Saturday, 7 May 2011


Anni-hound-ilas is the tyrant ruler of what is called the Negative Zone. He is basically an insect who evolved due to an interaction with alien technology.
He was a weakly insect creature when he  found a knowledge transference helmet in the wreckage of an ancient space ship. This greatly enhanced his intelligence so that he could learn and master the advanced technology. The helmet also gave him increased strength allowed him to build an exo skeleton suit of Amour to allow him to move like the long dead creatures that had once piloted the damaged space ship.  With his new body he was able to fashion a COSMIC CONTROL ROD, which gave him great power.

He developed a paranoid like need to survive, which meant he was driven to destroy  or annihilate all other life forms that he believed threatened his existence.  He also began to use his new found power to dominate the weaker lifeforms in the Negative Zone.  He believed that all beings in the Negative Zone had a choice, bow down and be conquered or stand against him and be destroyed. His Comic Power Rod was sufficient to both destroy any Resistance and enslave the remainder. This earned him the name Anni-hound-ilas.

He quickly became ruler of both the Negative Zone and most of the adjoining space.

Ann-hound-ilas was content with his empire, until 3 members of the Fur-tastic Four,  Mr Fur-tastic,  Hot Dog, The Canine Torch &  The Hairy Thing entered into his Universe from Normal Space. These travellers fascinated  Ann-hound-ilas. Firstly as he did not know of the place they came from existed, secondly they all had power to rival his own, so could be a threat.... and lastly he now knew there was another world for him to conqueror and enslave.

He quickly made contact with the 3 FF members, and found that they were looking for him, or something he had.  Lead Richards explained that he was seeking something that could help save the life of his wife and mate,  Shuh (sue)Tzu Storm-Richards aka The Invisible Pooch. Sue was expecting a puppy, but was experiencing complications with the pregnancy brought about by the comic rays that had originally transformed the FF in the beginning.

Lead realised that Anni-hound-lias' Comic Rod could help cure Sue  and their Unborn Puppy.  He asked to borrow it but Anni-hound-ilas refused and imprisoned the 3 some.  They escaped captivity and took the Cosmic Rod , promising to return it as soon as possible.

Back Home they  cured Sue and she gave birth to a healthy puppy.   Being True to his word, Mr Fur-tastic returned the Cosmic Rod, but Anni-Hound-lias declared that he would not rest until he had Annihilated the FF and all the life in their universe.

Over the next few years he would battle with the FF and other hero hounds from normal space, as he believed that they were a threat to his very existence.


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