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King Namutt. the Sea Dog, also know as The Muttie Sub Muttriner has been called alot of things in his life, Prince , King,  Husband, Widower,  Hero Hound, Vill-Hound and Mutt-ant... to name a few.  All of these titles are correct, BUT how did the Muttie Mutt-ant from the seven seas become to be ?

Our Story begins in the Late 1920's.  Namutt was the result of a union between a Pink Furred Ships Captain from the surface world  and a Blue Furred Princess from beneath the waves. His name was Leon-Hound McKenzie and he was the Captain of The Ship Orac-howl.  She was Princess Furry Fen, daughter of the King of Atlantis.  They met and fell in love, and married just before her father took her back to Atlantis.  Not before Killing Captain McKenzie.     Nine months later,  Furry Fen gave birth to a healthy Young puppy. She named him Namutt.   However, from birth he appeared different.  His skin and fur was Pink not blue like his mothers.  Also he had the ability to breath out of the water, a thing that Fen's people, Caninus Aquarius could not do with out artificial means.  Also on his ankles her had two small bird like wings.  These would enable him to swim at great speeds, and later he would find that they allowed him to fly.

The people of Atlantis finally accepted Namutt as a Prince of Atlantis, and he prepared himself to be future ruler of his people.

He was always a little bit interested in the surface people, but after seeing what evil they were capable of, decided to keep clear of the surface animals.

Alas during the W W 2... ( That's World Woof 2 ) he found himself fighting along side the Hero Hound Canine America, against the Evil AD-WOLF HIT-FUR  and his Woofzi Party. ( BUT THAT'S ANOTHER STORY FOR ANOTHER TIME )

After the war had finished, he went back to his life as Prince of Atlantis, but  during the 1950's his life was upset yet again by a surface canine. The  Vill-hound  THE YELLOW DOG-CLAW attacked him, and in  battle he became injured and lost his memory.

He spent the next 10 years as a tramp wandering the land.  unaware of who he was. BUT an encounter with a young Jaw-nee Storm, aka Hot Dog the Canine Torch, he regained his memory.

On returning to his home under the sea he was horrified to find that the City of Atlantis had been destroyed, and his people were no where to be seen.

He return to the Surface to do battle with the Land Dwellers, as he believed they must have caused the destruction of his people.  This brought him into conflict with the Fur-tastic Four.  and brought The Invisible Pooch aka Shuh Tzu (Sue) Storm into his life.

Namutt love life was just as eventful as his personal life.   His first wife The lady Dawgma was murdered, his love for The Invisible Pooch, Shuh Tzu(Sue) Storm was not returned, even after she married Lead Richards he still pursued her when ever possible, Marina Dogwood,  his second wife got pregnant and went mad and turned into  a sea monster that he killed to save others.  So not very happy in love you could say.

Over the years he would learn that his people where still alive, and would finally make peace with the surface world.... But this would take a long time, and during this time he would end up  fighting nearly every Hero Hound and Vill-hound in the Mutt-vell Universe.

Namutt, the Sub-Mutt-rina is a very arrogant hound, but his sense of duty allows people that are close to him  know what a true hero he really is.

More Mutty Magic Tomorrow


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