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GRABB-HOWL LA was the captain of an space ship from the planet XANDOG, His mission was to seek out and make peaceful relationships with near by alien life forms and civilizations.  Grabb-Howl La had been a very successful military leader with the The NOVA PAWS, and this tour of duty was near the end of its seven year stint. Grabb confided in his 1st officer, Puppyreus  that he was uncertain where or what he would do next.

Grabb's Ship, was on the final leg of  what had been a very successful mission, when it encountered an unidentified vessel.

Then before they could hail the vessel, Grabb was transported from the bridge of his ship to that of the other ship.  There he came face to face with its owner,  The Mighty Planet Muncher DOG-ALACTUS.

Dog-Alactus announced that  he was in need of a new herald to replace his former Herald Hound, The Silver Sniffer. ( Who was now residing on earth, after a small disagreement with his master,  full story to be covered soon)  Dog-alactus informed Grabb that he had scanned the minds of his ship, and decided that he, Grabb-Howl La was the most suitable to fill the position now vacated by The Silver Sniffer.

Without a second thought Grabb accepted Dog-alactus' job offer, as he thought that the chance to explorer the Universe was ideal for him. Although it was very clear that Dog-alactus had made him an offer he could not refuse anyway.

Like Gnawing Padd, aka the Silver Sniffer before him, Dog-alactus transformed Grabb into a form more ideally suited for the position as his Herald.  After Grabb-Howl La was bathed in the PUPPY POWER COSMIC by his new master,  he stood anew as THE AIR WOOFIE WALKER,  HERALD HOUND  to the Mighty DOG-ALACTUS.

For many years, the new master slave relationship ran smoothly.  Dog-alactus was pleased with his new herald, and The Air Woofie Walker was happy to serve his hungry Master. Dog-alactus would share stories with his new Herald, and over time they would build up a close relationship. However, their happy co existence was not to last.

Whilst sniffing out the next meal for his master, the herald spied a fleet of warships approaching his beloved Dog-alactus. The ships contained a race of canines who feared that the Planet Muncher was too close to their solar system for comfort, and as they did not want their home planet appearing on the next menu they had decided to attack.

This race of Canine's was called The OVOIDOGGIES, and they had built a weapon that they believed could destroy Dog-alactus if he ever came to call. HOWEVER,  when they fired the weapon at The Planet Muncher, his herald took the full impact of the weapon.  As a result the Air Woofie Walker was fatally injured.

As Dog-alactus had not yet fed, he was too weak to take his revenge on the Ovoidoggies.  He was forced to retreat to safety, where he watched his faithful Herald Hound die as he could not spare any of his Puppy Power Cosmic to heal him, as doing so would mean possible death to himself.

Much later when a weakened  Planet Muncher managed to feed again, he tried to revive his trusted Herald Hound, but this was not possible even for him. He had become very attached to the Air Woofie Walker's company he decided to build a robotic copy of his body, and into this he placed the Air Woofie Walker's  consciousness, that he had managed to preserve before his death.
Even though the new robotic hound was a copy of the original given the life essence and memories of the beloved Herald Hound, it soon became apparent that  Dog-alactus had failed to remake his faithful herald as he was before. This Robotic copy was lacking the spark of the original.

As the Robotic Air Woofie Walker did not meet with the full approval of his Master,  Dog-alactus sends the Robotic Copy to earth to retrieve the Silver Sniffer as his Herald Hound.

On Earth as he attempted to meet with the Silver Sniffer,  the Robotic Hound ends up in conflict with many of the other hero hounds (and Vill-hounds) on the planet.  He is destroyed by the Silver Sniffer who realises what he is, and his purpose, however, when the Robotic Hound repairers its self, he believes that he is the True Air Woofie Walker, not a Robotic Copy.

Again he goes in search of the SILVER SNIFFER, but this time bumps into The Mutty PAW, DOG of THUNDER.  PAW destroys the mechanical Mutt again...... but that was not the last of The AIR WOOFIE WALKER'S story, but this is the end of his tale for the time being.

More Herald Hounds Tomorrow


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