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Back to our story......

The Invade Dogs had defeated the Evil Baron Bloodhound, but the Victory proved a costly one.  Both newest member The Union Jack Russell, aka Lord Mutty Furs-wolf and his daughter Lady Jaw-kie had suffered life threatening injuries.

Although Lord Mutty's condition was stable, he was now coming to terms with the fact he would never walk again, and his days as Costumed Hero Hound were now over

Lady Jaw-kie had been  moments from Death  after she had had her blood  drained by her evil Uncle Jaw-on Furs-wolf aka The Vampire Baron Bloodhound. It was only after she had received an emergency  blood transfusion from The Canine Torch did she start to make a recovery.

However, after giving Jaw-kie the blood transfusion the Canine Torch was left weak and  unable to function.

The story continues........

Whilst Both Lady Jaw-kie and the Canine Torch  were recovering in their  private ward at the Hospital.  the other Invade-Dogs got on with their life.  On Lord Mutty's invitation his home Furs-wolf Manor was now the official British Head Quarters of the Invade-dogs.  Lord Mutty even though WAS  no longer able to fight along side them as the Union Jack Russell HE BECAME became their British Liaison with War Office.  Each day he along with the other members of the team would visit their team mate the Torch and  Lady Jaw-kie.  BUT on one of their visits they were attacked by a Woofzi Agent Calling himself the BLUE  BULL-LICK

JAW-NATHAN GOLD-HOUND was a scientist who had originally come from Poland. He had escaped the rise of the Germ-hound  Woofzi Party in the 1930's and had travelled to AMERICA. Whilst in America he invented an ARMOURED  suit .  The suit gave the wearer amazing power with the added ability of flight.  Dr Gold-hound meant this suit to be used for good, but Woofzi spies found out about it, and blackmailed Jaw-nathan into working for them.   Whilst Jaw-nathan had escape to America his brother , Jowl-cub had not been so lucky.  He had remained in Poland and when the Germ-hounds invaded he was imprisoned.  Dr Gold-hound was told that if he did not help the Woofzi's his brother would be killed.   Dr Gold-hound agreed and was told that his mission was to destroy THE INVADE-HOUNDS. The Woofzi leader Ad-wolf Hit-Fur was fed up with Canine America and his team upsetting his plans to rule Europe and the world.

Months later the Doctor had travelled from the USA to England with his equipment. Whilst in the UK he had been watching the Invade Dogs every move.  Most probably receiving tip offs and information from the team of Woofzi spies that were aiding Baron Bloodhound.

When the time was right he attacked in is Armoured alto ego..... THE BLUE BULL-LICK.  The Invade Dogs had just visited the Torch and Lady Jaw-kie  and were about to leave the St Bernard's Hospital  when the Armoured Blue Bull-lick came crashing through the walls of the Hospital.

In the confusion the ceiling of the private ward that the Torch and Jaw-kie were in began to cave in.  Jaw-kie by this time was still in recovery from her horrific run in with Baron Bloodhound.  She jumped out of  the way as a large chuck of the roof came crashing down onto her bed.   Jaw-kie tried to make The Torch get out of the collapsing structure, but still weak from his un selfish act of giving Lady Jaw-kie most of his own artificial blood was unable to move or stand.

As the other Invade-dogs battled the Blue-Bull-lick inside the hospital more and more damage was being caused to the building. As more and more parts of the ceiling fell all around Jaw-kie and the Torch,  he told Jaw-kie to run and save herself.  She refused as he, the Torch had saved her life twice now, and the second time he nearly killed himself in the process. 

Jaw-kie pulled at the Torch trying to get him to stand up, as he was too weak this was not going to happen. THEN the main beam hold up the remainder of the ceiling collapsed, and without thinking Jaw-kie scooped The Torch up and ran to safety.


It was only when she found her self on the steps at the front of the hospital did Jaw-kie realise what she had done.

Amazingly she had acquired both super strength and super speed.  At the time it was thought it was down to her receiving the Transfusion of Artificial Blood from the Canine Torch that had granted her these powers.  Years later she would discover it was the combination of The Torch's Blood  along with the fact she had been bitten by a Vampire  that had granted her her powers.   For the time being her VAMPIRE nature and urges  had not emerged. But they would.... but that's another story for another time.

Anyway, the Invade-dogs defeated Dr Gold-hound in his Blue Bull-lick armour and he confessed to why he tried to kill them.  Canine America decided that the Invade-dogs should go and free the Doctor's brother  and made plans to do so days later at Furs-wolf Manor.

In the few days it took to plan the mission the Torch made a full recovery. He was back to his Flaming Best so to speak.  But as the  Invade-dogs made their farewells to Lord Mutty they were confronted with a New Costumed Hero Hound dressed in Red and Gold.  It was Lady Jaw-kie behind the mask. She had made the costume in secret and demanded to take her place on the team.


Canine America dismissed the idea.  War and the Battle Field  was no place for a young Lady like her. Annoyed by this Lady Jawkie then decided to show what she could do. She literally ran rings around all of them using her new super speed.  Finally Canine America along with Lord Mutty decided that she would be a good addition to the team.  

The Torch asked Jaw-kie what her code name would be ?     To which she replied " MY NAME IS SPITZ- FURRY ! "

This is where we will leave the story of the Invade Dogs for the time being.  Soon I will return to the Hero Hounds from WW2 ( WORLD WOOF 2 ) with more tales of their fight against the Evil AXIS powers during the 1940's.

When I do continue the tale, I will introduce some new Hero Hounds and some more Evil Vill-hounds to the cast. An Old Hero will be reborn and a Dead Vill-hound would also return.

But for now I leave you with THE INVADE-DOGS from 1942

Until next time      ENJOY

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