Tuesday, 31 May 2011


We begin this week with a return to the tales of the Avenging Hounds.

The next member to be invited to join the Heroic Hounds know as the AVENGING HOUNDS was MUTT-TIS.

She was the Daughter of  a Vill-hound called Libra, part of the ZODIAC group of evil  doggie doers. At a very young age, she was left in the care of the Priests of Paw-ma at their temple in Vietnam.  These Priest  had connections with the Alien warrior race  known as the K9-REE. Whilst growing up within the temple, the priest would teach Mutt-tis all forms of martial arts and paw to paw combat.  The Priest believed that this young pup was special, destined to mate with the a member of the DOG-COATIE  Race, and through this union she would one day give birth to the most important mutt in the Universe. The CELES-TAIL MUTT-SIAH

To prepare her for her coming life, the Priests of Paw-ma took the strange decision to wipe away her memories and send her out into the world so she could learn and experience life outside the order of the PAW-MA

Whilst out in the big bad world,  she met the expelled member of the AVENGING HOUNDS, Jacques Dawg-quesne  called the Swords Dawg.  She helps him come to terms with ruined life, and encourages him to try to regain his honor by becoming an AVENGING HOUND again. He falls completely in love with Mutt-tis, but she tells him that although she cares for him, she does not love him in the same way.

She then travels with him to NEW YORKIE CITY where he attempts to rejoin the Hero Hounds. Which he does and as a result Mutt-tis also is offered the opportunity to stay on as a non-member after she proves to be a useful addition to the team.

 Mutt-tis would later become attracted to the artificial Av Hound, the VIZ-HOUND.  This upsets The Swords Dawg, who realises that she does not love him. The Robotic Mutt rejects her advances as he has his eyes set on the love of his life, The Scarlet Bitch.

THEN,  The time travelling mutt from the future, FANG THE CONQUEROR, kidnaps Mutt-tis along with the Scarlet Bitch and the Sorceress and witch,  Agatha Barkness. He reveals to  Mutt-tis her future as the Celistrial Mad-dogger and her past with the Priests of PAW-MA.

Now this is where things get a bit more crazy.  Rama Mutt, an earlier version of Fang offers to assist the Swords Dawg along with the AV Hounds rescue Mutt-tis, Wanda Maxiwoof & Aggie Barkness from FANG.  This they do, but in the battle to free his love, the Swords Dawg is killed by FANG.

As he lays dying,  Mutt-tis tells the SWORDS DAWG that she loves him.... and she always did.  He then dies a happy Dawg in the arms of his beloved.

She then settles down to life with the AV HOUNDS, who offer her full membership to the team.  Soon along with the others she encounters the K9-REE race first hand during their war with the shape shifting race known as the SK-GROWLS.  She again is told of the prophesy that she will one day have a puppy with a member of the DOG-COATIE race.  She also learns that the DOG-COATIE are an ancient  Plant Based life form that reside on the Earth.

When she finally meets her would be suitor from the Dog-coatie, she is surprised to see that the dead body of her love, The Swords Dawg has been reanimated, and his now a part of the Dog-Coatie Race.
AS Both his mind and personality are intact she accepts him as her would be mate. Even if  he is now all green and no longer fully canine. 

They are soon married.  It turns out to be a double wedding, as Wanda Maxiwoof, AKA the SCARLET BITCH ties the knot with the VIZ-HOUND at the same time.  Its not every day that a Canine marries her dead lover, who is now reanimated as a plant based life form.  Also its not every day the a Canine MUTT-ANT marries her lover, who happens to be an artificial robotic mutt. AND the strangest part of the whole affair is that the person marrying both couples is IMMOR-TAILS   who once was  FANG the same person who killed one of the grooms, the SWORDS DAWG, and as Immor-tails had helped create the other Groom, the VIZ-HOUND. Talk about keeping it in the Family !!!

After Mutt-tis finally got her MUTT, or is that PLANT.... both she and her new green hubby left earth to travel the universe and start a family.

She would return again to earth many years later, but this time she too would be all green, but thats another tale for another time.

More tomorrow  



Monday, 30 May 2011



Whilst DOG-TOR STRANGE the Mystic Mutt and Sorcerer Supreme was trying to defend the Earth from Demonic forces,  he knew he needed to enlist some help. using his Mutt-Magic he manipulated Prince Namutt, the Sub-mutt-rina  and the Hounded Hulk to come to his aid. This team up for Hero Hounds managed to stop the Demonic hordes over running the Earth.

A few months later, Dog-Tor Strange again enlisted a reluctant Namutt and Hounded Hulk to help him stop another threat to the safely of the Earth.  The heroes again defeated the enemy, however Both the Hounded Hulk and Prince Namutt informed Strange that this was the last time they would work with him or each other.

BUT the Mystic Mutt managed to convince them that together they could be a force of good, and therefore the DOG-FENDERS were born.    This group of hero hounds was unlike other groups that had formed before.  They had no family ties like the FUR-TASTIC FOUR,  they did not share a common heritage like the X-MUTT and Unlike the AVENGING HOUNDS they definitely had no charter, rules, permanent Home or fixed roster. To tell the truth they all disliked each other, But Dog-Tor Strange provided the glue to bind these individuals together.

