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The New Batman meet AZRAEL the Replacement Dark Knight.

In February 1993 a New BAT-MAN appeared on the seen. He could not have been more different to the original Bruce Wayne. He looked different, was more violent and proved to be a little bit unstable too. Not saying that Bruce was always not also suffering from a few loose Bats in the Belfry himself.

Bruce Wayne aka The BAT-MAN had met  Jean -Paul Valley aka the Hero Azrael and believed he would make a good replacement to himself if at any time Bruce could not continue his costumed war against crime as The BATMAN.
BAT-MAN Mark 2, the New Improved Version.

Bruce took Azrael under his wing and began retraining him as a possible replacement, however when Batman had his back broken in a battle with the Drug Crazed villain Bain, Azrael with the blessing of Bruce took up the mantle of BAT-MAN

Wearing a new version of his Azrael Battle Suit, which now took on a more BAT-MAN look, Jean Paul Valley replaced Bruce as the new hero of Gotham City.

At first it was difficult for many to realise that the new looked Armoured Bat-Man was not the original, as it was implied that BAT-MAN had just upped his overall look and costume. Many heroes close to BATMAN realised that this was a NEW HERO on the Block, not the original. BUT as this New Batman had the backing of the original he was accepted.

However, what Bruce had not taken into account that Jean - Paul had some mental issues, that over time grew and the New Bat-man became sometimes too violent and would at times endanger Innocent people in his quest to capture the bad Guys.

Although Valley appeared to be doing a good job of cleaning up the Crime of Gotham, it was quickly brought to the attention of Bruce Wayne that the New Batman's  methods were both violent and irresponsible. His actions had caused the death of one or more of the criminal element who he engaged. 

 The New Bat-man would take his revenge on Bain for his crippling of the original capped crusader, but this was mainly down to the hi-tech BAT-ARMOUR the hero wore, not skill. Soon Jean -Paul began to believe he was superior to Bruce and his BATMAN and decided that he no longer needed Bruce's teaching  or help being Bat-man, as he believed he was born to be The BATMAN. The real and one and only Batman !.  Jean Paul started to spend all of his time in costume and began to believed that he was the only one ever who deserved to be called BATMAN. He told Bruce that he was never fit to even ever called himself by that title. Whilst Jean - Paul worn his Batman mask, he was Bat-man. To remove it would mean he was just plan old Jean - Paul Valley..... so why did he want to be someone that was not The BATMAN. 

During this time Bruce had recovered from his injuries he had received from Bain, and decided that if he wanted to stop Jean Paul from destroying his Batman legacy it was him, and only him that could ever take  the BATMAN title away from his deranged replacement.

Although Jean-Paul, in his mentally-altered state, believed himself to be a superior Batman, and a logical permanent successor, after Wayne's recovery, he was forcibly ejected from the position through physical combat when he refused to relinquish it. He was defeated when tricked into removing his Armour's helmet, after which the dominant personality of Jean-Paul Valley, the shy Gotham University student, came through. Feeling shamed, Valley returned to his identity as Azrael and sought to redeem himself in Batman's eyes. 

Bruce becomes the one true BAT-MAN again.

Although Bruce would forgive Jean-Paul for nearly destroying nearly every thing GOOD he had had achieved as the Dark Knight, he would make sure that he kept an eye on his former pupil to ensure that Azrael did not again over set the mark as a Hero again.

More Bat Family Next Time

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THANKS 21,000 Visits Plus

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Tale of Two Bat Women Part Three

The DC Universe now had a new had a new BAT WOMAN. The only similarities to the original version from the 1950's was basically her name. Katherine Kane.

Where the original 1950 version Kathy Kane was a socialite and former circus owner who became BAT-WOMAN to meet BAT-MAN, and would go on to be his love interest for many years, the new 2000's version took the name Kate Kane and was not ever going to be interested in being a love interest to the Batman of her time. This Kate was an out and out Lesbian.

The Lesbian aspect originally over powered the character for some in the beginning. This alternative lifestyle would prove to be a major part of the characters development and would ultimately prove to be popular with the readers.

When DC announced that they were again going to reboot the DC Universe  YET again, this could have proved to be the end of the NEW Bat Woman. However, unlike the other characters in the new DC Universe, who had now be completely re written and changed forever. Bat-Woman was allowed to remain nearly the same as she had been conceived just a few years before. Barbara Gordon was Bat-Girl again, and  Kate Kane was still The Bat-Woman.

