Friday, 24 February 2012

AND THE AWARD GOES TO..................

It does not seem 5 Minuets since Buddy and I went to Tinsel Town for last years Oscars. Buddy had a walk on part in the KINGS SPEECH.... he was not nominated, but he was not bitter......MUCH

You may also  remember last year Buddy Hosted the 2011 WOOFTA AWARDS here in London and he enjoyed it so much he decided that this year he wanted to stay at home and host his own version...... THE BUDDY'S

As he only seems to have nominated HIMSELF in every Category I do believe he will end up winning most of the AWARDS

I am not sure this is tottally fare, so I think I will watch the Accadame Awards instead on my telly.

And The Award Goes To........... BUDDY  who else !


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