Not long after becoming the DOG-FENDERS a forth member joined their non group, this was the Silver Sniffer who at the time was still exiled on Earth.

Over the years the roster changed with Heroes coming and going all the time. Their unofficial meeting house was originally Dog-tor Strange's House in New Yorkie City. With the addition of a reformed Vill-hound The Bite-Hawk joining the merry gang, this brought the benefit of a new team member, who was very rich and could help finance the non-groups costs and provide them with a more permanent residence.

The Dog-defenders continued to function for many years with many heroes joining the team for periods of time. Some heroes came and went and came back, some visited and then left never to return. Here is a sample of some of the earliest members of the team.


Some thing new tomorrow


Sunday, 29 May 2011


K-Howl Richdog was a very rich dog. He had millions in the Bank and owned and ran his own successful company, Richdog Industries. However he was easily bored and when offered Super Powers by the cosmic entity known as GAMES MASTER MUTT, he jumped at the chance.

Once he had his powers he adopted the name, The BITE HAWK. He along with some other newly made vill-hounds were instructed by the Games Master Mutt to destroy the Avenging Hounds.  Bite Hawk and the other members of the Sinister Sniffer Squad failed in this attempt.

After the Games Master Mutt had grown bored with his creations, he abandoned the Sinister Sniffer Squad, who without any need to remain together broke up.

K-Howl tried his paw to be a solo Vill-hound, but after being defeated in battle by Dare Doggie, The Dog without Fur, he retired from the whole super vill-hound  thing.

However,  a chance meeting with a new super hero hound non-group prompted him to reform and try his paw at being Bite Hawk again, But this time he would be a hero.

This worked and Now with a re designed costume, Bite Hawk the Hero Hound was born.

Tomorrow  the Non Group of hero hounds are born.


Saturday, 28 May 2011


The warrior that is called The Valk-Hairy comes originally from the Fabled land of AS-DOG. Home of the Ancient Horse Dogs of legend.  A favourite of the king of the Horse Dogs, Doggie-Dins and his son, Paw the Dog of Thunder.

BRUN-HOUNDIE, to give her her correct name was once the chief Valk-Hairy who's  task in life was to guild those who had fallen in battle to Vall-Haira, the Horse Heaven.

Known to most canines on Earth as The Valk-Hairy, she spent many years fighting the forces of evil along with other Hero Hounds.  Why she ended up on Earth is complected and involved The AS-DOG witch and sorceress AMUTTOR  The Enchantress.  Many years in the past, Amuttor had imprisoned Brun-Houndie and had used her captives powers and  strengh to increase her own.  On occasions she even used the form of the Valk-Hairy in her evil schemes.

The Valk-Hairy has been more than one person during her life time, as she has switched bodies with two others. BUT that is a really complicated tale and really does not make much sense to me or Brun-Houndie..... Blame that Meddling Mutt The Enchantress for mixing things up.

Today Brun-Houndie The Valk-Hairy on the whole is now one person, who now has the memories of all the 3 different versions of herself..... I think !. But what I am sure of  is she is a brave warrior and processes  exceptional fighting skills. She is a expert in combat with either her trustee spear, or enchanted sword   DOGGIE-FANG..... She is definitely no dumb blond.

Much More to Come Tomorrow

Enjoy !

Friday, 27 May 2011


Gnawing Padd better known as The SILVER SNIFFER  had once been the Herald Hound to the Mighty Planet Muncher DOG-ALACTUS. BUT had become exiled on Earth by his Master after a disagreement about consuming the very said planet.

Used to soaring the universe sniffing out the next planet for Dog-alactus to feed upon, he found being captive to one planet very difficult at first.

To punish his Herald Hound instead of destroying him, Dog-alactus decided that imprisonment was a more fitting punishment.  To deprive his favourite Herald from what he loved the most,  freedom to explore. Dog-alactus had surrounded the planet with an invisible barrier that only prevented the SILVER SNIFFER from passing through.  Although The Sniffer tried on many occasions and at many times, he found that he could not pass through the invisible walls of his prison.

Years later he would once again soar the universe, but for now he had the planet earth to explore. The Silver Sniffer found great beauty on his now new home, but also he found great evil.

This Evil brought him into conflict with many of Earths Vill-hounds, but also he found friendship in many of the Hero Hounds that lived there too.

He had a close relationship with the Heroes called the Fur-tastic Four, who had played a big part in him rebelling against his master.  When he had his Puppy Power Cosmic stolen by the Evil DOG-TOR DOOM,  Lead Richards and his Team help restore what was stolen from him.

The Silver Suffer was happy to travel the planet alone, as this gave him the chance to see all life and experience Caninanity first hand.  He knew that one day he would be reunited with his beloved Rubba-Ball, and their home planet,  but for now he was content to explore his adopted world alone.

