Sunday, 8 May 2011


BLAAST-DAAWG is a member of an alien race that lives in the Negative Zone. His people the Balurri-hounds, of which he ruled, rose up and overthrew him as they became fed up with his brutal nature and tyrannical rule.
They imprisoned him in a specially made containment dog basket and set him adrift in space.
He was freed by a chance encounter with Mr Fur-tastic of the FUR-TASTIC FOUR, who himself  had become trapped in the Negative Zone.
The now freed BLAAST-DAAWG, followed Lead Richards back through the Barker Build portal into normal space.  Where he tried to enslave the world.
However, the FF managed to beat him, and returned him into his own space in the Negative Zone.
Back in the Negative Zone he quickly took back his empire, and continued to wage war on all the inhabitants of the Negative Zone.  This brought him into a long conflict with Anni-hound-lias, himself the self proclaimed ruler of the Negative Zone.
Over the years BLAAST-DAAWG has succeeded in opening the portal into normal space many times, as his need to conquer is constant.  He has had alliances with his enemy Anni-hound-lias to conquer threats, but these have usually ended up with one double crossing the other one.
Enjoy ! 

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