Friday, 6 May 2011


FREDOGIC J DAWGS was always a big dog, but at puberty his weight and mass increased ten fold. He ended up in a travelling  Circus as a Sideshow Freak, where he was christened THE BLOBBY DOGGIE.

But there is more to The Blobby Doggie than just a BIG FAT HOUND DOG,  he also had super strength and an unusually elastic and thick skin. This skin was extremely difficult to penetrate and he was able to absorb any impact from a gun shot to a direct hit from a cannon ball or missile. His final ability was that he could become completely immovable if he wished by standing still.  ( as long as he was in contact with the ground. This ability he would learn was due to his natural ability to control his gravity  mass at will.) These "gifts" made him a star in the Circus, especially as his trick of having a cannon ball fired at his body twice daily, and three times on Sunday, brought the house down every time.

However, Fredogic did not know why he could do these amazing things, or what he really was until he was contacted by Pupfessor Rex.  As we all know Pupfessor Rex was the secret leader of The X MUTTS, and he had realised that the Blobby Doggie was in fact a MUTT-ANT.

The Pupfessor tried to get The Blobby Doggie to join his merry team of Mutt-ant Mutts but Fredogic refused saying he could do better looking after himself than wasting his time helping others.  Before Pupfessor could erase the memory of the X Mutts from Fredogic's mind, the Blobby Doggie escaped back to the Circus, where he rounded up all of the circus performers and returned back to the REX'S SCHOOL FOR GIFTED DOGGIES  and attacked the X - MUTTS.

Greatly out numbered, the 5 X-MUTTS were quickly  captured by the Circus people. However, the X-Mutts did manage to escape and Pupfessor Rex managed to stop the fight by using his Mind Control Powers.  The Circus people then pack up and trundled back to the Circus with no clue to what or why they were there.

The Blobby Doggie soon had his memories restored and would do battle with the X - MUTTS time and time again. He would also become a full time criminal using his powers to help him steal what he needed in life.

He would become part of The Brother-Hood of Evil Mutt-ants lead by Mutt-neto,  and later a new version of the team this time lead by the the shape shifting Mutt -tique.  

More Mutt Magic tomorrow

enjoy !           

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