More Merry Mutts Tomorrow


Thursday, 26 May 2011


Doctor Bruce Bonner never wanted to be a hero....He wanted to be a great scientist, and after many years of study Bruce ended up a chief scientist working on GAMMA technology for the Military.

His crowning achievement was the Gamma Bomb. This bomb was due to be tested in the on a secret Military Base located in the Arizona  Desert.  However, on the day of the test, a young teenager called Rick Jaws decided to sneak onto the military base for a bet.  As most of the military personnel  at the time were safe in the blast bunkers, Young Rick was able to drive his car right up to the Bomb.

Bruce Bonner spotting the Car, and halted the count down, and rushed out of the Blast Bunker to ensure that the intruder did not come to any harm.  However, as Bruce got to the trespassing Teenager, the count down recommenced. What Bruce did not now that one of his co workers was really a Communist Spy, and he was taking the opportunity to destroy Dr Bonner and steal his research.

On hearing that the count down had recommenced, Bruce dragged Rick to a near by shelter, BUT after pushing Rick to safety, the bomb exploded, and poor old Dr Bonner got a hit by  the full blast of the bomb..

Luckily Bruce survived the exposure to the lethal Gamma Radiation, but later that night he started to feel unwell.  He was in the military hospital with Rick Jaws when he suffered the first of his many transformations. He grew in size and his skin and fur took on a strange Green Colour. Also his manner changed from the shy intelligent scientist Bruce Bonner, to a  Angry, Hulking Monster, who had a child like intelligence.

At first these transformations only happened at night,  and between Rick and Bruce they tried to hide the true identify of the Creature that had been christened as The HOUNDED HULK.

As the months went on Bruce and Rick found that  the transformations could take place at any time, especially if Bruce became stressed. Also the Hounded Hulks  manner and character would sometimes change also, from be a simple child like brute, to a more intelligent personality. Sometimes the Hounded Hulk could be kind and gentle, at other times he could be brutal and mean.

Later it would be discovered that early traumatic episodes in Bruce as a child was the cause of some of the Hounded Hulks behavioural problems.  Also it was reported that the Hounded Hulks great strength could increase as a result of him becoming more and more angry.  As Bruce once said, "  Please  Don't Make me ANGRY, You would not  like me when I get ANGRY !  "  which was  very true.

The military were now hunting him, as they saw him as a danger to all.  Most of the time the Hounded Hulk only wanted one thing.... and that was to be left alone. BUT this was never to be, and he would be drawn into battle with others.

For years Bruce Bonner tried to cure himself, but cures were never a success.  Some times he could remain the Hounded Hulk for weeks at a time, even months.  The world treated him as a menace and he was often hunted by many Hero Hounds and Vill-hounds along with the military.

Loki , the Dog of Evil, tried to use the Hounded Hulk as a pawn to destroy his half brother The Muttie PAW, Dog of Thunder.  This plan back fired and brought together the formation of the AVENGING HOUNDS.  The Hounded Hulk served as part of the team for a very short while, but due to his temper issues, he left....... being a team player would never be his thing.

BUT he did become part of a team years later, but that's another story.

More Mutty Fun Tomorrow

Enjoy !

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


King Namutt. the Sea Dog, also know as The Muttie Sub Muttriner has been called alot of things in his life, Prince , King,  Husband, Widower,  Hero Hound, Vill-Hound and Mutt-ant... to name a few.  All of these titles are correct, BUT how did the Muttie Mutt-ant from the seven seas become to be ?

Our Story begins in the Late 1920's.  Namutt was the result of a union between a Pink Furred Ships Captain from the surface world  and a Blue Furred Princess from beneath the waves. His name was Leon-Hound McKenzie and he was the Captain of The Ship Orac-howl.  She was Princess Furry Fen, daughter of the King of Atlantis.  They met and fell in love, and married just before her father took her back to Atlantis.  Not before Killing Captain McKenzie.     Nine months later,  Furry Fen gave birth to a healthy Young puppy. She named him Namutt.   However, from birth he appeared different.  His skin and fur was Pink not blue like his mothers.  Also he had the ability to breath out of the water, a thing that Fen's people, Caninus Aquarius could not do with out artificial means.  Also on his ankles her had two small bird like wings.  These would enable him to swim at great speeds, and later he would find that they allowed him to fly.

The people of Atlantis finally accepted Namutt as a Prince of Atlantis, and he prepared himself to be future ruler of his people.

He was always a little bit interested in the surface people, but after seeing what evil they were capable of, decided to keep clear of the surface animals.

Alas during the W W 2... ( That's World Woof 2 ) he found himself fighting along side the Hero Hound Canine America, against the Evil AD-WOLF HIT-FUR  and his Woofzi Party. ( BUT THAT'S ANOTHER STORY FOR ANOTHER TIME )

After the war had finished, he went back to his life as Prince of Atlantis, but  during the 1950's his life was upset yet again by a surface canine. The  Vill-hound  THE YELLOW DOG-CLAW attacked him, and in  battle he became injured and lost his memory.

He spent the next 10 years as a tramp wandering the land.  unaware of who he was. BUT an encounter with a young Jaw-nee Storm, aka Hot Dog the Canine Torch, he regained his memory.

