Thursday, 26 May 2011


Doctor Bruce Bonner never wanted to be a hero....He wanted to be a great scientist, and after many years of study Bruce ended up a chief scientist working on GAMMA technology for the Military.

His crowning achievement was the Gamma Bomb. This bomb was due to be tested in the on a secret Military Base located in the Arizona  Desert.  However, on the day of the test, a young teenager called Rick Jaws decided to sneak onto the military base for a bet.  As most of the military personnel  at the time were safe in the blast bunkers, Young Rick was able to drive his car right up to the Bomb.

Bruce Bonner spotting the Car, and halted the count down, and rushed out of the Blast Bunker to ensure that the intruder did not come to any harm.  However, as Bruce got to the trespassing Teenager, the count down recommenced. What Bruce did not now that one of his co workers was really a Communist Spy, and he was taking the opportunity to destroy Dr Bonner and steal his research.

On hearing that the count down had recommenced, Bruce dragged Rick to a near by shelter, BUT after pushing Rick to safety, the bomb exploded, and poor old Dr Bonner got a hit by  the full blast of the bomb..

Luckily Bruce survived the exposure to the lethal Gamma Radiation, but later that night he started to feel unwell.  He was in the military hospital with Rick Jaws when he suffered the first of his many transformations. He grew in size and his skin and fur took on a strange Green Colour. Also his manner changed from the shy intelligent scientist Bruce Bonner, to a  Angry, Hulking Monster, who had a child like intelligence.

At first these transformations only happened at night,  and between Rick and Bruce they tried to hide the true identify of the Creature that had been christened as The HOUNDED HULK.

As the months went on Bruce and Rick found that  the transformations could take place at any time, especially if Bruce became stressed. Also the Hounded Hulks  manner and character would sometimes change also, from be a simple child like brute, to a more intelligent personality. Sometimes the Hounded Hulk could be kind and gentle, at other times he could be brutal and mean.

Later it would be discovered that early traumatic episodes in Bruce as a child was the cause of some of the Hounded Hulks behavioural problems.  Also it was reported that the Hounded Hulks great strength could increase as a result of him becoming more and more angry.  As Bruce once said, "  Please  Don't Make me ANGRY, You would not  like me when I get ANGRY !  "  which was  very true.

The military were now hunting him, as they saw him as a danger to all.  Most of the time the Hounded Hulk only wanted one thing.... and that was to be left alone. BUT this was never to be, and he would be drawn into battle with others.

For years Bruce Bonner tried to cure himself, but cures were never a success.  Some times he could remain the Hounded Hulk for weeks at a time, even months.  The world treated him as a menace and he was often hunted by many Hero Hounds and Vill-hounds along with the military.

Loki , the Dog of Evil, tried to use the Hounded Hulk as a pawn to destroy his half brother The Muttie PAW, Dog of Thunder.  This plan back fired and brought together the formation of the AVENGING HOUNDS.  The Hounded Hulk served as part of the team for a very short while, but due to his temper issues, he left....... being a team player would never be his thing.

BUT he did become part of a team years later, but that's another story.

More Mutty Fun Tomorrow

Enjoy !

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