Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Mr & Mrs Bruce Wayne.... Part Two ..... The Return of CATWOMAN

Selina Kyle - Wayne had spent over 20 years trying to forget about her previous life of crime as the CAT-WOMAN. Although her past was known to all, over many years she had done her up most to make up for villainy of her former life. She had married the rich and model citizen of Gotham City Bruce Wayne, and together they had done many good deeds for the people with acts of charity and support for victims of crime.

However, Selina found herself blackmailed by one of her former henchmen to help him commit a crime. not as herself, but in her feline identity as THE CAT-WOMAN.

Worried that the falsified proof that she had killed a Gotham Police officer many years ago would ruin both her husbands and daughters lives, Selina aided Silky Cernak and his gang to rob Gotham City  Civic Centre.  BUT Commissioner Gordon had received a tip off about Silkys plan, and the possible involvement of Cat-Woman, so to help avoid any scandal James Gordon contacted his friend Bruce Wayne ( and husband of Cat-woman ) who he knew would be able to help as BAT-MAN.

Bruce decided to don his Bat-man costume one last time to tackle the situation. After arriving at the scene of the crime and  assessing the situation, Bat-man realised that his wife was being forced to help the crooks. The ageing crime fighter took on Silky and his gang, but in the fight Bat-man kicked a gun out of the hand of one of the criminals thus causing it to discharge. The bullet from the gun struck CAT-WOMAN causing her to fall  from the balcony down onto the ground  four floors below.

Shocked by this Bat-man raced to his fallen beloved wife, and cradled her broken body in his arms as she slowly died. As she lay dying she managed to utter that she had done this for him ! In the confusion , Silky and his gang escaped arrest.

Not knowing the real reason behind his wife's death, and feeling guilty for causing her death, Bruce destroyed his all of his BAT-MAN costumes  with the realisation  that his vigilante actions had done more harm than good.

 At the subsequent hearing it was claimed that Selina had taken part in the crime to protect her being exposed as a killer and  her involvement in murder years before. As the proof of this could not be dismissed or proved to be false, Selina was branded a criminal and her reformed life was considered nothing more than a fake and a lie.

Although the smear to Selina's  good name did not ruin Bruce's or his daughters life, it did cause them both embarrassment and distress. Both Bruce and his daughter Helena could not believe that Selina had ever committed murder or why she would have taken part in the robbery if it was not true. But without any evidence to support the facts, they both had to accept what they knew to be true..... that Selina was dead, and had died committing a criminal act.


What the future had in store for the remaining Wayne family I will discuss next time.

Until then ENJOY.

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