On returning to his home under the sea he was horrified to find that the City of Atlantis had been destroyed, and his people were no where to be seen.

He return to the Surface to do battle with the Land Dwellers, as he believed they must have caused the destruction of his people.  This brought him into conflict with the Fur-tastic Four.  and brought The Invisible Pooch aka Shuh Tzu (Sue) Storm into his life.

Namutt love life was just as eventful as his personal life.   His first wife The lady Dawgma was murdered, his love for The Invisible Pooch, Shuh Tzu(Sue) Storm was not returned, even after she married Lead Richards he still pursued her when ever possible, Marina Dogwood,  his second wife got pregnant and went mad and turned into  a sea monster that he killed to save others.  So not very happy in love you could say.

Over the years he would learn that his people where still alive, and would finally make peace with the surface world.... But this would take a long time, and during this time he would end up  fighting nearly every Hero Hound and Vill-hound in the Mutt-vell Universe.

Namutt, the Sub-Mutt-rina is a very arrogant hound, but his sense of duty allows people that are close to him  know what a true hero he really is.

More Mutty Magic Tomorrow


Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Stephound Strange was a brilliant if arrogant surgeon whose career was destroyed after a car accident left him with damaged paws. Unable to hold the instruments of his profession he fell into a deep depression.  His increasing problems with the inability to deal with his injuries resulted in him drinking and set him on a path of total destruction.

However, he decided to search for a cure to the nerve damage to his paws, and this took him to the Himalayas, where he heard that a Tibetan Monk may have the answer.

He found the Monk, who was really a Sorcerer. He was very old, and was called the Ancient One.  The Ancient one took Stephound as his pupil, and informed him that the answers he wanted could be found through discipline and study.  His own arrogance had caused Stephound's down fall, but the Ancient One informed Strange that, it was not too late to change himself for the better.

Also studying under the Ancient One was BARON MOR-DOG.  Stephound uncovered that Mor-dog was planning to murder the Ancient One and steal his powers. Before Stephound could inform his master, Mor-dog used his magic to mystically mussel Stephound, so that he could not speak of the treachery of the Baron, whilst still be able to converse about other subjects.

Both of the students continued their studies under the watchful eye of their elderly teacher.  Whist the Baron was able to weld powerful magic, Stephound found he soon was able to match the Baron's abilities. Unlike the Baron who used spells of pure power and force, and was sloppy in his approach to casting spells, Stephound found that he could control magic in ways that the Baron could only dream. The truth was the Baron used Evil for the source of his power, whilst Stephound had found his power through study, hard work and inner peace.

The Baron attempted to destroy Strange, but although he was not as powerful as the Evil Baron, Stephound was able to beat him, and  sent his packing with his tail between his legs.

The Ancient One revealed that he had known what the Baron was planning all along, and wanted to see how Stephound  reacted to the Baron and his evil ways.  The Ancient One told Strange that when he had first met him, he had seen that although he was arrogant, Stephound was of good heart, and his soul was full of light. Whist the Baron's heart was full of darkness and evil.

Stephound Strange continued under the tutoring of the Ancient one until a time when his powers rivaled that of his old teacher.

Stephound Strange returned to the outside world, where he used his new found skills to try to cure the world of the evil in it. 

Dr Stephound Strange was his past, he was now Dog-Tor Stephound Strange, Master Mutt of Magic.

Years later, after the Ancient One passed onto a higher plain, he passed the title of Sorcerer Pup Supreme to Stephound along with the job of being the worlds protector from evil magics.

The Baron would challenge him time and time again, and he would finally discover that the Baron had had an Evil Master who he worked for, The Dreaded DOGMAMMU. But that's another story.

More Marvelous Mutts Tomorrow


Monday, 23 May 2011


So my crazy covers week finishes in style, here is a brand new cover finished this week.  A few of the charactors  I had already drawn in the past, so they needed a small bit of up dating, but on the whole all the other  ones were drawn from scratch.

The new logo was attempt 3 to get something that looked good and fitting in with the original look of the issue.   I really liked how this turned out.

Again this is a complete redraw of the original, and apart from including a visible invisible pooch, the cover is the same.

One of my favouriteNEW  Dawgs seen here, is my DOG-TOR STRANGE , and you will be seeing more of him next week.

I hope you like AVENGING HOUNDS 221 #  seen here along with the original version


Sunday, 22 May 2011

COMING SOON ..................

Here is a little teaser about next weeks subject.

See you here next week



When all of the original founders of the Avengers left to pursue their own lives, it  was up to Captain America to round up a new team. This change of roster became a big part of the Avengers Stories in years to come.  AND with most team changes the covers would reflect this.

Here is the original of the cover to Avengers issue 16 along with my Avenging Hounds Version that I post a few weeks ago.

Again I have gone back and made a few changes to my original cover, mainly my Buddy Dawg usually had the same overall look. As Captain America was originally holding his shield, I decided to have Canine America do the same.  So I gave Buddy an Arm.  Also I revised my look of some of the back ground characters, mainly the Vill-Hounds that I had re drawn during  my Bad Dogs Themed Week

I hope you enjoyed the re working of Avenging Hounds Issue 16

Tomorrow  a brand new cover, never before posted.


