Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Before he became the SILVER SNIFFER, he was called Gnawing Padd. He was a astronomer from the Planet MUTTZ-LA who dreamed of one day exploring the stars and planets.  His was a happy life, he enjoyed his profession and enjoyed the love of a his chosen mate, the beautiful Rubba-Ball. Life was good until he detected that planet munching mega mutt, DOG-ALACTUS was coming to dinner.   On the Menu was, the planet Muttz-La.

Gnawing Padd blasted off in a space ship and confronted Dog-alactus as he was entering the solar system. Padd pleaded for  the survival of his home world, and that of his beloved Rubba-Ball. He offered Dog-lactus that in return for sparing his home planet and his lover Rubba-Ball, he was willing  to serve as slave and herald.. his job to SNIFF OUT suitable planets for the planet muncher to consume.

DOG-ALACTUS accepts this deal as he would no longer have the concern of where his next meal was coming from. For Gnawing Padd, this would give him the opportunity to explore the stars in a way he could have near thought of.

In accepting Padd's deal Dog-alactus decided that his new "herald hound"  needed up grading so that he could survive and travel in space. The Mighty Dog-alactus then bestows a portion of his own PUPPY POWER COSMIC to Gnawing -Padd. This transformed him into the SILVER SNIFFER, and his new  master commanded  his slave to go sniff out his next meal.

Most of Padd's identity was removed during the transformation, but his mind and values stayed intact. Which meant that he would try to lead his master to planets that were either unpopulated or if life had evolved it was primitive and without significance.

 Along with the new look, the Silver Sniffer had been given many gifts and great power. His greatest gift was his mode of transportation. A Silver Board that was part of him and he could travel on at great speeds sniffing out the next dinner for his master.

This arrangement of Master and slave lasted for many years, until The Silver Sniffer sniffed out a Planet Called Earth..... But that's another story, for another time.

Enjoy.... More tomorrow.

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