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The tale of two Bat-women.... Part One

As I previously have written BAT-WOMAN was originally introduced in the 1950's in part to help build on the soap opera - family life and their issues that DC comic reads seemed to enjoy.  Also An Older Man and a Young Boy running around in tights was starting to look too GAY for some at DC Comics. Therefore,  Bruce Wayne and Batman needed a Girlfriend.

The Original BAT-WOMAN was a wealthy Heiress Kathy Kane, who had once owned a circus. She was designed to be a feminine counterpart for Bruce Wayne and BAT-MAN of that age. They were both wealthy crime fighters, who knew each other in their normal identity, but only Bat-man would discover Bat-Woman was his friend and socialite Kathy Kane. Kathy would romance Bat-man as Bat woman, and also would flirt with Bruce as herself.... never knowing they were the same man.

With the addition of Kathy's niece Betty Kane, who became the first BAT-GIRL, young Robin also ended up with a love interest.

However, in the mid 1960's DC publications revamped Bat-man, and BAT-WOMAN and BAT-GIRL disappeared never to be mentioned again. This is how it stayed until the 1970's when Bat-girl resurfaced as part of the Teen Titans West, and later Bat-woman popped up in a few stories through out DC publications.
The Original BAT-WOMAN 

However, to make things even more complicated, the early stories of BAT-MAN along with his Bat-man Family that took place prior to the mid sixties shake up became  tales of another Bat-man from Earth 2.

The idea that on Earth 2 Bat-man originally started his career in the early 1930's fitting well with the old stories. Many of the characters still existed but had been allowed to age. This gave the DC comic people to have the best of both worlds. The new styled heroes from Earth 1 could continue and the old versions could also continue to exist.

This worked well for a time, but as much as fans loved the new stories, and up dated versions of their heroes, many still loved the old style heroes, who had come from a much gentler time.

The original Bat-woman was now forgotten about, BUT in the 1970's she was reintroduced again into the Earth 1 modern day, were she shared many adventures with the "New" Bat-Girl Barbara Gordon.  However her character was finally killed off for real when the league of assassins killed Kathy to get back at BATMAN.

However, the legend of the Bat-woman continued on Earth 2, were an old wiser Kathy Kane had retired from crime fighting and was content to live out her life as a normal citizen. BUT in a story that brought the Modern Batman from Earth 1 to Earth 2 where he encountered the Adult Robin, Kath was tempted to put on her costume for one last time just so that she could meet the younger version of the now deceased Batman of her world.
Together again for the First and Last Time

After Earth two was destroyed in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, along with all of the other Earths, All memory of ANY Bat-Woman was erased. However, the Character Katherine Kane would be talked about, she would never ever have become BAT-WOMAN.

However in the 2000's DC was ready for a revamp yet again, this revamp originally called for Bat-Girl Barbara Gordon to return as a caped crusader, in a revamped costume with a new name..... BAT-WOMAN. As her character had been crippled many years before by the Joker in the Classic Tale...The Killing Joke, writers devised various ways she could now walk. Rumours of Barbara Gordon walking again did not go down very well with soon fans and some of the writers.


For many years Barbara had become a successful Wheel chaired crime fighter called Oracle, and as DC felt that loosing their only disabled character would not be the correct thing to do.

So Barbara was left alone, but the idea of a NEW Bat-woman was continued with, this would be a brand new character, who had an old established name...... Katherine Kane, or Kate to her friends.

Next time the many changes that lay ahead for the new BAT-WOMAN.

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ROBIN no More ! Enter NIGHTWING Much More than a BOY WONDER.

In 1984 Dick Grayson relationship with his mentor and partner Bat-Man was starting to breakdown. As Robin, Dick had shown that he was more than the young sidekick of Bat-man. He had lead the Teen Titans for many years, and had teamed up with many of the Adult super heroes on his own. However, Bruce Wayne, aka BAT-MAN tended to always take the lead in their relationship, and at times this left Robin feeling under valued. It had always been Bat-Man & Robin, with the "& ROBIN" part was starting to take its toll on Dick.

