Friday, 13 May 2011


PUPPYREUS  K'ROWL was born on the Planet XANDOG. He also went to the Nova Paws Academy. He was the first officer under the command of  GRABB-HOWL LA  who was his best friend and captain. When GRABB-HOWL LA was abducted by DOG-ALACTUS, Puppyreus spent many  years searching for his KIDNAPPED friend.

When he finally located the Planet Muncher named Dog-alactus, he confronted the kidnapper face to face.

Dog-alactus still morning the loss of his much loved Herald Hound, informed Pup about Grabb, and their life together. He told Pup about GRABB-HOWL LA and his transformation into the AIR WOOFIE WALKER and his roll in finding food for his hungry Master.

Dog-alactus also tells PUPPYREUS the sad news of the Death of  his Herald Hound whilst trying to protect him from the OVOIDOGGIES.    PUP then decided  to offer his services to Dog-alactus, to serve him as his friend had done before him.

The Mighty Planet Muncher then endowed Pup with a fraction of his own PUPPY POWER COSMIC, and as a result Puppyreus transforms into FIRE PAWS, the newest Herald Hound to DOG-ALACTUS.

Fire Paws serves his master for many years, but later begged to be released from his position of Planet Sniffer to the Mighty Dog-alactus.   Dog-alactus agrees BUT only if  Fire Paws will find him as suitable replacement.

Fire Paws then leaves and later returns with a replacement,  The lifeless form that had once been called the DOG-STROYER, which had originated in the Fabled land called AS-DOG.  The Master agrees to release Fire Paws from his duties, and sets about re-animating and Empowering the DOG-STROYER as his next Herald Hound and Planet Sniffer.

More Herald Hound Tales tomorrow


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