Sunday, 22 May 2011


When all of the original founders of the Avengers left to pursue their own lives, it  was up to Captain America to round up a new team. This change of roster became a big part of the Avengers Stories in years to come.  AND with most team changes the covers would reflect this.

Here is the original of the cover to Avengers issue 16 along with my Avenging Hounds Version that I post a few weeks ago.

Again I have gone back and made a few changes to my original cover, mainly my Buddy Dawg usually had the same overall look. As Captain America was originally holding his shield, I decided to have Canine America do the same.  So I gave Buddy an Arm.  Also I revised my look of some of the back ground characters, mainly the Vill-Hounds that I had re drawn during  my Bad Dogs Themed Week

I hope you enjoyed the re working of Avenging Hounds Issue 16

Tomorrow  a brand new cover, never before posted.


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