Bruce was proud of his "son" Dick, but like a lot of parents found it hard to give the praise and encouragement he should have.

Although the dynamic duo had been around for years (decades), in comic terms and years Robin was still a 18 year old kid in Bat-man's eyes, and still was not ready to go it alone. After many arguments Bruce finally told Dick that if he was not happy with the set up he should leave the Bat Cave and the partnership. Which he did.

Robin announced to his Teen Titan Team mates that he was no longer going to be Robin, and whilst he decided where his next direction was to take him, he continued aided the Titans as himself. He told them he thought he had outgrown Robin, and The Bat-man ! He took of his Robin costume for the last time, much to the delight of many of the female Titans !


However, when the Titans battled with Deathstoke the Terminator Dick aided the Teen Titans not as Robin but at NIGHTWING.

Over the years Dick had become close to Superman via his various team ups with Bat-man. During one of this team ups Superman had told Robin about two Kryptonian heroes of legend Nightwing & Flame Bird, who had been Krypton's own version of BAT-MAN & ROBIN. Taking this idea on board help Dick create his new identity.

Dick's first Nightwing costume was very 1980's in design. Very fussy and so on.


By the 1990's the costume had changed.

and entering the 2000's the Nightwing suit and look was finally sorted.

Bruce and Dick's relationship did heal in time, and finally Bat-man allowed Nightwing more freedom when they acted and fought together.

Although Dick Grayson was the original Robin, he was not the last to put on the costume or adopt the name. But tales of the other "Robin's" will have to wait for another time.

This is not the end of the Dick Grayson tale, he would go on to replace Bruce as Bat-man, but that tale is for another time, as is the person who would became HIS Robin.
Dick Grayson is BAT-MAN

After Bruce Wayne came back from the dead, Dick took up his old identity as Nightwing yet again. This is how Nightwing remained up until the Big Changes that came with 52 !!!

Next time the final person of MY Bat-man Family ....

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Just got home from a 3 week Holiday in the US of A, so I am home to see the special 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who...... Now I am  home I will start blogging again.

Here is my take on the the Original Doctor played by William Hartnell.

Like a lot of people of my age, Dr WHO will always have a special place in my heart.

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The Death of The Bat-Man, and The Coming of the Huntress

Bruce Wayne was now commissioner of the Gotham City Police force having retired from being BAT-MAN many years before. His deceased Wife Selina had finally been cleared of any connections to committing murder during her career as the Criminal Cat-Woman.

Bruce and Selina's daughter Helena was now a partner in the same law firm as Dick Grayson. Unlike Bruce, Dick still maintained his Robin persona, which had caused much tension between him and former Bat-Man. Bruce had decided to take a tough line on costumed Vigilantes, as he how believed that they caused as much problems as they did good.

Bruce was dismayed when a new female caped crime fighter appeared on the scene. He had not yet seen the so called HUNTRESS in the flesh, as she did her up most to avoid him. Bruce believed that this was due to his stance on Vigilantism, but little did he know that this Female Crime fighter was his own Daughter Helena.

Robin had crossed paths with The Huntress, and it did not take him long to deduce that the daughter of his best friend, the person who was like a sister to him was The Huntress. Robin tried to stop Helena from joining  the Unofficial Family Business, but she soon convinced him this was the life she was born too.

Soon Dick and Helena's feelings for each other grew from Brother-Sister - Uncle - Niece, to lovers. Bruce and Helena had drifted apart after the death of Selina, and even though Bruce disapproved of her and Dick's relationship, he felt that they where good for each other.

Bruce's health was now a concern for him, as he now found he was suffering from Cancer, most probably caused by his years of smoking a pipe. He hid the facts of his illness from everyone, and decided to continue and fight it to the end..... he was BAT-MAN after all.

In the final stages of his illness, Bruce was tempted to put on his Cape and Cowl one final time to help capture a criminal who was hell bent on destroying  the lives of many of Bruce's colleagues from the Justice Society.  However the Bat-man was successful in saving the day, but at the cost of his own life.

