Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Mr & Mrs Bruce Wayne .... Part One A Happy Ever After ?

Bruce Wayne had married his true love, The Ex Villain Selina Kyle aka The Catwoman.  Gotham Society at first found this to be a real shock, as did many of Bruce's friends. However, what most of Bruce's friends did not know he was in fact The Bat-Man, and the fact that Bat-Man had married his arch enemy Catwoman would have made the World, not only Gotham gasp.

The unusual Courtship of Selina & Bruce !

However, after two years of wedded bliss, Selina gave birth to a Daughter, who they named Helena. Prior to the Birth Bruce had still maintained his Bat-Man identify and roll as main protector of Gotham City, BUT after the arrival of his Daughter he decided to hang up his Cape and Cowl.

The decision behind this was simple, he could not risk his Daughter having to grow up as he had done without a Father. so deciding not to put his daughter in a similar situation as he underwent in his youth, Wayne retired from the Batman role. But desiring to remain active in some way as crime fighter, he spent a lot of time and money helping his friend James Gordon, the Commissioner of  The Gotham City Police. James Gordon was both a friend of Bruce and that of BAT-MAN and he was one of the few people who knew who the Dark Knight was.  Bruce passed over the the mantle of Gotham's protector to his partner and former ward Dick.
Bruce passes over his Cape and Cowl

Dick Grayson took up the Bat-man identity for a short time, but later decided that he was not fit to replace Bruce as Bat-man, so re adopted his Robin id with a updated costume combining elements of  Bat-man & Robin's attire.

As Helena grew up, she turned out to be highly intelligent like her father and just a beautiful and outgoing as her mother. It is not clear when she learnt about her parents "Other" Life, and what her "Uncle" Dick did when he was not practising law, but once she knew that righting wrongs and protecting the others was something that she needed to do,  Helena decided she would fight crime too. BUT NOT as a Costumed Vigilante but in the Court Room as a Lawyer.

Taking on board what her Father could achieve as being involved with the Police Commissioner of Gotham City, she studied law at University and was on the brink of graduating when tragedy hit.

After over 20 years of happy marriage, and retiring as The Cat-Woman, Selina;s criminal past caught up with her. One of her former henchman called Silky Cernak threaten to Blackmail her with the fact she had Killed a Police Officer many years previous. Selina denied this claim, but Silky showed her photography what showed her, as Cat-Woman in the act of MURDER. Selina still denied that these photos were not her, BUT Silky threaten that if she did not do as he told her he would not just inform her Husband, but the press. Thus ruining her reputation, with a possible jail sentence. her husbands reputation and roll in the  Police Commissioners office and any chance her beloved daughter had  in becoming  a Lawyer. Silky's price for keeping quiet was simple, he needed her help him, but not as Selina Wayne, he need CAT-WOMAN

Selina knew she had never murdered anyone in her life. but the photos showed she did. She knew that the knowledge that she was once The CAT-WOMAN would mean that she would be branded guilty by the media. She realised she could not afford any chance of  ruination of  her Husbands and daughters life if this scandal ever was to be made public. So as a way of protecting them she agreed to become CATWOMAN one last time.
BLACKMAILED ........SELINA'S past catches up with her !

Next time we will hear what impact this decision had on the lives of  her and her family.

Until then ENJOY !


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