Friday, 27 May 2011


Gnawing Padd better known as The SILVER SNIFFER  had once been the Herald Hound to the Mighty Planet Muncher DOG-ALACTUS. BUT had become exiled on Earth by his Master after a disagreement about consuming the very said planet.

Used to soaring the universe sniffing out the next planet for Dog-alactus to feed upon, he found being captive to one planet very difficult at first.

To punish his Herald Hound instead of destroying him, Dog-alactus decided that imprisonment was a more fitting punishment.  To deprive his favourite Herald from what he loved the most,  freedom to explore. Dog-alactus had surrounded the planet with an invisible barrier that only prevented the SILVER SNIFFER from passing through.  Although The Sniffer tried on many occasions and at many times, he found that he could not pass through the invisible walls of his prison.

Years later he would once again soar the universe, but for now he had the planet earth to explore. The Silver Sniffer found great beauty on his now new home, but also he found great evil.

This Evil brought him into conflict with many of Earths Vill-hounds, but also he found friendship in many of the Hero Hounds that lived there too.

He had a close relationship with the Heroes called the Fur-tastic Four, who had played a big part in him rebelling against his master.  When he had his Puppy Power Cosmic stolen by the Evil DOG-TOR DOOM,  Lead Richards and his Team help restore what was stolen from him.

The Silver Suffer was happy to travel the planet alone, as this gave him the chance to see all life and experience Caninanity first hand.  He knew that one day he would be reunited with his beloved Rubba-Ball, and their home planet,  but for now he was content to explore his adopted world alone.

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