In Death the fact that Bruce Wayne had been the BAT-MAN was finally revealed. This meant that it was not long before reporters and the newspapers connected Dick Grayson as being Robin and Helena Wayne being the Huntress.

With their lives in ruins, and people they cared about now being in mortal danger from the Criminal Underworld, Dick & Helena sort out help from the Justice Society.

Unmasked after the Death of BAT-MAN

Dr Fate, the Justice Society's  resident wielder of Magic had a solution. Using his  magical arts he caste a spell that erased the memory that Bruce and Bat-man were the same person. History was rewritten that both Bruce Wayne and Bat-man had both died at the same time.

This meant that The Huntress and Robin's secret identities were again safe.

Both The Huntress and Robin would continue their partnership in real life and as the new Dynamic  Duo for many years. Helena would be granted a place with the Justice Society, along with Robin. This would bring her into contact with Bat-man from Earth One who she called UNCLE Bruce. He deduced that her Father MUST had known she was The Huntress, after all he WAS the Worlds Greatest Detective
"UNCLE" Bruce and Helena

However, happiness on Earth 2 would be brought to a grinding halt after the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. As the Earths combined many heroes would disappear from memory, and erased from existence altogether. . Amongst them were Robin and The Huntress.  But more about the Crisis at some other time.

Here is a final look at the Bat-man family of the 1970's version of  Earth 2

Until next time ENJOY !!!!

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In keeping with my BAT-MAN Family connection, here is a bland NEW first look at my version of Batman Beyond or Batman of the Future.

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The Wayne family was now fragmented. Bruce Wayne had forever given up his Bat-Man identity and despised himself for the part he had played in the death of his wife Selina Kyle, the former villains CATWOMAN. He had recently taken on the roll as Commissioner of Police in Gotham City, and his work meant that he had something to aim his attention at, but at the cost of his relationship with his daughter and best friend. Bruce's daughter Helena had left home  before her Mothers death to study law at Harvard and was now a successful lawyer working along side Dick Grayson former partner of BAT-MAN. Dick Grayson and Bruce had also drifted apart as they did not see eye to eye on Vigilante Crime Fighting.

Dick tried to balance his Legal work with that as being Robin, but again he found he enjoyed both too much to give up on either. Also he had now started to build a relationship with Helena Wayne, who although was much younger than him, had many qualities he found to be exciting. Helena felt the same about Dick, who she had seen as nothing more that a Brother-Uncle figure, but without the love of her Father, she found what she was lacking in Dick Grayson.

Bruce Wayne acknowledge Dick & Helena's relationship, but did nothing to discourage  or encourage it.  He had his Police work,
The office of the Gotham City  Commissioner of Police 

Dick had Robin and his Legal work to drive him also.....

BUT as for Helena, she had something else to contend with,  finding proof  her dead Mother was NOT a Murder.

Even whilst Helena was in the final year of her Law Degree, she had started to looking into the circumstances surrounding her Mothers death, As far as the records read Selina Wayne had died in a freak accident whilst she had attempting a Robbery. Facts had been put forward that Selina had only become Catwoman again to cover up that she had once committed the murder of a Gotham City Policeman. BUT as this evidence was non existent the court at the official enquiry could only rule that Selina Wayne had died committing a crime, and had had a part to play in the Murder of a Police officer many years before.

Helena had found an entry in her Mothers diary stating she was being Blackmailed, and reporting she had never committed Murder in her time as The Catwoman. Although this could be seen as evidence, Helena knew that the diary itself did not prove innocents, and also Helena could not allow this document to be seen by other eyes as it would reveal other secrets about her Fathers identity as the BAT-MAN.

However, using the information she had she managed to track down Silky, the person who had blackmailed Selina. Knowing this harden criminal would not confess to the law as this would incriminate him, she decided to use a different tactic.

Bruce Wayne was now living most of his time in central Gotham City, so Helena knew that she could access Wayne Manor as she pleased. After all it was her home too....BUT what Helena wanted was not what was in the Manor, what she wanted lay beneath it .....in the BAT CAVE.
Helena revisiting her past to find her future.

