Sunday, 12 February 2012


As Baron Bloodhound was fleeing with The Union Jack Russell as his new prisoner  he could sense that he was being followed by the Invade-dogs. Finding a suitable place where he could defend himself he discarded his brother Mutty, who he dropped onto a ledge....and prepared to take on his attackers.

However, Mutty was down and not out.  As the Union Jack Russell he did not have any special powers like most of the Invade-dogs, he only  had his fists and his wits.  His Dagger had now been lost,  and his trusty revolver would have had little if any effect against his dead vampire brother Jaw-on.   He knew he would only get one chance to finish off his enemy, but he needed a distraction first.

Prince Namutt was the first to reach their location.  BUT The Baron was hiding and struck the Mutt-ant mutt from behind.  A stunned Sub-Muttrina crashed into the side of the cave.   The Baron approached the prone Prince of the Seven Seas, and baring his fangs attempted to bite Namutt.


  Just like it had happened in London days before, a giant fireball struck the Baron on the back..... IT WAS THE CANINE TORCH.

Grabbing the nearest rock, the Baron threw it hard at the Torch.  The Torch ducked out of the way, but flew too close to a stalactite and caused part of the cave roof to come crashing down on top of him.

The Baron turned and decided to finish his original plan..... to drink the blood of Prince Namutt, but before he could do this he was attacked by the Union Jack Russell.  Mutty was no match for his vampire brother but this did not stop him trying to stop Baron Bloodhound once and for all.  In the battle The baron managed to throw The Union Jack Russell off of his back onto the floor. Picking up a large bolder, the Baron smashed it down on to his brothers legs,   He wanted to kill his dear brother Mutty, but not yet.... With his legs trapped under the bolder, The union Jack Russell was not going anywhere.  


Again he turned in the direction of Prince Namutt.   He had never drunk the blood of a super powered hound before.  He was looking forward to this. Walking passed his fallen brother the Baron approached the fallen Sub-Muttrina, but Mutty grabbed his ankle and as The Baron turned and snarled at Mutty a flaming fire ball hit him in the chest.  the Baron Stumbled backwards as a result and fell down a small cliff onto a stalagmite below. This pierced his chest and passed through his heart.


With his body completely impaled on the rocky spike he could not escape.  He thrashed around like a mad thing until he finally fell limp and silent. He was dead

A now revived Prince Namutt picked up a large heavy rock and  rammed in down onto the stalagmite. Thus ensuring that the Baron could never be freed. As he watched he noticed the Barons body start to wither and age.  The Baron had died and become a vampire almost 30 years before, and now time was catching up with the long dead Jaw-on Furs-wolf.

The Baron was destroyed and forever dead, now the Invade -dogs had to deal with their injured.  Removing the bolder from the Union Jacks Legs both Namutt and the Torch knew that he would need serious medical assistance. Picking him up the two returned to the location of the other Invade-dogs. Bucky was ok, a bit bruised and battered but ok, but Lady Jaw-kie was not so good.....she  was fading fast after being bitten by the Baron.

Toto had on the orders of Canine America arranged to bring the The Sub-Muttrina's Flying Craft closer to the entrance to the cave.   Next Stop the Hospital

Once in the air the weak Union Jack Russell removed his Mask and gloves and held his daughters paw.  She was so cold.  He begged Namutt to get her to hospital as fast as possible.  He could not bear to lose his beloved daughter in such a way. Canine America looked at both of them.  Lord Mutty was badly injured, his legs crushed, and he showed signs of internal bleeding. As for Lady Jaw-kie, she was so pale her skin looked grey. She needed a blood transfusion and fast.


Will Mutty and Jaw-kie survive......... come back next time


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