Saturday, 29 July 2017

Yesterdays Heroes...... She was no He-Man but she was all Woman. Meet She-Ra

Debuting in 1985 She -Ra Princess of Power first appeared on TV along side He -Man and the other Masters of the Universe.

This cartoon show was created by the same team that had brought the Mussel Bound He- Man and the Masters of the Universe to the same screen a few years earlier. Which was a clever way for  the Creator Mattel  to have a line of He-Man Toys and Figures that the Cartoon series was basically a half hour long advertisement. Here in the UK rules regarding advertising products or product placement meant that this cartoon could not be shown on the BBC. So Both She-ra and He-Man were shown on the then the only commercial TV channel ITV.

He-Man was a big smash, but one thing the  marketing big wigs at Mattel found was that the target audience was not all boys as they had though, Girls liked the programme too.   So it was decided that a new character needed to be introduced to help fill the gap in the product range. A leading Female Character was designed , and she became known as She-Ra , Princess of Power.

However, She-Na toys were liked to the Barbie range and instead of a Toy depicting a strong woman and connected characters in the range, they ended up with a Doll to dress up and comb her hair. It would be like GI - Joe (or British Action Man) having a female contemporary who was into Combs and Brushes not Guns and Tanks.  She-ra toy sales were never a patch on He-Man's.

Now Back to our Heroine Princess Adora aka She-Na, The Princess of Power

It would soon be known that She-Ra was the sister of He-Man, although bough had been brought up on different planets and knew nothing of each other. The kidnap and her existence had been removed from all memory by

King Randor & Queen Marlena rulers of the Planet Eternia had had twins born to them. A Boy Adam, who would grow up and become He-Man and a Girl Adora who had been kidnapped as a baby by Hordak the leader of the Evil Horde from the inter dimensional planet of Etheria . Raised on that planet Princess Adora, or Adora believed that he Kidnapper Hordak was her father. So she was raised as a warrior.

To cut a long story short, Adora comes into contact with He-Man and she ends up touching a sword very like He-Man's and is transformed into She-ra . She like He-Man had a group of helpers, from Flying Horses to a Magical Priestess and a male companion called Bow.

Both she and He-Man come to learn they are not just brother and sister but Twins. He -Man would return to his home, where She-Ra would stay on her realm to help over throw the evil of Hordak. On occasions she would travel to have adventures with her brother and likewise he would come to her aide.

Maybe She-ra is not truly forgotten, but her time may come again one day.

Next Time another Hero from the past makes a re appearance.

Until then ENJOY.