As a Girl Helena had played in the BAT CAVE under the supervision of her family. Although her father had retired as the BATMAN after her birth, he still used to visit the Cave and help Robin fight the good fight. During her youth down in the Bat Cave  Helena had learnt self defence from both her parents and her "Uncle" Dick. She had learnt how to use most of various scientific machines there also. To many this may have not been the ideal education for a young lady, but she was no ordinary young lady, Helena Wayne was the daughter of Batman & Catwoman after all.

Entering the Bat Cave Helena quickly assembled various items, and went about transforming herself. Borrowing one of Bat Cycles Helena left the Bat Cave on route to confronting her Moms Blackmailer.

Then Helena bust in on the crook Silky, she did it not as Helena Wayne, but as The Huntress.  Wearing a costume combining elements of both her parents masked identities and carrying weapons adapted from theirs also, she showed from the outset she was a force to be reckoned with.

The Huntress

Silky tried to run, but The Huntress managed to capture him. She toyed with him for a while, and found that with a little bit of pressure, she confessed to everything.  The Huntress dropped Silk off at Gotham Police head Quarters where he made a full confession about Blackmailing Selina Wayne into becoming the Catwoman and helping him  and his gang in their Robbery. . He also confirmed she had not killed the Police officer in question, he had. The fake Photographs were produced to help clear Selina's name. Finally he confessed that he planned to have Catwoman killed after the robbery, and then framing her for the job, however the intervention of Bat-man had scuppered these plans. When Bruce read the confession he was shocked as Silky confessed that the bullet that struck Selina was fired on purpose, and had not been an accident as originally thought.

The papers reported the innocence  of Catwoman, Bruce ensured that Silky was jailed. but Bruce found this of little comfort,  his beloved Selina was still dead, her good name had been restored, but she was still dead.

Bruce declared that the days of the Vigilante hero were over, and made a public announcement that all masked heroes had no place in his Gotham City.

However, this message failed to reach the ears of his daughter Helena, who decided that she enjoyed her time as The Huntress, and Gotham still needed a Dark Knight.

Next time we finish off this tail of Earth 2 and their unique BAT-MAN FAMILY.

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Mr & Mrs Bruce Wayne part three..... The Family Breaks Up


After the death of his wife Selina, Bruce Wayne destroyed all of his Batman costumes and vowed never to set foot in the Bat Cave ever again.  He decided to leave  his ex partner Robin to continue the fight for justice in Gotham City, However, Bruce would start to even question if it was right for Dick Grayson to continue in a vigilante manner. For a while Robin would use the facilities and the equipment in the Bat Cave hidden underneath Wayne Manor, but soon even he relocated.

As time went on, both Bruce and Dick would find that their differences would drive them apart. Dick had gone on to be a successful lawyer and found that balancing his time between this and being Robin was not always easy.
Richard Grayson Fighting for Justice 

Whilst Bruce had continued doing his good deeds and charity work, but on the advice and encouragement of his friend Commissioner James Gordon, Bruce decided that as James Gordon was due to retire from his office as Commissioner, he Bruce Wayne would make an ideal replacement.

Thus Bruce Wayne became the New Commissioner of Police for Gotham City. This was ideal for him, he could still fight crime, and protect the innocent without having to play the Vigilante.  Although he made allowances for the good work that Robin did, he made it publicly clear that this type of unlawful vigilante behaviour was not to be encouraged anymore.

Commissioner Wayne of Gotham City 

The third part of the story revolved around Bruce and Selina's daughter Helena. she had been brought up knowing that her Father was The BATMAN and her Mother was CATWOMAN, but as both parents had made her understand that their costumed antics had been exciting, they were not to be emulated in any way. If Helena wanted to protect the innocent and fight crime, she need to do this in a lawful way.
This is how Helena decided to go to Harvard and study law.

