Wednesday, 4 May 2011


He comes from the fabled land of AS-DOG, and is a fearsome warrior. He is big and as strong as a OX and carries a big AXE.    However, he is but a little puppy dog when it comes to the love of his life.  His love for AMUTTOR, known as  The Enchantress from AS-DOG,  allows him  to be manipulated into doing her bidding without question.

She allows him to believe that he is loved in return, but this is not the case. The Enchantress has eyes for another, in this case PAW, the Dog of Thunder. 

As PAW has rejected Amuttor's affections many times, she has used both her evil magic, and the Might of The REX - ECUTIONER to destroy and entrap the Mutty PAW.

Sk-ound and Amuttor, both have battled Paw on their own, and together as part of the Baron Sniffo's  Mutt-Masters of Evil.  Each time ending in failure, which means an aching Heart for the Enchantress, and an aching head for the Rex-ecutioner

For many years both Amuttor and Sk-ound were exiled on Earth (or Muttgard, as the AS-DOG call it) by the Paw's father DOGGIE- DINS,  LORD OF AS-DOG. Which gave them ample time to plan the down fall of PAW.

More dastardly mutts tomorrow


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