Wednesday, 18 May 2011


One of the very first "copy" covers I did was of Fantastic Four 181, from way back in 1970's .... It was not a really great story, but the cover looked easy to reproduce.... Plus the Thing saying  " IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME " worked well worth my DAWGS Theme.  IT'S SLOBBERIN'  TIME ! still makes me laugh;

Some of my earlier work, used some different types of drawing of dogs.   I used these mainly for my DC DAWGS, as I felt they worked better with the BAT - FANG cartoons I was doing originally.
This cover was originally  done as a Xmas card for friends. 

BUT recently I went back to my FANTASTIC FUR cover, and re did it with my BUDDY style DAWGS, that I tend to use more these days.   I feel that "BUDDY" works well with The Marvel Universe of characters.

Although its the same cover, I did make some changes, and now its MORE like the original cover. Also I re named "MY" characters the FUR-TASTIC FOUR as in hindsight I think that name is better. Also it keeps from confusing my readers, think of it as an Alternative Universe.   The comic people do it all the time after all.

So Here is me ripping off my own work, which originally was me ripping off some one else    !


I Hope you Like them both.  

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