Friday, 13 May 2011


Lots of problems getting into my blog today........ major problems with BLOGGER CENTRAL I believe, BUT Hopefully I can now get back to my story of the Planet Muncher and his Herald Hounds

When we last visited DOG-ALACTUS he had said good bye to Fire Paws, and hello to his new Herald, The DOG-STROYER.

The Dog-stroyer was little more than an Suit of Armour, that was from the fabled land of AS-DOG, Home of the Mutty Paw, Dog of Thunder.

Dog-alactus reanimated the armour, and suped it up with a little bit of his PUPPY POWER COSMIC, and set the new automaton off to sniff out his next snack.

The relationship with Dog-alactus and The Dog-stroyer was not good. As a slave the new herald hound was ok, he did a good job, BUT Dog-alactus missed the companionship that his other Herald Hounds had offered.  

Later when the AS-DOG DOG of EVIL, LICKY stole the Dog-stroyer to use in one of his dastardly deeds, Dog-alactus was not too upset.

Now the Planet Muncher was without someone to find his food. He was a BIG DOG and had fended for himself before, but yet again he  missed having someone around to do the cooking for him, or was that doing his food shopping  !.

He would soon locate a new candidate to fill the position vacated by the Dog-stroyer, but the chosen one did not want the Job....... so it was up to Dog-alactus to convince him that he should take the roll as his new Herald Hound. Which he did with a little help from a Fantastic Foursome.

More about the new Herald Tomorrow !


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