Thursday, 5 May 2011


In my Blog last month,  I  told you the tale of the Avenging Hound called the Bark Knight, but here is a previous dawg that used that title.
Nathound Growlett  was a direct descendant of ..... SIR PUPSY OF SCANDOGIA., the original Bark Knight from Medieval times. He inherited GROWLETT CASTLE in England, which had been the home and final resting place of Sir Pupsy.....

The Ghost of Sir Pupsy appeared to Nathound one night, and bide him become the Modern Day Bark Knight. Unfortunately Nathound proved to be unworthy to draw Sir Pupsey's enchanted sword, The EB-BONEY BLADE therefore he was not fit to be the Next Bark Knight.   However, Nathound had other thoughts on this matter.


Nathound had already started on the path to evil, as he had been involved in spying for the Communists in the US of A, where this had brought him into conflict with The Giant Dawg, aka Hairy Pym.

Returning to his castle in England, he decided to get his revenge. He fashioned a suit of Armour and constructed some weapons, as he was unable to use the Bark Knights  Sword. He was a talented engineer and genetic scientist and was able to mutant one of his horses so that it grew wings and was capable of flight.  Now he had his trusty steed, he fashioned a lance into a multi purpose weapon.

Now complete with Armour, Weapons and his Flying Horse. he travelled back to America to start on a career of crime and revenge.  

This brought him back into conflict with Giant Dawg, and his partner the Waspish Pooch.  Soon he would be battling many other hero hounds.

Later he was contacted by Baron Sniffo and joined his original Mutt-Masters of EVIL, and they took on the newly formed AVENGING HOUNDS.   His career of crime came to an end when he was fatally wounded in Battle with Iron Hound .

On his death bed he contacted his NEPHEW, Great Dane Woofman, and asked him to become the Next Bark Knight and try to make up for his failure to do this himself. Thus wiping clean the stain his Bark Knight had made on the heroic family name.

He left Great Dane, all his weapons and Armour along with his fortune, flying horse and Castle.  Thus placing Great Dane Woofman on the road of becoming the NEW BARK KNIGHT.


enjoy !

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