 2 February 2012


When we last left the story the Vampire Baron Bloodhound, aka Jaw-on Furs-wolf had kidnapped his niece Lady Jaw-howling Furs-wolf with the intention of turning her into a VAMPIRE too.


After a tussle with Barky  the Young Partner of Canine America, the Vampire Baron had spirited his victim away to his new secret hide out.   This hide out was located in the caves and caverns below Furs-wolf Manor, the home of Lady Jaw-kie and her Father Lord Mutty Furs-wolf, who himself was the Masked Hero Hound known as the UNION JACK RUSSELL.

The story continues...............................

As a young pup Jaw-on and his brother Mutty had played in the caverns below their family home, and although that was many years ago, Jaw-on knew this would be an excellent place to hide.  Whilst a guest at Fur-wolf Manor, Jaw-on had reacquainted  himself with the Caverns. He had his Coffin placed in the aptly named DEVILS CAVERN,  named due to its unusual reddie brown soil, where he and brother Mutty had played in years gone by.  The Baron had now decided to turn his niece into a vampire like himself, and knew that taking too much blood too quickly would kill her. He wanted her to be like him, a vampire. So he needed to drink her blood slowly over the course of a few days.  This he had been doing whilst he had been masquerading as his own long lost  SON.  However, he had been discovered before he could take the final drink from  Jaw-kie. Tonight he would bite her and complete her transformation from a mortal to an immortal creature of the night. Thinking about this filled his blacken heart with joy.  He secured his victim and laid down in his coffin to rest.  Soon he would have a mate and a follower loyal to him, soon he would have his revenge on his enemies the Invade-dogs, soon he would have his revenge on his brother Mutty...... and what made it better was it would also give him the revenge over his Nemesis also..... THE UNION JACK RUSSELL.

Meanwhile back at Furs-wolf Manor, the Invade-dogs were tending to their badly beaten member BARKY.  He had held his own against the Vampire Baron  whilst he was protecting Jaw-kie.  Canine America was glad Barky was not badly injured as was all the other Invade-dogs, including their newest member Lord Mutty aka The Union Jack Russell.


Lord Mutty felt guilty, it was he who had invited Jaw-on into his home. It was he would had not realised that this was his BROTHER, not his NEPHEW.... and it was he who had failed to see that Baron Bloodhound was in fact his own BROTHER all those years ago.


Both Prince Namutt, the Sub-Muttrina and the Canine Torch tried to comfort the concerned father. Mutty had lost his own brother to evil, he had lost his only son Bri-hound to the Woofzi Party and Ad-wolf Hit-Fur  many years ago,  he had also lost his beloved wife Jane in the Blitz..... and now he had lost his only daughter to the monster BARON BLOODHOUND.  Over the next few hours the Invade-dogs searched though  out all of the Manor House and especially in Jaw-on's room  looking  for clues to where he may had fled and had taken Lady Jaw-kie.

Found in Jaw-on's room was a number of test tubes containing liquids and pills, along with the lead based make-up that had been used to help disguise the pale skin of the vampire.  They surmised that the liquids  and the make-up must have somehow given Jaw-on the ability to exist in day light.  Without these they knew he must either return to his coffin or would need to find somewhere dark, away from day light.  Toto the Flaming puppy, and partner of the Canine Torch opened a chest at the foot of Jaw-on's bed and discovered a pair of muddy boots.  He held them up. Lord Mutty spotted this and grabbed them and turned them over.  The mud was a deep red colour, and the only place in this area that Jaw-on could have  trod in such mud would be in the old Caverns below the Manor House itself.   He knew where Jaw-on had gone, and hopefully where he would find his daughter. Next stop Devils Cavern.


The Clock in the hall struck 7 o'clock  and the Sun was starting to set as the Invade-dogs raced out of the Manor House in the direction of the Cavern entrance.  With any luck Mutty thought he would be in time to save his beloved daughter Jaw-kie...... and deal with Vampire menace called BARON BLOODHOUND once and for all.     He patted his silver Dagger at his hip.   Years ago he had stabbed Baron Bloodhound and the vampire had survived.   This time it would be different.  Baron Bloodhound would die for good.

Little did Lord Mutty or the other Invade-dogs know, come day break the lives of  all of these brave Hero Hounds would never be the same again.

Who would die and who would live ? find out next time.


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