Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Stephound Strange was a brilliant if arrogant surgeon whose career was destroyed after a car accident left him with damaged paws. Unable to hold the instruments of his profession he fell into a deep depression.  His increasing problems with the inability to deal with his injuries resulted in him drinking and set him on a path of total destruction.

However, he decided to search for a cure to the nerve damage to his paws, and this took him to the Himalayas, where he heard that a Tibetan Monk may have the answer.

He found the Monk, who was really a Sorcerer. He was very old, and was called the Ancient One.  The Ancient one took Stephound as his pupil, and informed him that the answers he wanted could be found through discipline and study.  His own arrogance had caused Stephound's down fall, but the Ancient One informed Strange that, it was not too late to change himself for the better.

Also studying under the Ancient One was BARON MOR-DOG.  Stephound uncovered that Mor-dog was planning to murder the Ancient One and steal his powers. Before Stephound could inform his master, Mor-dog used his magic to mystically mussel Stephound, so that he could not speak of the treachery of the Baron, whilst still be able to converse about other subjects.

Both of the students continued their studies under the watchful eye of their elderly teacher.  Whist the Baron was able to weld powerful magic, Stephound found he soon was able to match the Baron's abilities. Unlike the Baron who used spells of pure power and force, and was sloppy in his approach to casting spells, Stephound found that he could control magic in ways that the Baron could only dream. The truth was the Baron used Evil for the source of his power, whilst Stephound had found his power through study, hard work and inner peace.

The Baron attempted to destroy Strange, but although he was not as powerful as the Evil Baron, Stephound was able to beat him, and  sent his packing with his tail between his legs.

The Ancient One revealed that he had known what the Baron was planning all along, and wanted to see how Stephound  reacted to the Baron and his evil ways.  The Ancient One told Strange that when he had first met him, he had seen that although he was arrogant, Stephound was of good heart, and his soul was full of light. Whist the Baron's heart was full of darkness and evil.

Stephound Strange continued under the tutoring of the Ancient one until a time when his powers rivaled that of his old teacher.

Stephound Strange returned to the outside world, where he used his new found skills to try to cure the world of the evil in it. 

Dr Stephound Strange was his past, he was now Dog-Tor Stephound Strange, Master Mutt of Magic.

Years later, after the Ancient One passed onto a higher plain, he passed the title of Sorcerer Pup Supreme to Stephound along with the job of being the worlds protector from evil magics.

The Baron would challenge him time and time again, and he would finally discover that the Baron had had an Evil Master who he worked for, The Dreaded DOGMAMMU. But that's another story.

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