Sunday, 29 May 2011


K-Howl Richdog was a very rich dog. He had millions in the Bank and owned and ran his own successful company, Richdog Industries. However he was easily bored and when offered Super Powers by the cosmic entity known as GAMES MASTER MUTT, he jumped at the chance.

Once he had his powers he adopted the name, The BITE HAWK. He along with some other newly made vill-hounds were instructed by the Games Master Mutt to destroy the Avenging Hounds.  Bite Hawk and the other members of the Sinister Sniffer Squad failed in this attempt.

After the Games Master Mutt had grown bored with his creations, he abandoned the Sinister Sniffer Squad, who without any need to remain together broke up.

K-Howl tried his paw to be a solo Vill-hound, but after being defeated in battle by Dare Doggie, The Dog without Fur, he retired from the whole super vill-hound  thing.

However,  a chance meeting with a new super hero hound non-group prompted him to reform and try his paw at being Bite Hawk again, But this time he would be a hero.

This worked and Now with a re designed costume, Bite Hawk the Hero Hound was born.

Tomorrow  the Non Group of hero hounds are born.


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