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ULT-TAIL-ON is one Evil Mutt.   Although he was originally built to aid Dog-Kind he soon decided that as a machine he was better than all other INFERIOR BIOLOGICAL creatures.  And as such has spent his life or should I say lives trying to destroy all organic life on earth.

The FIRST Ult-tail-on (or mark one) , was the creation of Dr Hairy Pym, the Avenging Hound who has been known as ANT-PUP, GIANT DAWG , The HOUND GOLIATH, The YELLOW JACK-RUSSEL & THE WASPISH POOCH.... Hairy was looking to create a machine with Artificial Intelligence.  He decided to build a robot and used his own brain patterns to help create its brain.  

When Ult-tail-on went on line for the first time, it became clear that what Hairy had created was much better than he had expected.   He hoped to create some thing that could think and reason, but what he got was MUCH MUCH MORE. He had created an intelligent machine with a mind of its own.   He had created "life" of the non organic kind. Hairy was again surprised how quickly the Machine learnt, and it started to refer to itself as I, and Hairy he began calling  FATHER, as that is what Ult-tail-on believed he was.... Hairy Pym's child. Also at this time the mechanical minor started to show an interest in Hairys long lime Girl Friend, Janet Van Dog.  As  Hairy was suspicious of Ult-tail-on's interest in Janet, he made sure that the two would not meet.

BUT within days the child began to grow up, and it started to rebel against his father. (like most teenagers)  and before Hairy could pull the plug on his little monster, Ult-tail-on was able to hypnotize his dear "Daddy"  into forgetting that he had built him.

Now Ult-tail-on had DADDY issues, and although he hated his father, he still loved him, and wanted to impress him, at the same time wanted to kill him. (just like a teenager) . It is unclear if the Robots unstable mind was of his own making, or a result of the then unknown mental issues that Hairy Pym had started to develop... but their lives would always been in some way connected.

For many years Ult-tail-on kept hided away, and during this time he would up grade himself, and better his design. He first came back into Hairy's life when he posed as the CRIMSON GROWL, who put together a new version of the Mutt-Masters of Evil.  This brought him into contact with The Hound Goliath (HAIRY PYM) and the rest of the Avenging Hounds.

                       ( The original Crimson Growl, revealed as an unknown Robot)
Although he was revealed as being a Robot, Ult-tail-on did not let on who or what he really was.

Only months later did the Avenging Hounds learnt his true name, after he had sent his creation , The VIZ-HOUND to destroy the AV HOUNDS. but  then he only referred to himself as ULT-TAIL-ON 5. The Viz-Hound would not be his only creation or offspring, but that is another story for another time.

He soon revealed his true origin, to Hairy's surprise and horror.  Over The years, the Mechanical Mutt would battle with the Avenging Hounds time and time again. Each time he was defeated, he would return again, with a new upgraded body and an upgraded name. Although his bodies had been destroyed over the years he was able to transfer his "MIND and ESSENCE" into new bodies.... allowing him to GROW as a person.

It is difficult know how many versions of Ult-tail-on there have been, as later models dropped the numbering title, however there have been at least 18 different models, most of which have adopted the same overall look. All have been hell bent on destroying life, all but Ult-tail-on Mark 12. This model decided he wanted to have a relation ship as Hairy Pym's Son... and called himself MARK.   But a previous model number 11 rebuilt himself and destroyed MARK as he considered the mark 12 to be faulty inferior due to his LOVE of Hairy and Canine - Kind

                                              (some of the Many Models of Ult-tail-on)
The ULT-TAIL-ON was Hairy Pym's greatest success at the same time as being his greatest failure, and this failure would not help him with his growing mental issues over the years.

Whilst ULT-TAIL-ON may still have DADDY issues, as he cannot not forget that his original programing and intelligence came from what he believes was an inferior species. AND therefore owes his existence to a lesser creation than himself. 

When last seen Ult-tail-on was out in deep space trying to take over the Universe, BUT like all good children,  he will return home to visit dear old daddy, and continue the family feud.

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