Saturday, 21 May 2011

AVENGING HOUNDS issue 4# The Return of the CANINE

Here is a updated version of a cover already posted....  Not much different with the original post other than a new colour palette to match  with the original cover from the 1960's , and up dated eyes for my Dawgs.

I decided against copying the shield on the original cover, as this was drawn slightly wrong, but most of the other elements are faithfully reproduced.  

This was a very important comic, as it was the first time Canine America appeared in the modern day world.

More tomorrow


Friday, 20 May 2011


My version of the classic Avengers number 1# was the first copy cover that was completely re drawn.  Although I did use bits of the original Avengers title logo, most of it had to be redrawn to fit in with the changes I did to the title name.

Here is the original, along with my initial mock up version, that I used to see what went where etc.  Note that I corrected the colours to Loki's costume as they are slightly wrong on the original.

But as I was trying to reproduce the original cover, I amened them back for my final cover. The Lower cover is slightly updated from how I originally presented it.  Paw now holds his Hammer, and the Hounded Hulk now has a more flat head, as he was shown on the original.   I wanted to make a few changes to the Iron Hound Armour, BUT I felt that this would mean a complete redraw, and frankly I would rather spend time drawing new covers, to waste it re working something that I already did. However, I will be doing a re do on The Hounded Hulk to go along with my next weeks project.  Also Today I finished a NEW Avenging Hounds Cover.  That will be listed later this week.  

So enjoy this re hashed version of my AVENGING HOUNDS 1#

Enjoy !

Thursday, 19 May 2011


Buddy's World Tour continues with a little visit to the Netherlands to meet some of  the fans of our BLOG.  He was given a wonderful welcome by the people of this fine nation where ever he travelled.

Whilst there he decided to drop in to visit his Dutch Cousins   Niels & Nelen SNUIFT - BOMEN.  They live in an old windmill just outside old Amsterdam. With their two Young pups, Belharrd & Jachthond.

Niels & Nelen are renown in the area for growing the finest Tulips. 

Where Next for Buddy on his World Tour ?   Who knows he may come to visit with you soon  !





Today's cover is new to my BLOG, I did it ORIGINALLY ages ago, just after the first time I did my version of Iron Man or as I say Iron Hound

The original comic dates back to 1963 (so its as old as me) and was the very first appearance of Marvels Iron Man,

This was one of the very first covers I did completely with lettering etc.  Although if I did it now I would have done it slightly differently, but I think it looks OK.

Just before blogging this picture I noticed that although I had updated the eyes on  Buddy Iron Hound, The Cover still gave reference to The FANTASTIC FUR, as mentioned yesterday, I now call them The FUR-TASTIC FOUR, so I made a quick alteration, so no NO PRIZES to my readers


Wednesday, 18 May 2011


One of the very first "copy" covers I did was of Fantastic Four 181, from way back in 1970's .... It was not a really great story, but the cover looked easy to reproduce.... Plus the Thing saying  " IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME " worked well worth my DAWGS Theme.  IT'S SLOBBERIN'  TIME ! still makes me laugh;

Some of my earlier work, used some different types of drawing of dogs.   I used these mainly for my DC DAWGS, as I felt they worked better with the BAT - FANG cartoons I was doing originally.
This cover was originally  done as a Xmas card for friends. 

BUT recently I went back to my FANTASTIC FUR cover, and re did it with my BUDDY style DAWGS, that I tend to use more these days.   I feel that "BUDDY" works well with The Marvel Universe of characters.

Although its the same cover, I did make some changes, and now its MORE like the original cover. Also I re named "MY" characters the FUR-TASTIC FOUR as in hindsight I think that name is better. Also it keeps from confusing my readers, think of it as an Alternative Universe.   The comic people do it all the time after all.

So Here is me ripping off my own work, which originally was me ripping off some one else    !


I Hope you Like them both.  

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


This week I will be show casing some of the comic covers I have reproduced for my blog.

Some I have listed before, and some are new.   The older ones I have slightly up dated or improved on a little.  So they are new-ish.

Anyway here is a NEW COVER ..... My take on the Classic X-MEN 101 ..... which we got to meet the PHOENIX for the first time,  or in may world, you get to meet The Furry Phoenix


Monday, 16 May 2011

THE ROVER NOVA ................. PART TWO

Life was happy for Foxy Straye, she had a new life as a hero hound, a new family with the Fur-Tastic Four, and she had a new boyfriend. What could go wrong ?

She had started  accompanying the FF on missions more and more. and was becoming more skilled with her flaming powers.  Although she still kept her apartment, she was offered quarters at the world famous BARKER BUILDING, home of the FUR-TASTIC FOUR.

One day the peace was shattered by the arrival of TER-REX, The TERRIER.... Herald of The Mighty DOG-ALACTUS..... was he here to announce that his master was on his way to destroy Earth ?  No he was here to get revenge on the FF for causing him to be enslaved by the Planet Muncher in the first place.

