Saturday, 28 May 2011


The warrior that is called The Valk-Hairy comes originally from the Fabled land of AS-DOG. Home of the Ancient Horse Dogs of legend.  A favourite of the king of the Horse Dogs, Doggie-Dins and his son, Paw the Dog of Thunder.

BRUN-HOUNDIE, to give her her correct name was once the chief Valk-Hairy who's  task in life was to guild those who had fallen in battle to Vall-Haira, the Horse Heaven.

Known to most canines on Earth as The Valk-Hairy, she spent many years fighting the forces of evil along with other Hero Hounds.  Why she ended up on Earth is complected and involved The AS-DOG witch and sorceress AMUTTOR  The Enchantress.  Many years in the past, Amuttor had imprisoned Brun-Houndie and had used her captives powers and  strengh to increase her own.  On occasions she even used the form of the Valk-Hairy in her evil schemes.

The Valk-Hairy has been more than one person during her life time, as she has switched bodies with two others. BUT that is a really complicated tale and really does not make much sense to me or Brun-Houndie..... Blame that Meddling Mutt The Enchantress for mixing things up.

Today Brun-Houndie The Valk-Hairy on the whole is now one person, who now has the memories of all the 3 different versions of herself..... I think !. But what I am sure of  is she is a brave warrior and processes  exceptional fighting skills. She is a expert in combat with either her trustee spear, or enchanted sword   DOGGIE-FANG..... She is definitely no dumb blond.

Much More to Come Tomorrow

Enjoy !

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