Monday, 9 May 2011


DOG-ALACTUS is the sole survivor of the Universe that existing prior the Current Universe.

The destruction of the old Universe caused what is called the Big Bang, so the death of the old gave birth to the new.

DOG-ALACTUS in his previous life was called Gal-hound a scientific canine with a strong moral code and ethical beliefs,  who lived on the paradise world call TAIL . It is believed that this world was the most advanced in the whole of that Universe.

Gal-hound discovered was the Universe was compacting into a single area.  He went in a space ship to investigate, and ended up being absorbed into the mass, but instead of destroying him, it changed him and evolved him.  This change took millions of years and during this time the old universe had died giving birth to the new.  When he finally emerged from his long "sleep" Gal-hound had now been transformed in to one of the most powerful creatures in the Universe.

More God Than Dog he decided to travel the new universe exploring and looking for his purpose. Millions of years later he had seen everything to be seen. From the birth of life in the cosmos to rise and fall of many races and civilizations. During his travels he started to build himself a new home world, but this construct itself grew larger and larger until it was so large that Suns and planets orbited it. Within this construct he collected aspects of life and culture, so his world became like a large Museum of The Universe.  He called his "SHIP" TAIL 2 after his long destroyed home world.

Then after millions of years of existence, he began to feel the pangs of HUNGER. At first he was able to satisfy his hunger by absorbing asteroids and space waste matter.  BUT soon these  morsels of food did not satisfy him. Gradually he began to feed on larger moons and small satellite planets, but again his hunger grew. This feeding process continued for the next few million years until he was forced to feed on a world populated with life forms. He found that this world satisfied him much longer than he had ever been before, BUT again he found he still needed to feed. As the years passed he found that he was no longer worried about what he consumed, as long as he consumed enough energy to survive and live.

He realised that he would always need to feed and his survival was his uppermost concern. All traces of Gal-hound and his moral code had no longer a place in his life,   Gal-hound was gone, he was now DOG-ALACTUS, and it was feeding time again ! 

Some advanced worlds even tried to destroy DOG-ALACTUS, but his power so great that he would not be bothered by their actions.

His cycle of feeding and destruction coutinued for millions of years until someone came into his life and made him rethink his eating habits

Be here tomorrow for that story

Enjoy !

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