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DOG-ALACTUS '  next herald hound was a real terror to control. From the very first time he saw him, Dog-alactus knew he was ideal for the position now vacated by the DOG-STROYER
TYREX was the ruler or should I say Dictator of the Planet Birex, he had powers already which enabled him to control rocks and the earth beneath his paws. He used these powers to enslave the people and he ruled them with a paw of steel. 
Dog-alactus requested Tyrex to be his new herald, but Tyrex was not prepared to  be anyone Else's slave, so he fled.  Dog-alactus believed that his past Heralds had been too moralistic, and as a result had always worried too much about finding unpopulated worlds for him to consume. The Planet Muncher believed that Tyrex was without morals, so could do the job of sniffing out planets without the worries of destroying life as a result.  So he really wanted Tyrex for the roll of next Herald Hound.
 Around this time Mr Fur-tastic, Lead Richards from the FUR-TASTIC FOUR came to call. (with a little help from the WATCH DOG)  He asked for Dog-alactus to help him defeat the Vill-hound called Spinx, the Pharaoh Hound.  Lead offered to relinquish the mighty planet muncher from his vow never to attack Earth if he came to Earths help.
Dog-alactus agreed to help on the added  provision that the Fut-tastic Four find him his new Herald Hound, Tyrex .   Unhappy with this request, they agreed and Dog-alactus transported the FF to Birex, the home planet of Tyrex.
Where after a big battle, they managed to capture Tyrex and delivered him to Dog-alactus.  To say that Tyrex was unhappy to be turned into a slave was an understatement, and his hatred of this and the FF for their roll in it would come back to haunt them all in the years to come.
But for now, there was nothing Tyrex could  do to stop things, and when Dog-alactus empowered him with his PUPPY POWER COSMIC, TYREX was no more.  He was now TER-REX THE TERRIER.
Like the Herald Hounds before him, he was very powerful, He was given an AXE through which he could channel the Puppy Power Cosmic. He still had his power over  earth and rocks, but this had been increased a million fold.
The relationship between Master and  Slave was never good, as Ter-rex tried his upper most to cause harm to his Master where ever possible. Although he  did it behind his masters back, so that he would not be punished if he was found out.   Although he hated Dog-alactus, he hated the Fur-tastic Four more, and he would battle them as much as he could in the years ahead. As he blamed them for his slavery.

In the end, Dog-alactus would need to SACK his herald hound, as he realised that Ter-rex was trying to stave him to death. He did this by feeding on the PUPPY POWER COSMIC that he had originally given to Ter-rex and left him de powered.
This was not the last of TER-REX THE TERRIER as he soon got back his comic powers and went off to cause havoc all over the Universe.
Again DOG-ALACTUS was with out a Herald Hound, he would find his new one in a very unusual place, this time on EARTH

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