It transpired that yet again he had run off from his duties as  Herald Hound ( which he had done in the past )  Dog-alactus knew not where he was or where he went. ( so he thought )

He started his attack by using the power cosmic that he channel through his Axe to slice the top floors off of the Barker Building.  This was not just the Head Quarters to the FF, but more importantly this was their home.

The FF plus Foxy engaged Ter-rex in battle..   and it looked at one point that Ter-rex would win, until DOG-ALACTUS appeared on the scene. He was very unhappy with Ter-rex for running away, and also for using the power that he had been granted for personal gain. Also he was HUNGRY, as the naughty Ter-rex had not provided him with a good meal in ages.  He quickly subdued his Herald Hound, but not after sustaining much injury from TER-REX. 

It transpired that DOG-ALACTUS had not fed in a while, and the energy he had wasted chasing and fighting Ter-rex had left him completely weak.  He stripped Ter-rex of the Power Cosmic that he had original granted him, but announced to all that he needed to feed.  AND HE NEEDED to FEED NOW.

This meant that he would need to destroy Earth as he was too weak to find another meal.  This did not sit well with the members of the FF, who enlisted the help of as many Hero Hound they could muster in the area to fight the mighty Planet Muncher.

The FF were joined by MANY  HEROES INCLUDING,  DOG-TOR STRANGE, mutt of the mystic arts and Magic, an assortment of Avenging Hounds , including The Mutty PAW, the Dog of Thunder, IRON HOUND, The WASPISH POOCH & CANINE AMERICA,   along with THE SPIDER PUP and DARE DOOGIE....... plus Foxy Straye, the new Canine Torch of course !!

The fight went well mainly because Dog-alactus was far from being a peak power..... he was at his weakest  to tell the truth.  BUT a combination of the might of the Heroes and a clever spell from Dog-tor Strange, which DOG-ALACTUS was made to face the spirits of all he had killed in his time, caused Dog-alactus to fall.

As Dog-alactus lay there dying, Lead Richards enlisted the help of the Heroes to prevent his death, as Lead knew that even though Dog-alactus was dangerous, he was not evil. He was a force of nature that if allowed to die would upset the balance of the whole universe. Like any other living being in the Universe, the planet muncher needed to eat to survive.  Unfortunately, his only source of nourishment was to consume PLANETS

Lead was able to give Dog-alactus enough power to leave Earth and go get his diner elsewhere. He even gave him a list of  Planets without life that would be suitable for his feeding needs.

Dog-alactus thanked Mr Fur-tastic for his help ( well kinda did ) and agreed that he would not try to feed on Earth again.  BUT before he left he announced that he needed a NEW HERALD HOUND to help him sniff out this next meal. Whether The planet muncher had sensed it or by luck one of the amassed heroic hounds offered to be the new Herald. This was FOXY STRAYE.   Who had hankered after travelling all her life. As a Herald Hound she could do this big time.

Before Jaw-nee or the other members of the FF could stop her, DOG-ALACTUS empowered her with his PUPPY POWER COSMIC, and FOXY was no more.  Stood before them was a figure of golden fire...... The ROVER NOVA had been born.

Without a goodbye to anyone she flew off into space, off to find diner for her new master.

This combination of Master and Slave lasted for many years, Dog-alactus found he cared much for his new herald hound. Whilst the part of Foxy that was still alive within the ROVER NOVA began to love her Master. She had now every thing she ever wanted, TRAVEL, ADVENTURE, MEETING NEW PEOPLE, AMAZING POWERS and DOG-ALACTUS her new FATHER FIGURE.

That is not the end of the story of The NOVA ROVER, or DOG-ALACTUS and his HERALD HOUNDS..... but it is for now.

Tomorrow something different(ISH)


Sunday, 15 May 2011

THE NOVA ROVER ................ PART ONE

When as a young pup FOXY STRAYE'S mother died, she grew up under the care of her step father Tom-mutts Straye. He was a kindly person who spent his time inventing things. To spend more time together, Foxy helped him in his lab when ever she could.

She loved him and he cared for her as if she was his own puppy. They had a simple life, but one day that life would all change.  It was whilst watching television, there came news about the appearance of a new Super Hero Group of Hounds in New Yorkie City.   They called themselves The FUR-TASTIC FOUR.  Tom-mutts became enraged when he saw that one of the new hero hounds was calling himself  HOT DOG, THE CANINE TORCH.

What Foxy did not know was her step fathers name as not really TOM-MUTTS STRAYE, it was Doctor FURRIUS T HOUNDTON the creator of the robotic first CANINE TORCH. 

Furrius Houndton had tried to build the first artificial canine in the 1930's . He had built a Robotic Rover that looked and sounded like a real living doggie.  However, something went wrong with the process, and the Jim-bone, the name he gave to his creation burst into flames when he was exposed to oxygen.

The government who had paid for his research were very unhappy with his results, as what good was a Artificial Hound covered in flaming fur !   They shut his research down and  locked away the robotic doggie,   as  they thought it was too dangerous, along with all Dr Houndton's equipment and research material.

