Friday, 20 May 2011


My version of the classic Avengers number 1# was the first copy cover that was completely re drawn.  Although I did use bits of the original Avengers title logo, most of it had to be redrawn to fit in with the changes I did to the title name.

Here is the original, along with my initial mock up version, that I used to see what went where etc.  Note that I corrected the colours to Loki's costume as they are slightly wrong on the original.

But as I was trying to reproduce the original cover, I amened them back for my final cover. The Lower cover is slightly updated from how I originally presented it.  Paw now holds his Hammer, and the Hounded Hulk now has a more flat head, as he was shown on the original.   I wanted to make a few changes to the Iron Hound Armour, BUT I felt that this would mean a complete redraw, and frankly I would rather spend time drawing new covers, to waste it re working something that I already did. However, I will be doing a re do on The Hounded Hulk to go along with my next weeks project.  Also Today I finished a NEW Avenging Hounds Cover.  That will be listed later this week.  

So enjoy this re hashed version of my AVENGING HOUNDS 1#

Enjoy !

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