Sunday, 15 May 2011

THE NOVA ROVER ................ PART ONE

When as a young pup FOXY STRAYE'S mother died, she grew up under the care of her step father Tom-mutts Straye. He was a kindly person who spent his time inventing things. To spend more time together, Foxy helped him in his lab when ever she could.

She loved him and he cared for her as if she was his own puppy. They had a simple life, but one day that life would all change.  It was whilst watching television, there came news about the appearance of a new Super Hero Group of Hounds in New Yorkie City.   They called themselves The FUR-TASTIC FOUR.  Tom-mutts became enraged when he saw that one of the new hero hounds was calling himself  HOT DOG, THE CANINE TORCH.

What Foxy did not know was her step fathers name as not really TOM-MUTTS STRAYE, it was Doctor FURRIUS T HOUNDTON the creator of the robotic first CANINE TORCH. 

Furrius Houndton had tried to build the first artificial canine in the 1930's . He had built a Robotic Rover that looked and sounded like a real living doggie.  However, something went wrong with the process, and the Jim-bone, the name he gave to his creation burst into flames when he was exposed to oxygen.

The government who had paid for his research were very unhappy with his results, as what good was a Artificial Hound covered in flaming fur !   They shut his research down and  locked away the robotic doggie,   as  they thought it was too dangerous, along with all Dr Houndton's equipment and research material.

The Artificial Hound would one day escape, and would go on to be one of the famous flaming hero hounds from W W 2 ( that's World Woof 2 to you and me....... and a story for another time. )

Tom-mutts aka Dr Houndton knew where some of his original research was located and he took Foxy one night to try to retrieve some of his old research. Why he wanted to do this is still unknown.  BUT  Not knowing why her step father wanted it also, FOXY went along to help.  The warehouse containing his equipment had long been considered not vital or of any value, so Tom-mutts had little if any problems braking into the warehouse.  Once inside he instructed his daughter to collect together as much stuff as possible. She spied a cabinet of bottles containing  liquid, but whilst carrying them over to her step father, she fell through the rotten floor into a barrel of toxic liquid. The bottles she was carrying became broken and she was covered in both sets of chemicals.  She screamed as her fur and skin began to burn hotter and hotter until she  burst into flames. Her step dad help douse the flames and tried to comfort his traumatised daughter.  She was still upset, when minutes later she again burst into flames, but as Tom-mutts tried to calm  her, and she found she had the ability to turn the flames on and off at will. Still amazing was that the flames had not done  any damage to her body.

Tom-mutts was horrified,  and worried about his daughter being in any way alienated in the same way Jim-bone had been, or even worst taken away by the government like his "son" Jim-bone was all those years ago.  TOM-MUTTS, then decided that he had to destroy this new female Canine Torch, this he did not by killing his beloved child, he did this by making her forget she had had the accident and had developed these amazing powers.  He managed to make her forget the whole experience through HYPNOTIC suggestion. Also he planted a strong fear of fire, or PYROPHOBIA in her mind.  This hopefully would stop her from wanting to "flame on" but this would not stop it from happening by accident.  He created a golden yellow uniform for her to wear, which could suppress her skin from bursting into flame.  This uniform once in contact with her skin would become invisible to on lookers This too was part of hypnotic conditioning, and once she put on the uniform she became unable to see it herself, and due to the design no one else could see it under her every day clothes if it was ever to become visible.

They went back to normal life, but Tom-mutts worried that his presents to his step daughter would in some way remind her of the accident, so one day he disappeared. He did not abandon her completely, she would send her money every month, and although she never saw him again, he would always keep a watchful eye on her beloved step daughter from a far.

Foxy Straye finished school and went to college and graduated  top of the class.  She felt sad that her father was not there to see her big day, but little did she know that Tom-mutts was there in to see her receive her award.  Foxy had developed an interest in wanting to speak foreign languages at an early age, and she left college with the ability to speak and understand many different tongues.  She had a hankering to travel and world and see new places, but she was unable to do this due to her limited finances. So she took on a job as an interpreter and translator at the U N in New Yorkie City. This would give her a chance to earn some money for her travel needs, also she could use and improve on her language skills.

By chance she met a young dawg called, Jaw-nee. She felt attracted to him from the first sight,  he felt the same. She was later shocked to discover that her new boyfriend was Jaw-nee Storm,  The Hot Dog, Canine Torch.  Her fear of fire seamed to be suppressed by her love of her new boyfriend. She was confused about her feeling for him, she loved Jaw-nee, but feared The Canine Torch.  As their love grew she began having strange visions of about her body and the colour yellow. These visions continued until one day she became fully aware of the uniform that she had been wearing.  Although she could only see it in mirrors, but could not see or feel it on herself.

Upset, she revealed this to Jaw-nee, who was able to see it now. Jaw-nee suggested that he took her to see Lead Richards, aka Mr Fur-Tastic.   Lead was fascinated by the whole story of the invisible / visible costume, and after scanning her completely was able to realise that Foxy must have been given a mental block to stop her seeing the costume.

He used a mind scanner, and this caused Foxy to again burst into flame.  This released all of the hidden memories from her mind, along with a conversation she had had with her father, when he told her the truth about everything including who he really was.

Now free from the  her pyrophobia, she now able to reach her full protental. She would be asked by the FF to join their family of heroes where they along with Jaw-nee could help her with training in the use of her new found powers.

Long before she was able to become a full time member of the team, a BIG TALL visitor came to call who would change her life completely.

More Tomorrow


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