The Artificial Hound would one day escape, and would go on to be one of the famous flaming hero hounds from W W 2 ( that's World Woof 2 to you and me....... and a story for another time. )

Tom-mutts aka Dr Houndton knew where some of his original research was located and he took Foxy one night to try to retrieve some of his old research. Why he wanted to do this is still unknown.  BUT  Not knowing why her step father wanted it also, FOXY went along to help.  The warehouse containing his equipment had long been considered not vital or of any value, so Tom-mutts had little if any problems braking into the warehouse.  Once inside he instructed his daughter to collect together as much stuff as possible. She spied a cabinet of bottles containing  liquid, but whilst carrying them over to her step father, she fell through the rotten floor into a barrel of toxic liquid. The bottles she was carrying became broken and she was covered in both sets of chemicals.  She screamed as her fur and skin began to burn hotter and hotter until she  burst into flames. Her step dad help douse the flames and tried to comfort his traumatised daughter.  She was still upset, when minutes later she again burst into flames, but as Tom-mutts tried to calm  her, and she found she had the ability to turn the flames on and off at will. Still amazing was that the flames had not done  any damage to her body.

Tom-mutts was horrified,  and worried about his daughter being in any way alienated in the same way Jim-bone had been, or even worst taken away by the government like his "son" Jim-bone was all those years ago.  TOM-MUTTS, then decided that he had to destroy this new female Canine Torch, this he did not by killing his beloved child, he did this by making her forget she had had the accident and had developed these amazing powers.  He managed to make her forget the whole experience through HYPNOTIC suggestion. Also he planted a strong fear of fire, or PYROPHOBIA in her mind.  This hopefully would stop her from wanting to "flame on" but this would not stop it from happening by accident.  He created a golden yellow uniform for her to wear, which could suppress her skin from bursting into flame.  This uniform once in contact with her skin would become invisible to on lookers This too was part of hypnotic conditioning, and once she put on the uniform she became unable to see it herself, and due to the design no one else could see it under her every day clothes if it was ever to become visible.

They went back to normal life, but Tom-mutts worried that his presents to his step daughter would in some way remind her of the accident, so one day he disappeared. He did not abandon her completely, she would send her money every month, and although she never saw him again, he would always keep a watchful eye on her beloved step daughter from a far.

Foxy Straye finished school and went to college and graduated  top of the class.  She felt sad that her father was not there to see her big day, but little did she know that Tom-mutts was there in to see her receive her award.  Foxy had developed an interest in wanting to speak foreign languages at an early age, and she left college with the ability to speak and understand many different tongues.  She had a hankering to travel and world and see new places, but she was unable to do this due to her limited finances. So she took on a job as an interpreter and translator at the U N in New Yorkie City. This would give her a chance to earn some money for her travel needs, also she could use and improve on her language skills.

By chance she met a young dawg called, Jaw-nee. She felt attracted to him from the first sight,  he felt the same. She was later shocked to discover that her new boyfriend was Jaw-nee Storm,  The Hot Dog, Canine Torch.  Her fear of fire seamed to be suppressed by her love of her new boyfriend. She was confused about her feeling for him, she loved Jaw-nee, but feared The Canine Torch.  As their love grew she began having strange visions of about her body and the colour yellow. These visions continued until one day she became fully aware of the uniform that she had been wearing.  Although she could only see it in mirrors, but could not see or feel it on herself.

Upset, she revealed this to Jaw-nee, who was able to see it now. Jaw-nee suggested that he took her to see Lead Richards, aka Mr Fur-Tastic.   Lead was fascinated by the whole story of the invisible / visible costume, and after scanning her completely was able to realise that Foxy must have been given a mental block to stop her seeing the costume.

He used a mind scanner, and this caused Foxy to again burst into flame.  This released all of the hidden memories from her mind, along with a conversation she had had with her father, when he told her the truth about everything including who he really was.

Now free from the  her pyrophobia, she now able to reach her full protental. She would be asked by the FF to join their family of heroes where they along with Jaw-nee could help her with training in the use of her new found powers.

Long before she was able to become a full time member of the team, a BIG TALL visitor came to call who would change her life completely.