Her parents had given her everything she needed to succeed, and much encouragement in attaining her goals in life.  Even after the Death of her Mother, Helena used her anger she had felt from her Mothers senseless death, to push her to be the best she could be. She had an enquiring mind, she was smart, she knew what hard work was, and she knew she ultimately wanted justice for her Mother. However, her relationship with her Father did suffer as the guilt he had over playing a part in Selina's death meant he had difficulty relating her. Helena did not know that Bruce felt this way, but accepted that her Father was still grieving for his beloved wife. Also he had his work, and Helena was now away at Law School, so the twos relationship would forever be changed and never be the same again. However, she was still close to her "Uncle" Dick, who she had always had a crush on, and he always be there when she needed him.

Graduating top of her class, Helena joined her "Uncle" Dick Grayson in his law firm. she became a brilliant legal eagle and used much of her spare time looking at the details relating to the death of her mother.

She managed to track down Silky, the former member of Catwoman's gang who was responsible for setting things in motion after Blackmailing her Mother.  Gathering all the information together Helena still needed final proof of her Mothers innocents of the supposing murder. Without this Helena knew she still did not have a case.

Finally tracking down Silky, Helena knew he would not give her the information she needed to clear her Mothers name. She knew he would not give it up to her, Helena Wayne, daughter of The Catwoman... BUT she had other plans.......... An old fashioned approach once used by her Father

Next Time A new Dark Knight comes to Gotham City

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Mr & Mrs Bruce Wayne.... Part Two ..... The Return of CATWOMAN

Selina Kyle - Wayne had spent over 20 years trying to forget about her previous life of crime as the CAT-WOMAN. Although her past was known to all, over many years she had done her up most to make up for villainy of her former life. She had married the rich and model citizen of Gotham City Bruce Wayne, and together they had done many good deeds for the people with acts of charity and support for victims of crime.

However, Selina found herself blackmailed by one of her former henchmen to help him commit a crime. not as herself, but in her feline identity as THE CAT-WOMAN.

Worried that the falsified proof that she had killed a Gotham Police officer many years ago would ruin both her husbands and daughters lives, Selina aided Silky Cernak and his gang to rob Gotham City  Civic Centre.  BUT Commissioner Gordon had received a tip off about Silkys plan, and the possible involvement of Cat-Woman, so to help avoid any scandal James Gordon contacted his friend Bruce Wayne ( and husband of Cat-woman ) who he knew would be able to help as BAT-MAN.

Bruce decided to don his Bat-man costume one last time to tackle the situation. After arriving at the scene of the crime and  assessing the situation, Bat-man realised that his wife was being forced to help the crooks. The ageing crime fighter took on Silky and his gang, but in the fight Bat-man kicked a gun out of the hand of one of the criminals thus causing it to discharge. The bullet from the gun struck CAT-WOMAN causing her to fall  from the balcony down onto the ground  four floors below.

Shocked by this Bat-man raced to his fallen beloved wife, and cradled her broken body in his arms as she slowly died. As she lay dying she managed to utter that she had done this for him ! In the confusion , Silky and his gang escaped arrest.

Not knowing the real reason behind his wife's death, and feeling guilty for causing her death, Bruce destroyed his all of his BAT-MAN costumes  with the realisation  that his vigilante actions had done more harm than good.

 At the subsequent hearing it was claimed that Selina had taken part in the crime to protect her being exposed as a killer and  her involvement in murder years before. As the proof of this could not be dismissed or proved to be false, Selina was branded a criminal and her reformed life was considered nothing more than a fake and a lie.

Although the smear to Selina's  good name did not ruin Bruce's or his daughters life, it did cause them both embarrassment and distress. Both Bruce and his daughter Helena could not believe that Selina had ever committed murder or why she would have taken part in the robbery if it was not true. But without any evidence to support the facts, they both had to accept what they knew to be true..... that Selina was dead, and had died committing a criminal act.


What the future had in store for the remaining Wayne family I will discuss next time.

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Mr & Mrs Bruce Wayne .... Part One A Happy Ever After ?

