Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Tale of Two Bat Women Part Three

The DC Universe now had a new had a new BAT WOMAN. The only similarities to the original version from the 1950's was basically her name. Katherine Kane.

Where the original 1950 version Kathy Kane was a socialite and former circus owner who became BAT-WOMAN to meet BAT-MAN, and would go on to be his love interest for many years, the new 2000's version took the name Kate Kane and was not ever going to be interested in being a love interest to the Batman of her time. This Kate was an out and out Lesbian.

The Lesbian aspect originally over powered the character for some in the beginning. This alternative lifestyle would prove to be a major part of the characters development and would ultimately prove to be popular with the readers.

When DC announced that they were again going to reboot the DC Universe  YET again, this could have proved to be the end of the NEW Bat Woman. However, unlike the other characters in the new DC Universe, who had now be completely re written and changed forever. Bat-Woman was allowed to remain nearly the same as she had been conceived just a few years before. Barbara Gordon was Bat-Girl again, and  Kate Kane was still The Bat-Woman.

Like most of the rebooted DC Heroes, BAT-WOMAN got a slight make over, basically her "Girlie" boots became more like Army Boots, and her costume became less fussy. This Bat-Woman was ex military, so her costume reflected this.
The New Improved  "New" BATWOMAN

Where the Original Bat-Woman was the Aunt of the Original Bat-Girl Betty Kane,( who still existed in the new DC Universe as Flame Bird now re banded as Bette Kane ), the new Bat-Woman was eventually  connected to Bette Kane as her cousin. Although both had no knowledge of their secret "BAT" identities. Further more it would be known that Kate Kane was not the first person to become a BAT-WOMAN, there had been one before her. Her Aunt Katherine Kane, who she was named after, had been an earlier version. She would also be an Aunt to Flame Bird, Bette Kane.... so this was a nod to the old silver age version.

SO FAR In the "NEW" 52 Universe Flame Bird aka Bette Kane, has discovered that her Cousin Kate is BAT-WOMAN, and offers to become her partner. However, Bat Woman decides that she will consider this only after Bette agrees to let her re train her, and re molder her. Thus Flame Bird becomes Hawk Fire, a more rougher tougher hero than her light and fluffy image she used to have as Flame Bird.

Although I am not a great fan of the latest  re rebooted universe, and some of the unnecessary changes that some of the DC Heroes have had thrust upon them, I do acknowledge that comics need to move with the times.

Next Time I will try to finally finish up my BAT-MAN FAMILY TREE.


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