Monday, 2 May 2011


Earlier this week I gave you the Tale of Fang, the Conqueror, well I thought I would let you have a look at one of his earlier identities.

Rama Mutt was the first identify that Nat-Hound-al Richards adopted when he travelled into the past to ancient Egypt in his Time Machine disguised as The Spinx.

During his time in the past, he made a discovery that could cure blindness.  This fact was recorded in the carvings in an Egyptian Tomb.  In the present Lead Richards of the Fur-tastic Four discovered this fact, and decided to he travel back in time, via Dog-tor Dooms time machine to find a cure for
A-leasher  Masters- Voice  the blind sculptress and girl friend of Bone Grimm the Hairy Thing. (and the step-daughter of The Puppy Puppet Master )

Well they met with RAMA MUTT who declared that he too was from the future, but not theirs of the 20th Century... he was from the 30th Century.   He enslaved the Fur-tastic Four and tried to make the Invisible Pooch his bride.

The FF over threw Rama Mutt who escaped in his time machine, whilst the FF returned to their future with the blindness cure.   Unfortunately the canopic jar containing the cure did not travel with them into the future leading Mr Fur-tastic to believe that items from the past could not be transported through time. So No CURE for A-leasher  Masters- Voice

This was not the last we saw of Rama Mutt as he would return again, time & time AGAIN.

More Naughty Mutts Tomorrow


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