Bruce Wayne had married his true love, The Ex Villain Selina Kyle aka The Catwoman.  Gotham Society at first found this to be a real shock, as did many of Bruce's friends. However, what most of Bruce's friends did not know he was in fact The Bat-Man, and the fact that Bat-Man had married his arch enemy Catwoman would have made the World, not only Gotham gasp.

The unusual Courtship of Selina & Bruce !

However, after two years of wedded bliss, Selina gave birth to a Daughter, who they named Helena. Prior to the Birth Bruce had still maintained his Bat-Man identify and roll as main protector of Gotham City, BUT after the arrival of his Daughter he decided to hang up his Cape and Cowl.

The decision behind this was simple, he could not risk his Daughter having to grow up as he had done without a Father. so deciding not to put his daughter in a similar situation as he underwent in his youth, Wayne retired from the Batman role. But desiring to remain active in some way as crime fighter, he spent a lot of time and money helping his friend James Gordon, the Commissioner of  The Gotham City Police. James Gordon was both a friend of Bruce and that of BAT-MAN and he was one of the few people who knew who the Dark Knight was.  Bruce passed over the the mantle of Gotham's protector to his partner and former ward Dick.
Bruce passes over his Cape and Cowl

Dick Grayson took up the Bat-man identity for a short time, but later decided that he was not fit to replace Bruce as Bat-man, so re adopted his Robin id with a updated costume combining elements of  Bat-man & Robin's attire.

As Helena grew up, she turned out to be highly intelligent like her father and just a beautiful and outgoing as her mother. It is not clear when she learnt about her parents "Other" Life, and what her "Uncle" Dick did when he was not practising law, but once she knew that righting wrongs and protecting the others was something that she needed to do,  Helena decided she would fight crime too. BUT NOT as a Costumed Vigilante but in the Court Room as a Lawyer.

Taking on board what her Father could achieve as being involved with the Police Commissioner of Gotham City, she studied law at University and was on the brink of graduating when tragedy hit.

After over 20 years of happy marriage, and retiring as The Cat-Woman, Selina;s criminal past caught up with her. One of her former henchman called Silky Cernak threaten to Blackmail her with the fact she had Killed a Police Officer many years previous. Selina denied this claim, but Silky showed her photography what showed her, as Cat-Woman in the act of MURDER. Selina still denied that these photos were not her, BUT Silky threaten that if she did not do as he told her he would not just inform her Husband, but the press. Thus ruining her reputation, with a possible jail sentence. her husbands reputation and roll in the  Police Commissioners office and any chance her beloved daughter had  in becoming  a Lawyer. Silky's price for keeping quiet was simple, he needed her help him, but not as Selina Wayne, he need CAT-WOMAN

Selina knew she had never murdered anyone in her life. but the photos showed she did. She knew that the knowledge that she was once The CAT-WOMAN would mean that she would be branded guilty by the media. She realised she could not afford any chance of  ruination of  her Husbands and daughters life if this scandal ever was to be made public. So as a way of protecting them she agreed to become CATWOMAN one last time.
BLACKMAILED ........SELINA'S past catches up with her !

Next time we will hear what impact this decision had on the lives of  her and her family.

Until then ENJOY !


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THE BAT & THE CAT , an Earth 2 Love Story

On Earth Two as it was on Earth One,  Batman's relationship with Selina Kyle caused him problems. Whist on Earth 1 they are still on opposite sides of the law, on Earth 2 they ended up united.

Selina Kyle first appeared way back in BATMAN 1# issued in Spring 1940, as an unnamed, uncostumed femme fatale who would go on to be known as CATWOMAN.


From the outset, the Caped Crusader was both attracted to her beauty,  and at the same time repulsed by her disregard to the law and law breaking.

Over the years that followed both The Bat-Man and The Cat-Woman would play a Cat and Mouse game or is that BAT and Mouse or CAT and BAT game, of him trying to stop her from breaking the law, and her at times breaking the law to get noticed by him. They had a LOVE-HATE relationship, But deep down inside they both have deep feelings for each other.

