Sunday, 1 May 2011


DR HOUND-RICH SNIFFO, THE 12TH BARON SNIFFO was one of the top Germ-hound scientist in W W 2.  (World Woof 2 )  He was a member of the Woofzi party and a trusted  Friend of the Furry - Herr AD-WOLF HIT-FUR

He invented many weapons of mass destruction including Death Rays,  Robotic Killing machines and his greatest invention Adhesive Rex.  Adhesive Rex was a compound that would bond any thing together.  Unlike today's superglue, Adhesive Rex was permanent, and could not be dissolved , so once some thing or one was stuck to or with it, the person or thing would be bonded forever.

Early on in his career, he adopted a Purple Mask, so to hide his true identify from others, plus it also allowed him to appear as a more imposing person.  (very like the Red-Skully-wagg)

During one of his many fights with Canine America, the Baron was covered in his beloved creation ADHESIVE REX,  and his Purpler Mask stuck fast to his face and head.  Unable to remove the mask, he became a little bit unhinged.  the mask had now became part of his skin, and could never be removed. This affected his eating as he could even cut a hole through which to eat or drink.  He did devise a way to take in food, but this was via tubes into his body and stomach.  

Before the end of the War, he was responsible for  destroying the aircraft that was carrying Canine America & Barky. The Result was the DEATH of Both the Canine Sent-hounds of Liberty.  BUT this was untrue as Canine America would become frozen in the Icy Waters, to be found years later by the AVENGING HOUNDS, whilst Barky would be believed lost.

After the War, Sniffo hid himself away in the Jungles of South America, and remained there until he discovered that Canine America had returned.

He quickly assembled a group of Vill-hounds to destroy the good Canine and his friends the AVENGING HOUNDS.  The Mutt-Masters of Evil would fail in their attempt to kill the AV Hounds, but BARON SNIFFO who return again and again, with different line ups to cross paws with the Heroic Hounds.

He would end up dying due to his own fault, whilst trying to kill Canine America.

That was not the last of Baron Sniffo, as his son Hell-Mutt SNIFFO, took up the mantle of the 13th Baron Sniffo, who would try his up most to destroy Canine America and the Avenging Hounds in honor of his dear dead daddy.

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