Like most of the rebooted DC Heroes, BAT-WOMAN got a slight make over, basically her "Girlie" boots became more like Army Boots, and her costume became less fussy. This Bat-Woman was ex military, so her costume reflected this.
The New Improved  "New" BATWOMAN

Where the Original Bat-Woman was the Aunt of the Original Bat-Girl Betty Kane,( who still existed in the new DC Universe as Flame Bird now re banded as Bette Kane ), the new Bat-Woman was eventually  connected to Bette Kane as her cousin. Although both had no knowledge of their secret "BAT" identities. Further more it would be known that Kate Kane was not the first person to become a BAT-WOMAN, there had been one before her. Her Aunt Katherine Kane, who she was named after, had been an earlier version. She would also be an Aunt to Flame Bird, Bette Kane.... so this was a nod to the old silver age version.

SO FAR In the "NEW" 52 Universe Flame Bird aka Bette Kane, has discovered that her Cousin Kate is BAT-WOMAN, and offers to become her partner. However, Bat Woman decides that she will consider this only after Bette agrees to let her re train her, and re molder her. Thus Flame Bird becomes Hawk Fire, a more rougher tougher hero than her light and fluffy image she used to have as Flame Bird.

Although I am not a great fan of the latest  re rebooted universe, and some of the unnecessary changes that some of the DC Heroes have had thrust upon them, I do acknowledge that comics need to move with the times.

Next Time I will try to finally finish up my BAT-MAN FAMILY TREE.


Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Tale of Two Bat-Women part two

Last time I mentioned about the original Bat-Woman who debuted in the 1950's who by the 1960's had been removed from the DC Universe completely.

After a brief  time in the 1971's when she was resurrected again (later to be killed of again) she would continued to be a character who had been consigned to the Earth Two world of the Bat-man of that time line.

After the events of the big DC Universe shake up in the 1980's entitled CRISIS on INFINITE EARTHS, BAT-Woman along with lots of DC Characters were completely killed off, and removed from the memory of all existing DC Heroes and many of their fans too.

However, sometimes the name Katherine Kane would pop up, more a nod to older times, but never as a Super Hero.

By the 2000's the DC Universe was again having problems. Just like the earlier times the publishers wanted to again stream line the continuity. Where the heroes had been rebooted and re aged so that they had been relevant to the 1980's, many now were starting to "show their age"  Whilst some had been allowed to grow up, ie Robin was now Night Wing, Kid Flash was now The Flash , Aqua Lad was now Tempest,  Speedy had become Arsenal and Wonder Girl was ........ well who ever the writers decided she was that week Wonder Woman, Troia, Darkstar etc etc etc    But many of the Adult heroes like BATMAN, SUPERMAN, GREEN ARROW etc had stayed the same age.

So a new rebooted was decided, this would reintroduce the 52 different worlds that had been destroyed during the original Crisis. Since the 1st Crisis the writers at DC had started to reintroduce parallel worlds over time, and some successful characters had even moved across into the main DC time line. BUT the publishers wanted to wipe the slate clean again.

And after a year of change the DC Universe was now rebooted. Losing some heroes, re writing some, deleting others. As I mentioned last time an idea was raised to return Barbara Gordon to being Bat-Girl, or a more grown up and up dated version,  an new BAT-WOMAN.  The Barbara Gordon character  had give up her "BAT" role  since she had been crippled by the Joker.

BUT Barbara was now oracle and as an unique creation herself.... ie A Crippled Crime fighter who assisted the DC Heroes, she had too many fans who would not like this change. Anyway, there was other BAT-Girls in the DC Universe. there was even another Huntress liking to Earth 2's Helena Wayne. So Barbara was left as she was.

The solution if Barbara could not be the new  BAT-WOMAN, who could.  The name Katherine Kane was suggested and was liked, but this would be a NEW character so this Katherine would not be anything like her 1950's name sake.  Well that was the original plan anyway.

Taking elements from various sources, The look of the Original Bat-Girl plus her red hair, a costume  colouring  similar to that of the successful TV cartoon "BATMAN BEYOND" and the name Katherine Kane of the 1950's Bat Woman.... a new BAT-WOMAN was born.

In the beginning not much was know about this new BAT LADY, except she was a much rougher tougher Heroine than anything that had come before.  Her Back story was originally very basic, and like modern day comics less was more for the new Kate Kane.

The NEW BAT - WOMAN original costume

This Bat-Woman was no Lady, she was designed to be more than a female side kick or damsel in distress. Where Kathy Kane of the 1950's had been all feminine and fluffy and happy to be saved by her Bat-Man, this new Kate Kane was all if not equal with the Caped Crusader...... she did not need saving, The Criminals needed saving from HER.

More about the New Bat Woman next time.

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