When by the 1950's it was claimed that in fact Selina Kyle was an amnesiac flight attendant who had only turned to crime after receiving a blow to the head, Bat-man believed that CATWOMAN, and her criminal antics were a result of the accident. However, years later Selina did admit this story was a lie to get closer to her beloved BAT-MAN.  Who she knew would think better of her if she was an Innocent party in becoming Cat-woman in the first place.

It again was later  revealed that Selina Kyle  , many years before turning to crime  had been in an loveless and abusive marriage, and eventually decided to leave her husband and walk away from her life.  However, her husband allowed her to go and divorced her BUT kept her jewelry and her own  private fortune & money as his reward and to hurt her further.  Now  Penny less  Selina  was falsed to break into her ex husbands home safe  to retrieve what was hers . Selina enjoyed this experience so much she decided to become a professional costumed Cat-Burglar , and thus begins a career as The CAT-WOMAN that repeatedly leads to her  to encounter The Batman.

Well maybe all these stories are false or maybe parts of each are true, but the end result was that Cat-Woman decided to reform and allows herself to be captured by The Bat-Man. After they both declare their love for each other, Selina accepts that if the only way for her to be with her beloved BAT is to be incarcerated to pay for her life of crime  - so be it.

A love confessed.

On Selina's release from prison she is met by BAT-MAN who both asks her to marry him and reveals that he is in fact Bruce Wayne. Selina is not surprised by this as deep down inside part of her always knew his secret identity.

Bruce would later marry Selina, and whilst the world was shocked that the Millionaire Playboy had married an ex criminal, Gotham society accepted that CAT-WOMAN was now gone forever. The fact that BAT-MAN was absent from the Wedding was reported as HIS disapproval of Bruce marrying Selina. BUT we know why he was absent (Don't we !)

Whilst Selina - Cat-Woman had retired for good , Bruce would continue to be the Bat-man for a while longer, but soon he too would retire after Selina gave birth to their daughter HELENA.

Did couple who have a happy life raising their daughter ?  Well next time you will find out what happened next !
Selina & Bruce with their daughter Helena....... A Happy Ending ?

Until then ENJOY !

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Robin originally first appeared in comics way back in the 1940's when he was just a young boy. But by the 1960's he was still shown as a young teenager.

This fact of the forever youthful Ward of Bruce Wayne was again a problem. However, whilst the Earth 1 version of the Boy Wonder would remain in SHORT PANTS for many years to come, his "OLDER" counterpart on the newly conceived Earth 2 was finally allowed to grow up.

As Earth 2's Heroes lived in a Universe that allowed many to now age this meant that the Boy Wonder was now a Man Wonder. When BAT-MAN of Earth 2 married and started a family and hung up his cape and retired  (More about this next time) he left his young partner to take his position as senior Crime fighter in Gotham City.

Taking elements from his Robin costume and that of BAT-MAN the "NEW" Robin was born. This original costume was not great, but it did allow Dick Grayson to caste off his BOY WONDER tag.


Taking his mentors place in The Justice Society Robin found that most of the Senior members of the JSA still considered him a Side Kick.

However in an adventure that involved the annual team up with the Justice League from Earth one and the Justice Society of Earth 2, where both Dick Graysons got a chance to team up and discuss the Problems they had stepping out of the Shadows of their Bat-Mentors, the Earth 2 former Boy Wonder found acceptance and showed he deserved to be one of the JSA

By the end of the adventure Both Robins understood each other and their position in their worlds a little bit better,

Robin from Earth 2 went on to become a key player in the Justice Society that had just started to have younger members admitted, many of which were in someway connected to some of the older members.

With final acceptance of who he was by the JSA, Robin embraced the fact he was NOT a replacement to the Bat-Man,  he was a hero in his own right and would later don a costume that was more of an adult take on his Robin look, not a BAT-MAN -ish copy of  his Dark Knight Partner.


He would eventually be joined by a "Junior" partner, but this was not a teenaged side kick, she was a hero born into the business.... More about her soon.

Until then here is a final look at Richard Grayson  from Earth 2 ....... ROBIN, The EX-Boy WONDER