More Tomorrow


Saturday, 14 May 2011


DOG-ALACTUS '  next herald hound was a real terror to control. From the very first time he saw him, Dog-alactus knew he was ideal for the position now vacated by the DOG-STROYER
TYREX was the ruler or should I say Dictator of the Planet Birex, he had powers already which enabled him to control rocks and the earth beneath his paws. He used these powers to enslave the people and he ruled them with a paw of steel. 
Dog-alactus requested Tyrex to be his new herald, but Tyrex was not prepared to  be anyone Else's slave, so he fled.  Dog-alactus believed that his past Heralds had been too moralistic, and as a result had always worried too much about finding unpopulated worlds for him to consume. The Planet Muncher believed that Tyrex was without morals, so could do the job of sniffing out planets without the worries of destroying life as a result.  So he really wanted Tyrex for the roll of next Herald Hound.
 Around this time Mr Fur-tastic, Lead Richards from the FUR-TASTIC FOUR came to call. (with a little help from the WATCH DOG)  He asked for Dog-alactus to help him defeat the Vill-hound called Spinx, the Pharaoh Hound.  Lead offered to relinquish the mighty planet muncher from his vow never to attack Earth if he came to Earths help.
Dog-alactus agreed to help on the added  provision that the Fut-tastic Four find him his new Herald Hound, Tyrex .   Unhappy with this request, they agreed and Dog-alactus transported the FF to Birex, the home planet of Tyrex.
Where after a big battle, they managed to capture Tyrex and delivered him to Dog-alactus.  To say that Tyrex was unhappy to be turned into a slave was an understatement, and his hatred of this and the FF for their roll in it would come back to haunt them all in the years to come.
But for now, there was nothing Tyrex could  do to stop things, and when Dog-alactus empowered him with his PUPPY POWER COSMIC, TYREX was no more.  He was now TER-REX THE TERRIER.
Like the Herald Hounds before him, he was very powerful, He was given an AXE through which he could channel the Puppy Power Cosmic. He still had his power over  earth and rocks, but this had been increased a million fold.
The relationship between Master and  Slave was never good, as Ter-rex tried his upper most to cause harm to his Master where ever possible. Although he  did it behind his masters back, so that he would not be punished if he was found out.   Although he hated Dog-alactus, he hated the Fur-tastic Four more, and he would battle them as much as he could in the years ahead. As he blamed them for his slavery.

In the end, Dog-alactus would need to SACK his herald hound, as he realised that Ter-rex was trying to stave him to death. He did this by feeding on the PUPPY POWER COSMIC that he had originally given to Ter-rex and left him de powered.
This was not the last of TER-REX THE TERRIER as he soon got back his comic powers and went off to cause havoc all over the Universe.
Again DOG-ALACTUS was with out a Herald Hound, he would find his new one in a very unusual place, this time on EARTH

More Tomorrow

Friday, 13 May 2011


Lots of problems getting into my blog today........ major problems with BLOGGER CENTRAL I believe, BUT Hopefully I can now get back to my story of the Planet Muncher and his Herald Hounds

When we last visited DOG-ALACTUS he had said good bye to Fire Paws, and hello to his new Herald, The DOG-STROYER.

The Dog-stroyer was little more than an Suit of Armour, that was from the fabled land of AS-DOG, Home of the Mutty Paw, Dog of Thunder.

Dog-alactus reanimated the armour, and suped it up with a little bit of his PUPPY POWER COSMIC, and set the new automaton off to sniff out his next snack.

The relationship with Dog-alactus and The Dog-stroyer was not good. As a slave the new herald hound was ok, he did a good job, BUT Dog-alactus missed the companionship that his other Herald Hounds had offered.  

Later when the AS-DOG DOG of EVIL, LICKY stole the Dog-stroyer to use in one of his dastardly deeds, Dog-alactus was not too upset.

Now the Planet Muncher was without someone to find his food. He was a BIG DOG and had fended for himself before, but yet again he  missed having someone around to do the cooking for him, or was that doing his food shopping  !.

He would soon locate a new candidate to fill the position vacated by the Dog-stroyer, but the chosen one did not want the Job....... so it was up to Dog-alactus to convince him that he should take the roll as his new Herald Hound. Which he did with a little help from a Fantastic Foursome.

More about the new Herald Tomorrow !



PUPPYREUS  K'ROWL was born on the Planet XANDOG. He also went to the Nova Paws Academy. He was the first officer under the command of  GRABB-HOWL LA  who was his best friend and captain. When GRABB-HOWL LA was abducted by DOG-ALACTUS, Puppyreus spent many  years searching for his KIDNAPPED friend.

When he finally located the Planet Muncher named Dog-alactus, he confronted the kidnapper face to face.

Dog-alactus still morning the loss of his much loved Herald Hound, informed Pup about Grabb, and their life together. He told Pup about GRABB-HOWL LA and his transformation into the AIR WOOFIE WALKER and his roll in finding food for his hungry Master.

Dog-alactus also tells PUPPYREUS the sad news of the Death of  his Herald Hound whilst trying to protect him from the OVOIDOGGIES.    PUP then decided  to offer his services to Dog-alactus, to serve him as his friend had done before him.

The Mighty Planet Muncher then endowed Pup with a fraction of his own PUPPY POWER COSMIC, and as a result Puppyreus transforms into FIRE PAWS, the newest Herald Hound to DOG-ALACTUS.

Fire Paws serves his master for many years, but later begged to be released from his position of Planet Sniffer to the Mighty Dog-alactus.   Dog-alactus agrees BUT only if  Fire Paws will find him as suitable replacement.

Fire Paws then leaves and later returns with a replacement,  The lifeless form that had once been called the DOG-STROYER, which had originated in the Fabled land called AS-DOG.  The Master agrees to release Fire Paws from his duties, and sets about re-animating and Empowering the DOG-STROYER as his next Herald Hound and Planet Sniffer.

More Herald Hound Tales tomorrow